Craftsman Jack Stands Review

Hearing the screeching sound of your jack stand breaking is dreadful, especially when that jack stand is supporting the weight of your vehicle. Going for cheap jack stands will always have you under this kind of stress. So, opt for the Craftsman Jack Stands and save yourself from an untimely heart attack.


The fact that Craftsman Jack Stands comes as a pair is only the tip of the iceberg. This package is full of so many benefits that no user will ever want to go back to any other company. The unparalleled durability of these stands combined with a pyramid design ensures strength like none other.


Apart from being highly strong, this pair of jack stands comes with multiple other benefits that I was quite surprised to hear about. So, read the article below as it contains every bit of information that I found out about these jack stands.

What Sets It Apart?

The tag of Craftsman dangling from the body is the first thing that sets this pair of jack stands in the limelight. Apart from the company name, the pair offers high sturdiness, and durability thanks to its stamped steel construction. The addition of safety locks is a handy feature that the competition often lacks. In addition to that, the presence of flat foot pads is a really thoughtful feature that enhances the stability of the jack stands. This feature also prevents the feet from sinking which adds another benefit to these jack stands.

Detailed Review

Everyone who has used automotive tools has heard the name of Craftsman. They have earned their reputation by always providing users with the best possible tools and machines. Their products have raised the bar of quality quite high as you can tell by a single look at the Craftsman Jack Stands. This pair is straight out of every car owner’s dream, as it checks all the boxes from strength to ease of usage. The jacks stands have a total of 4 tons weight bearing capacity, each stand can lift up to 2 tons of weight. This weight capacity makes them ideal for many small cars and various vehicles from the medium weight range.


The manufacturers have used the best quality stamped steel in the making of this pair. Forged from high-grade material, they possess high strength and hardness which makes it possible for them to lift vehicles without bending under their weight. The cherry on top is that the manufacturers have topped off the sturdy construction with a rust-resistant coating. Therefore, every single inch of this pair of jack stands will repel rusting, even after years of use. From what I have heard, many users have had this pair under constant use for multiple years, without encountering any incidents.


In my opinion, the best feature of these jack stands is that they come with flat foot pads. These foot pads ensure that the feet remain stable on the ground. Therefore, the users will neither encounter sunken jack feet nor will the stand move from their place. The handle added to the body has a solid design too; hence smooth lifting operation is a given. Once the jack stands are secured in their place and position, the users can raise them from 12 inches to as high as 18 inches. Ths height range makes it possible for the users to easily slide under their vehicles for various maintenance jobs. The overall design of this pair meets all the American National Standards Institute or the ANSI standards; therefore, it is quite safe to use.

Sawtooth Ratchet Bar

The sawtooth design of the ratchet bar is a really impressive feature of this pair of jack stands. This design makes it easier for the users to change the height of the stands. Moreover, with the sawtooth ratchet bar, the chances of the bar slipping back inside the jack stand are also quite slim. The ratchet bar is thicker from the sides and has a hollower design from the middle. So, once you slide it under your vehicle, it will hover stably in the air.

Enhanced Grip With Unique Saddle

Another thoughtful addition by the manufacturers is adding a solid saddle to these jack stands. The saddle does not only need to be strong, but they also need to have a good grip. Considering this fact, the saddle of this pair comes with a concave design. So, the vehicle will sit securely on top of it. The further addition of heightened edges of the saddle makes its grip even better, and greatly reduces the prospect of vehicle slipping.

Safety Locks

Last but not the least, the presence of safety locks on jack stands is always a good sign. It shows that the manufacturers have paid close attention to every detail. With the pawl locks, the users will be free to work under their vehicle without worrying about it dropping on them. The locks will hold the ratchet bar securely in its place.


  • Constructed from stamped steel
  • Total 4-ton weight capacity
  • Pair of 2 jack stands
  • Has safety locks
  • Flat foot pads
  • Goes from 12 to 18 inches
  • Thick handle
  • Rust-resistant coating


  • Does not have pin locks
  • Not for larger vehicles

Why Spend Your Money On It?

The first reason you should spend your money on these jack stands is that the package includes a pair of two solid stands. With the stamped steel construction and rust-resistant coating, these jack stands will have your back for a long time. Furthermore, the presence of safety locks, concave saddle shape, and flat foot pads bring unmatched security and stability to the design of these jack stands.


For every beginner-level user out there, the Craftsman Jack Stands are the best choice available on the market. They come with sturdy construction, a simple-to-use design, and a lightweight body that can be carried anywhere. To find out more about this amazing deal, read the article above as it contains all the information there is about these jack stands.


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