10 Best Low Profile Floor Jack of 2023 – Reviews + Buyer’s Guide

Best Low Profile Floor Jack

You don’t have to actually transform into hulk or ironman to lift tons of weight, especially of a vehicle while doing repair or simple tire change. Floor jacks do that heavy lifting for you.

However, your beastly strength floor jack becomes as good as trash when you’ve to work with a low-clearance vehicle that’s almost kissing the ground. In such a troubling situation, only a low profile floor jack can be of service.

A low profile floor jack can slide underneath dropped vehicle due to its low minimum lift range and easily lift it to a considerable height with the help of a durable lift arm and padded saddle.

All this tough weight lifting is made possible because of high-grade steel or aluminum construction. You’ll not need a crane to transport and position the tool for work mainly because most top-rated models have enforced durable handles and wheels for easy maneuvering.

Top 10 Best Low Profile Floor Jack of 2023 Reviews

As there’s a jungle of low profile floor jacks out there and we don’t want you to get overwhelmed and lost in a wide range of choices. Therefore, for your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best low-profile floor jacks for your convenience. Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and decide which model is best for your needs.

1.   Pro-Lift F-767 Low Profile Floor Jack

Pro-Lift F-767 floor jack is a depiction of real craftsmanship due to its heavy-duty steel construction with many noteworthy features at an affordable price. Despite the tough build, the tool is light in weight and yet can support a maximum weight of 2-tons. The tool can withstand rough usage and yet provide safe operation due to built-in safety valves that prevent overloading and over-pumping.

Its extra-low profile contains the actual charm, allowing the tool to easily slide under vehicles with less than 4-inch clearance for lifting. The model employs a rapid pump which can lift a vehicle to a height of 14-inches in just a few seconds. This might not be the ideal lifting range, especially for high vehicles, but the tool still holds itself pretty well for casual use like rim or tire repair. However, the actual caveat is that the lifting handle doesn’t incorporate foam or rubber padding to keep your vehicle protected from scratches and dents. So, you’ll have to be extra careful while working with it.

However, looking at its cheap price, the tool is a worthy investment for home use and those car enthusiasts who prefer to do minor repair jobs on their own.


  • Long-lasting construction.
  • Affordable price.
  • Faster lifting.
  • Extra low profile.
  • Ideal for home use.


  • Handle doesn’t have padding.
  • Maximum lifting range isn’t suitable for higher vehicles.

Final Thought:

Despite the limited 2-ton weight capacity and below-average lifting range, this floor jack is a worthy investment especially for home use due to its heavy-duty construction and extra low profile. The tool offers excellent value for money with its safe and easy operation.

2.   Performance Tool W1645 Low Profile Floor Jack

This floor jack is a superhero in disguise. Its tough steel construction makes it nearly indestructible which means the tool can take some real abuse and yet lift weight effortlessly unless you smash it with Thor’s hammer. Its superhero-like strength is evident from its impressive weight lifting capacity of 3.5-tons (7000lbs). Meaning, whether its lifting a low profile show car or a sizeable truck, the tool has the strength for it. However, all this steel and strength make it heavier than an aluminum-built model with the same capacity.

For a low-profile jack, this can smoothly raise a vehicle 20.5-inches above ground – giving enough room to work freely. Lifting such load to such elevation is completely safe with this jack as it features an overload protection valve. It’s also quick and requires half the number of pumps to lift a vehicle due to the double-pump mechanism. Despite it being a less known brand, the tool actually knows how to give high-end models a run for their money by employing swiveling cushioned saddle and rotating rear wheels that make it easy to maneuver and position the tool even in a confined workspace.

All in all, the tool might not be suitable for rigorous use in a professional workshop, but it surely knows how to keep those serious DIY mechanics satisfied who love to maintain their own cars.


  • Durable and compact.
  • 5-tons load capacity.
  • Can lift to an ideal height of 20.5-inch effortlessly.
  • Swivel cushioned saddle and swivel rear wheels for easy maneuverability and positioning.
  • Ideal for low clearance cars and light duty trucks.


  • Not suitable for professional auto shops.

Final Thought:

This low profile floor jack with heavy-duty steel construction is a blessing in disguise for those serious DIY mechanics who want to have a sturdy floor jack with enough strength to lift a heavyweight to a considerable height without flinching.

3.   Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack

Nothing can describe this floor jack better than this single word: “Quality!” Indeed, it’s an on-point description of quality construction. It takes an edge over the previous two models discussed above with its minimum lift range of 2 3/4-inch which means it can sneak under even those vehicles that are almost kissing the ground – any stock or modified vehicle.

If you’ve to work with a unibody vehicle, it can handle that too. This floor jack doesn’t come with jack stands, instead, it has a safety handlebar. Just jack the vehicle to your desired elevation point and install the safety arm under the lift and voila! You can slide under the vehicle to work.

Its beefy construction can handle a weight of 2-tons and easily lift it to a little over 15-inches in height. The maximum range isn’t ideal, but you can work around it considering the flexibility this tool offers with its exceptionally low minimum lift range. You’ll also like its swiveling casters that offer maximum maneuverability even on a rougher surface.

With that being said, it’s a captivating option for personal and professional workshop use, especially due to its heavy duty construction and affordable price.


  • High-quality build at an affordable price.
  • Very low minimum lift range.
  • 2-tons load capacity.
  • Ideal for personal and professional use.
  • Safety handlebar eliminates the need for a jack stand.


  • Maximum lift range isn’t ideal.

Final Thought:

For an affordable price, this low-profile floor jack really gives bang for bucks. The tool is sturdy enough to tackle stock or modified vehicles without difficulty. Despite its less maximum lift height, it’s a reliable option for personal as well as professional garage use.

4.   Liftmaster Low Profile Jack Ver.2

When the name itself says Liftmaster then have faith in the tool to easily lift a heavyweight of 2.5-tons like a champion. Its heavy-duty steel construction is the main reason behind such strength and sturdiness. The tool can last for years without falling apart even after frequent tough use unless thrown under a freight train.

With a lifting range of 3.15-14.5 inches, the tool can easily reach underneath vehicles having less than 4-inch clearance and raise it while swiveling wheels provide better maneuverability for adjusting the position of the jack. The highlight of the unit is its improved hydraulic pump that will lift the vehicle to maximum height effortlessly with fewer pumps and will last longer even after tough use.

To make sure the tool is completely safe for operation, it comes with bypass and built-in safety valves to avoid over-pumping and overloading. All in all, it can cope well with fairly heavy vehicles including modified cars, making it a great choice for home use and roadside emergencies.


  • Durable steel construction.
  • Can reach under most low clearance vehicles including show cars.
  • Load capacity of 2.5-tons.
  • Improved hydraulic system for leak-proof rapid pumping.


  • Maximum lifting range is below average.

Final Thought:

This floor jack is highly recommended, for people who want to switch to a low profile jack, mainly because of its decent weight capacity and improved pumping mechanism. Its minimum lifting range makes it suitable for most low clearance vehicles including show cars.

5.   Arcan XL2T Low Profile Floor Jack

Arcan has a reputation for giving top-notch products and this low profile floor jack is a befitting demonstration of the brand’s superior craftsmanship. Despite a relatively higher price, it can develop a soft spot fairly easily. Its high-quality steel construction makes it as strong as an iron man so it can undergo some tough beating and still work smoothly.

A low profile jack, it has by far one of the lowest minimum range of 2.75-inches and one of the highest maximum range of 24-inches available in the market. And once you add its extra-long reach, you get a floor jack that can easily reach under almost any vehicle with low clearance including the latest sports cars.

The only thing that you might not appreciate is its weight capacity of 2-tons which makes its use limited to light vehicles. The good thing is, there will be no harm inflicted upon the unit or your vehicle during lifting as the tool comes with bypass and overload protection valves and padded saddle and foam handle to protect the vehicle from scratches and dents.

Going further with its flawless construction and smooth performance, it profiles dual-pump pistons and a universal joint release mechanism to quickly elevate the vehicle to an ideal maintenance height and then descend it with equal swiftness when the repair is done.

All this solid build adds extra pounds to the weight which means you actually need muscles of hulk to carry it far. However, the presence of swiveling wheels offers a silver lining with their easy maneuverability and positioning.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Extra-long reach.
  • Ultra-low profile frame.
  • Can lift to a high height of 24-inches.
  • Dual-pump pistons for faster lifting.
  • Padded saddle and foam handle for vehicle protection.


  • Limited weight capacity of 2-tons.

Final Thought:

If you’re looking for a solidly build low profile floor jack with the lowest low height range to easily slide underneath any low clearance vehicle – including exotic cars – and lift it to an impressive height without flexing, then this model is a worthy option.

6.   Sunex 6602LP Low Rider Service Jack

The first word that’s going to resonate in your mind is: “Giant!” Yes, it looks like a giant when placed among other competing models mainly due to its hefty price tag and beefy construction. Heavy duty steel build makes it nearly indestructible and at the same time adds extra pounds in weight.

The silver lining is, solid construction gives the tool giant-like strength for lifting anything from low-riding sports cars to SUVs and pick-up trucks easily as if they weigh like a feather. Practically, anything within 2-tons load capacity is a game.

This beast beats its competitors with its 18-inch long throw and consistent low-profile design throughout the frame that provides easy access to jacking points even when they’re deep under the vehicle. Thanks to rapid rise technology, it only takes 6 1/2 pumps to elevate the vehicle to a maximum height of 24-inch. This extra height lift is ideal for working freely underneath a car without feeling claustrophobic. The tool features a much-coveted rubber saddle and a foam handle bumper to keep your baby, car, protected from ugly scratches and dents during the repair.

Since Sunex knows that only the floor jack has the power of hulk not you, therefore, it has incorporated front rollers and swiveling rear casters to allow you to easily maneuver this giant.


  • High-strength steel construction.
  • Can handle anything from sports cars to pick-up trucks and SUVs.
  • Lift range from 2.75-24 inches.
  • Consistent low-profile design with an 18-inch long reach.
  • Padded saddle with a foam handle bumper to protect the vehicle.


Final Thought:

This floor jack with its high-strength construction along with ultra-low profile and extra lift height can tackle any vehicle from sports cars to SUVs and pick-up trucks without difficulty. Going extravagant will decorate your garage with a long-lasting low-profile floor jack.

7.   Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Low Profile Floor Jack

This is a hulk with the only difference of color. Instead of green, this one is black/red in color but it’s a hulk nonetheless in power and strength. Like the superhero,  this Blackhawk low-profile floor jack can lift a massive weight of 3.5-tons without flinching. This high strength is mainly attributed to its beefy steel construction which adds extra pounds to the overall weight of the tool – making it a heavy piece of equipment that’s nearly indestructible. Don’t wish for superhero strength for carrying it around because it employs sturdy wheels and a rear caster to provide convenient maneuverability and positioning.

It surely knows how to capture attention because the tool comes with a high lift of 22-inch, which is quite impressive for a low-profile floor jack. Rolled side frames give an extra dose of strength to the tool to easily lift heavy-duty vehicles to maximum height. Like lifting, lowering the vehicle back to the ground is also easy and fast due to the integrated release valve.

As safety comes first, the tool has built-in safety valves, vent plugs, and bypass valves – to prevent over-pumping – for keeping both you and the tool out of harm’s way while working, not to mention significantly extend the lifespan of the tool.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Built-in safety valves to keep both tool and user safe.
  • 5-tons load capacity.
  • Can lift to a height of 22-inch.
  • Sturdy wheels and rear caster for easy maneuvering and positioning.


  • It’s not rust proof.

Final Thought:

This steel-built floor jack comes with high strength and lift capacity to easily elevate any vehicle from car to truck to an ideal height in seconds. The tool is heavier than an aluminum model with the same capacity but extra pounds also add extra years to the overall lifespan of the unit.

8.   Pittsburgh Automotive Low Profile Floor Jack

There’s either an industrial-grade expensive floor jack or a mediocre range affordable model. But Pittsburgh Automotive leaves you speechless because this low-profile floor jack has both, long-lasting durability and affordability at the same time.

This highly tough model has beastly strength which makes it possible for it to easily lift a heavyweight of 3-tons to nearly two feet off the ground in a snap. This supersonic lifting speed is mainly attributed to its dual-piston Rapid Pump technology that takes only 3 1/2 pumps to lift a vehicle. In addition, its universal joint release provides optimum load control in any handle position. Meaning, no more huffing, and puffing or overexerting muscles. Peachy, isn’t it?

Its ultra-low profile offers extra satisfaction because the tool can slide under those low clearance vehicles that are almost kissing the ground – like sports cars or exotic cars. More impressive are its ultra-wide steel casters as they not only offer easy positioning but also greater stability even on a rough surface.

You’re in for another surprise because this beast is light in weight despite the sturdy construction, making it easy to carry it around. So, whether you’re a professional mechanic or a hardcore car fanatic, this low-profile floor jack will take a permanent space in your garage.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Ultra-low profile structure.
  • Maximum load capacity of 3-tons.
  • Faster lifting to a height of almost 2-ft.
  • Ultra-wide casters for maximum maneuverability and stability.


  • Jack stands aren’t included.

Final Thought:

This low-profile floor jack is a treat for any car enthusiast or professional mechanic as it comes with high weight and lift capacity at an affordable price without compromising on overall quality and strength of the tool.

9.   JEGS 80077 Low-Profile Floor Jack

In the presence of bulky steel chassis floor jacks, a model with aircraft-grade aluminum construction is like a breath of fresh air due to its lightness in weight without cutting down on the strength of the tool. The tool can handle an impressive load of 3-tons without difficulty. It’s not just low profile. It’s ultra-low! That means it can easily get underneath any low clearance vehicle, including sports cars.

Another noteworthy quality is that it can lift a vehicle to a height of 19-inches, which is really admirable for a low-profile model. You get enough room to work freely underneath any vehicle. Besides, its front rollers along with side handles and wide track wheels not only provide convenience for maneuvering and positioning of the tool, but also keep it well-grounded. Its 360 rotating rubberized lift pad securely fits the vehicle in any direction all the while keeping it protected from accidental scratches and dents. Thanks to wide chassis, the vehicle remains steady while lifting.

While we’re still on the subject of protective features, the tool itself is also protected from damage due to built-in bypass and overload protection valves. In other words, use it or abuse it for years and yet the tool will not corrode, rust or lose its lustrous appearance.


  • Long-lasting, lightweight and portable.
  • 3-tons maximum weight capacity.
  • Lift to a height of 19-inches.
  • Front rollers and wide track wheels for maximum maneuverability.
  • Rubberized lift pad for vehicle’s protection.
  • Bypass and overload protection valves.


  • Requires more pumps to raise a vehicle.

Final Thought:

This high-quality and capacity low-profile floor jack is highly recommended for all those professional mechanics and serious DIYers who have to maintain low-clearance vehicles, like modified cars, on regular basis.

10. Neiko Pro 20272B Low-Profile Floor Jack

Have you ever seen a beast with a beautiful appearance? Take a look at this low-profile floor jack that packs the strength of a beast and yet has a sleek and lustrous appearance to capture your attention. Thanks to industrial-grade aluminum construction the tool are impressively lightweight but that doesn’t mean it’s weakling. It can take a tough beating and yet work like a charm without breaking apart unless sledgehammered of course. The real charm is that also it profiles dual-sided handles, making it more convenient for users to carry and transport it around.

For keeping up with its hulk-like strength, it can easily lift a bulky weight of 3-tons to an impressive height of 19-inches effortlessly. Such fluid and faster lifting are mainly attributed to its dual plunger design that takes fewer pumps to lift. As the name suggests, it’s pro at getting under low-clearance vehicles because of the low profile design.

No matter how high or low you hold the vehicle in the air, there will be no damage to both, vehicle and the tool, as a rubber dotted saddle securely grips the vehicle and protects it from accidental impacts while the in-built safety valve keeps the unit protected from overloading.

No doubt such strength and longevity is going to put a massive hole in your pocket, but this onetime investment will give you a high-strength versatile tool that can deliver auto repair services on any vehicle including sedans and SUVs anywhere – garage, auto shop, and roadside emergency.


  • Durable, lightweight and portable.
  • Faster lifting with dual plunger design.
  • 3-tons weight capacity makes it compatible with a wide array of vehicles.
  • Rubber dotted saddle for vehicle’s protection.
  • Swivel rear casters and double-sided handles for maximum maneuverability.


  • High-costing.

Final Thought:

This premium-grade low-profile jack will cost you a fortune but in return give you a long-lasting high-strength tool that can easily and quickly lift heavyweight to an ideal maintenance height. It can offer excellent services anywhere – in the garage, auto shop, or on roadside emergency.

Guide to Buying the Best Low Profile Floor Jack in 2023

Now that you’ve got a rough idea what a low profile floor jack entails, it’s better to take a look at some important aspects that you need to know about when shopping for the best low profile floor jack. Since you’re going to spend a good sum of money, therefore, this buying guide makes sure that you’ve all the knowledge necessary for making an informed choice.

  • Load Capacity:

The first thing you need to look for is the maximum weight that a floor jack can carry. Vehicles come in different weights and some which are heavily modified weigh more than factory weight. A 2-tons or low capacity floor jack will have limited use. On the other hand, floor jacks with 3-tons and above load capacity are more powerful and versatile as they can handle a wide range of vehicles including heavy-duty trucks.

  • Lifting Range:

It’s the lowest height from which a floor jack can lift a vehicle to raise it to maximum height. Some models mentioned in the list have a low minimum range of 2.5-inches which means they can easily slide under low-clearance vehicles like sports cars and other dead dropped vehicles. Moreover, if you’ve to lift big vehicles like SUVs and Jeeps, then make sure the maximum lift range is above 14-inches. A floor jack that can raise a vehicle to 18-inches and above is even better because it can tackle trucks as well.

  • Lifting Arm:

This is the part of the floor jack that does the actual lifting so it should be extra sturdy and durable to not collapse under heavyweight.  Reinforced lift arms are of heavy-duty construction to add extra strength and durability to the tool. The sturdier the lift arm is, the more stable it will be during lifting heavyweight in the air.

Also, there are lifting arms that come in multiple pieces so you can easily shorten the length of the arm when working in confined spaces. However, remember that it will require extra strength while pumping.

  • Saddle Pad:

The saddle pad is that part of a low profile floor jack that comes in direct contact with the jack point of your vehicle. Make sure that it’s composed of high-grade anti-slip material to securely fit the vehicle. Highly rated low-profile floor jacks have an anti-skid coating for extra security. Also, many models use a rubber padded saddle to protect your vehicle from scratches and dents while lifting.

  • Handles:

Whether low-profile or standard floor jack, all are heavy. Jacks made of high-quality steel are bulkier than those constructed from aluminum. In both cases moving them around is difficult. Therefore, always select a model that has handles for easily moving it around.

  • Rollers & Casters:

They are wheels placed at the bottom of a floor jack. Low profile floor jacks are heavy so make sure the model you’re selecting comes with rollers and swiveling rear casters as they will provide fluid movement. Besides, maneuvering and positioning of jack under low-clearance vehicle become difficult. In that case, it the wheels and handles that provide maximum maneuverability for adjusting the position of the tool.

  • Build Quality:

Most commonly, jacks are made of high-quality materials like steel or aluminum. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Steel construction is heavier than aluminum but also more durable and sturdier. If you’ve to use jack in home or home garage, then you’ll be better off with aluminum construction. On the other hand, for more rigorous and professional use, steel build is more reliable as it can cope better with wear and tear and tougher use without breaking.


Whether you’re a workshop owner or a hardcore car aficionado, getting around with car maintenance and repair will become easier with a good quality low profile floor jack. The above-mentioned list of best low-profile models and the buying guide will fully educate you on what a best low-profile floor jack should entail to make it really best for your needs.

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