7 Best Aluminum Floor Jack of 2023 – With Ultimate Buyer’s Guide


Floor jacks can turn the tedious job of tire change into a breeze by lifting your vehicle in the air in a couple of minutes.

But there is always the risk of jack giving out under the heavyweight, hence causing your vehicle to collapse to the ground.

It will not only cost you the life of your vehicle but in some scenarios may cost you your own life.

Aluminum floor jacks make sure the above-mentioned scenario does not happen. They have strong, durable bodies that pack ultra-strength in a compact size. Their super strength also brings more lifting capacity to the table along with the added perk of being compatible with even low profile vehicles.

The sturdy wheels and rubberized saddle are extra benefits that make sure that you get the smoothest operation.

Top 7 Best Aluminum Floor Jack Reviews of 2023

However, seeing so many options of aluminum floor jacks in the market may confuse you which is why we have added 7 best aluminum floor jacks in this article to help you.

1) NOS NSJ0301 Aluminum Floor Jack:

This floor jack has massive strength packed in a small, compact, and comparatively lightweight body. The small size makes it perfect to have in your car trunk for roadside emergencies or garage use.

It is capable of lifting 6000 pounds which means it will be able to handle a wide range of vehicles from your low vehicles like sports cars to your jeeps and trucks. This durable floor jack delivers a lifting range from 3.75 inches to just a bit over 18 inches, which will be more than enough.

Do not let the lightweight fool you into thinking it has a low-quality exterior, it is constructed from high-grade aluminum which brings strength and durability to the table.

The presence of caster wheels with swiveling rear wheels makes maneuvering this tool a breeze. The durable wheels are of long-lasting metal that will not succumb to death under high weight.

The lifting saddle is 4.5 inches and gives plenty of stability. There is a rubber pad over the saddle to make sure your car stays scratches and dents-free. Along with the saddle, there is also a convenient side handle to make it easy to carry.

A reliable safety valve is designed in, along with dual-pump operation that improves the lifting speed. It delivers a lot in a considerably light weighted body, it only weighs 58 pounds. It is also equipped with a universal joint design to give you maximum control. The two-piece handle design has a foam pad for the protection of your vehicle from accidental scratching or denting.


  • Rubber saddle pad
  • 1 year warranty
  • Strong aluminum body
  • 3 ton lifting capacity
  • Side handle for easy carrying
  • Lightweight as compared to others
  • Foam handle
  • Compact in size


  • Side handle is not placed correctly
  • No parts available

Bottom line:

If you want a floor jack that is loaded with perks like lightweight, low price tag, high power, the compact body then you will not find one better than this. It brings everything in a strong aluminum body.

2) Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack:

This floor jack arrives with a strong body and protective features that are bound to ease your job by making your operation safest and quickest. It is made from a high-grade aluminum that gives it a very strong exterior. It also has thick side plates and a reinforced lift arm for maximum toughness. The exceptional construction provides added strength and durability.

Due to its strong body, it is able to lift 3 tons of weight and has a 3 ¾ inch minimum lift height for easy access under low-profile vehicles.

The presence of a dual-action pump piston is a real game-changer. The dual-action pump pistons quickly bring the two-stage jack to its maximum height. Each piston is equipped with protective gear and has a special dust shield to prevent hydraulic contamination and keep the pump operating smoothly.

The long two-piece handle makes sure you get the leverage you need to maneuver your jack and then breaks down in two parts for easy storage. There is a quick lock feature that provides easy engagement and disengagement of the handle halves. The jack also features bypass and overload valves to prevent overextension of the hydraulic ram, safely keeping you from using the jack beyond its rated capacity.

To top all these amazing features, the jack has strong metal swiveling rear wheels and wide track front wheels that give stable and smooth rolling performance hence making it easy for you to move the jack without heaving.


  • Portable
  • Strong aluminum build
  • 1 year warranty
  • Lifts 3 ton
  • Piston pumps with shields
  • Low profile frame
  • Strong wheels


  • Expensive
  • Weighs 56 pounds

Bottom line:

If you want a floor jack that has the power to lift your low profile cars as well as heavy vehicles like jeeps, then invest in this floor jack, although it is a bit costly.

3) Powerzone 380044 Aluminum Floor Jack:

The Powerzone 380044 Floor Jack is a treat for mechanics given its 3 ton weight capacity, strong body and nifty features. The strength of the body is due to the combination of steel and professional grade aluminum structure that makes it able to withstand rough uses without bending underweight. The finish on top of aluminum not only makes it look shin but also provides protection from rust.

With its high lifting capacity, you can lift any automobile measuring up to 6,000 tons. To prevent the floor jack from being overloaded and damaging both the vehicle and jack, the manufacturers have fitted a safety valve that keeps the weight in check so that you know when it is being overloaded.

Another feature that broadens its use is that it comes with a minimum height of 4 inches which means it can easily be used on your low profile vehicles like sports cars that normally require a special jack. On top of that, it features an impressive lifting range of 14.75 inches which takes the jack to a height of 18.75 inches which gives you more than enough room to work with. To achieve this height in the shortest time, this Powerzone floor jack features a dual cylinder quick lift mechanism.

Its rear caster wheels are designed to swivel enabling ease of repositioning. Even better, however, is the fact that they are made from steel further enhancing their durability and strength under heavyweight. The edges of the floor jack are rounded for safety purposes while the lifting pad is rubberized to improve on the grip as well as help to protect the vehicle being lifted.


  • Steel and aluminum body
  • 3 ton weight capacity
  • Quick lift hydraulic mechanism
  • Maximum lifting height of 18.75 inches
  • Rubberized saddle
  • Portable
  • Rotating wheels


  • Heavy in weight
  • Handle is a bit stiff

Bottom line:

Investing your money in this high-grade floor jack will get you a tool that is able to withstand rough use, can lift a large amount of weight, and does not come with a hefty price tag.

4) Neiko Pro 20272B Aluminum Floor Jack:

This floor jack by Neiko will make your life easy by lifting your vehicle without causing a dent in the vehicle or your pocket. It is constructed from durable industrial-grade aluminum alloy that gives it an extremely strong exterior. Even with a strong and durably build design it is still much lighter in weight as compared to other jacks available in the market. This floor jack is ideal for tire changes and auto repair services on sedans, SUVs, and racking cars in shops, garages or to be kept in cars for roadside emergencies.

Lightweight does not mean it will no lift as well as its competitors; it has a lifting capacity of up to 6000 pounds which means it can have your heavy vehicle up in the air in a few minutes. It has a lifting height range of maximum 19 ¼ inches. The dual plunger structure provides quicker and more efficient lifting from 3 ¾ inches to 19 ¼ inches.

The swiveling rear caster wheels along with the dual handles on the side make it easy for you to move the jack from your garage to the worksite. The wheels are strong enough to withstand the weight of the vehicle when it is lifted.

The saddle pad has a covering of rubber to prevent the tool from marring up your vehicle. Another good inclusion is that it comes with a safety valve for protection from overloading. If your floor jack will be loaded beyond its capacity, it will automatically release some of the pressure to not be damaged.


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Low profile design
  • Can lift 6000 pounds
  • Comparatively lighter in weight
  • Dual handles
  • Safety valve feature
  • The saddle has a rubber covering
  • Sturdy wheels


  • No carrying loops
  • Costs a bit more than competitors

Bottom line:

This floor jack is ideal for both home users and professional mechanics due to its high lifting capacity, in a very lightweight user-friendly design.

5) Jegs 80077 Aluminum Floor Jack:

This floor jack will take all your worries away with its handy features packed in solid construction. The durable professional-grade aluminum construction gives it a rugged exterior that is able to withstand rough use and will not give up on you or your vehicle. It comes with a massive lifting capacity of 3 tons which includes your sedans, sports cars, jeeps, and SUVs.

It has a low-profile design which makes it suitable for low-profile vehicles too. The low profile pad height allows you to quickly and accurately place it under the vehicle that has to be lifted. The double side handles and the wheels simplify not only the movement of the floor jack, they also make it easier for the jack to be positioned under the vehicle.

This boy has a minimum saddle height of just 3 ½ inches and a maximum saddle height of 19 ¼ inches which is more than enough to provide plenty of working room under the vehicle. The saddle rotates 360 degrees and has a rubber pad present on it to protect your vehicle from scarring up.

Lastly, it is equipped with a protective seal to keep the hydraulic system secure and have the jack-up and running easily without any setbacks.


  • 3 ton weight capacity
  • Professional grade aluminum construction
  • Maximum lifting height of 19 inches
  • Rotating saddle
  • Rubber lifting pad
  • Protective seal
  • Handle comes with sleeve


  • Makes little squeaking noise
  • Lift arm is not centered

Bottom line:

This professional-grade aluminum floor jack is the perfect solution for those who want a jack for both their low-profile vehicles and heavy vehicles. It will give you optimum performance with its comfort and precautionary features.

6) BIG RED T84025B Torin Aluminum Floor Jack:

This jack is made from high-grade aluminum and durable steel to provide with a huge amount of power in a strong body that will not succumb to death underneath the weight. It has a lifting capacity of 2.5 tons which is more than enough for someone who owns small vehicles.

The quick lift design makes it easy for you to raise your vehicle in the air quickly. It takes 7 strokes to reach the maximum height. It has a minimum lift height of 4 inches and a maximum height of 18 ¼ inches.

This handy tool features a low profile design which means it will be able to slither under not just your standard height vehicles but also your low profile vehicles too.

Its handy features include the dual side handles which make makes moving and carrying the jack quick and simple. Another thing, the floor jack comes with a removable saddle. This removable saddle offers faster and more effective lifting of different vehicles. There is a foam bumper on the handle that helps prevent your tool and the vehicle from damage like scratches and dents.

A really good inclusion in this jack is the built-in safety overload system that prevents use of the tool beyond its load capacity.


  • 7 strokes to reach maximum height
  • Foam bumper on the handle
  • Maximum lift height is 18 inches
  • Fast lift design
  • Suitable for low profile vehicles too


  • Heavy in weight
  • Only suitable for small vehicles

Bottom line:

If you need a jack for a fast and effective lifting job, this strongly built aluminum floor jack is ideal for you then.

7) TruePower 20-1020 Aluminum Floor Jack:

This TruePower floor jack really is true power that is able to lift your vehicles in the air in a couple of minutes and without causing any damage to the vehicle. It is very light in weight as compared to its competitors but does not let the lightweight fool you into thinking it is unable of lifting your vehicle.

Despite its extremely lightweight, it is able of lifting 3000 pounds of weight which is good enough for those who have sedans and other light-weight vehicles. The lightweight design also makes it easily portable.

Light in weight does not mean it has some flimsy, plastic construction. This beast is made from high-quality aluminum that gives it stability and durability.

It features a low profile design which elaborates the use of this jack, meaning it can be used for those vehicles too that have low frames and normally require a special jack.

The saddle is 360 degrees rotatable and has a rubber pad on it to prevent the tool from causing any sort of damage to your vehicle. The 2 pieces knurled aluminum handle prevents slippage. It has alloy-plated ram double-sealed hydraulics that gives longer service life.


  • Only costs 70$
  • Low profile design
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Good reach for jacking points
  • Weighs 29 pounds


  • Handle does not get attached
  • Only for vehicles under 2000 lbs

Bottom line:

If you are looking for a strong aluminum floor jack that will lift your vehicles in the air in a couple of minutes with its sturdy body then look no further and invest your bucks in this model.

What to Consider Before Buying Best Aluminum Floor Jack in 2023?

Floor jacks are always a wise investment but that investment can cause a lot of damage if you spend the money on a weak floor jack. It will not just damage your vehicle but can also put your life in danger. In that case, aluminum floor jacks have proven to be the best of all. They hold high lifting capacity in a really strong, powerful body that will not bend under the weight of your vehicle.

The above-mentioned list of aluminum floor jacks has given you many options of the best floor jacks but how will you know which one is the most suitable for you as not every tool is suitable for every vehicle. To help you with this confusing situation, we have made a list of some of the factors that can ease your decision of deciding which aluminum floor jack is best for you.

  1. Weight:

No matter how handy an aluminum floor jack is people will run away from it if it weighs like a truck. Nobody looks forward to using a tool that gives them backaches. Make sure the floor jack you are eyeing is light in weight and will not make your job even worse.

  1. Capacity:

The capacity of an aluminum floor jack is a very important factor. Every floor jack comes with a different weight capacity ranging from 1 ton to even 5 tons. Before you opt for an aluminum floor jack you should know the weight of vehicles you will be using and hence select one that will be able to lift those vehicles.

  1. Lift height:

As floor jacks are low in height, it means their maximum heights are also comparatively low. Always check the maximum lifting height of a jack because you want one that has more height so that you can have more room to work in.

  1. Padding:

Make sure the jack you choose has reliable padding features. Rubber and foam are both good materials that will keep both your jack and the vehicle safe from scratches and dents during operation. It’s a very simple feature, but also one that can make or break your entire user experience.

  1. Price:

Aluminum floor jacks are comparatively pricier than steel floor jacks. Their prices range from 130$ to 250$ plus. The ones that are in high price zone have a few extra features than the ones in low price range, but they all are capable of doing the job remarkably well. If you are on a budget then go for ones that are budget-friendly.

  1. Safety features:

These include bypass and overload valves that keep the jack from lifting more load than its capacity. Safety feature prolongs the life of your aluminum floor jack so always go for the one that has built-in safety features.

  1. Warranty:

Aluminum floor jacks are an investment that will cost you hundreds of bucks so naturally, you will want to have it working for a couple of years, but not every jack lasts that long. This is where warranty plays its role. Companies that back their products with a good warranty mean that they trust their product to work well, so make sure the aluminum floor jack you are opting for comes with a good warranty.


The versatile nature of aluminum floor jacks provides diverse functionality. They give you a good amount of weight capacity and height lifting range in a very compact and strong body. The article above has a list of some of the best aluminum floor jacks available in the market. The buyer’s guide will help you decide which one you should go for.

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