Pro Lift Jack Stand Review

Keeping the weight of your car only on the floor jack for the entire duration of maintenance is folly. If there is one thing aside from a floor jack that every car owner needs to have, it is high-quality jack stands to support the weight of their vehicle such as the Pro Lift Jack Stand.


A single glance at the jack stands and I was intrigued to take a closer look. After a thorough investigation, I can vouch that these stands actually follow through with what the brand claims. The solid steel construction is only the beginning of a long list of perks of this model.


If I could wrap my thoughts and research in a single paragraph, I would. However, this model has so many features that they each require proper recognition. Therefore, read the article below to find out what every user of Pro Lift Jack Stand shared with me and then make a decision.

What Makes It Stand Out?

There are many things that make this jack stand unique. However, the first one that makes it appealing to customers is that this is a pair of 2 jack stands, each with 6 tons weight bearing capacity. Furthermore, the distance between the feet of the jack stand gives it a wider and more secure base that is often absent in its competitors. The double lock mechanism is another nifty feature which makes it unique as it is not commonly found in such models.

Detailed Review

Pro Lift is one of the best names in the world of jacks. Therefore, every machine and tool that comes with this name has a separate fanbase, thanks to their nifty features and robust designs. The quality and performance of the Pro Lift Jack Stand are in no way different from the rest of the machines that come with this label. This jack stand is one of the most reliable tools on the market, and this reliability comes from its solid design. Thanks to its durable construction, it is capable of enduring heavy weight.


To be precise, this model has a weight tolerating capacity of up to 6 tons. This makes allows the users to use this jack stand for smaller vehicles as well as medium ones. Therefore, whether you have an SUV or a Nissan, you can slide this jack stand under the vehicle to keep it hovering stably in the air. The best part is that the package contains two jack stands. Therefore, there is no need for you to look for a second one, as this single purchase will give you a pair of sturdy jack stands. A really thoughtful detail of this model is that it comes with wider space between the legs. The larger space brings more stability to the design of the jack stand, so the chances of wobbling will reduce significantly. Not to mention, it has been constructed from high-grade alloy steel, so the legs will not give out under heavy weight.


In addition to that, the manufacturers have added a thicker handle to the side of this jack stand. This handle allows users to move the ratchet bar outwards and increase the height of the jack stand. The presence of the double locking mechanism sees to it that there is no accidental slipping of the ratchet. Moreover, the saddle has a curved design that also has heightened edges on both sides to offer more stability. I saved the best feature for the last, i.e, the lifting height range of this model. It offers an initial height of 16 inches which goes as high as 23 ½ inches. Hence, it is good for the jobs that require having the vehicle higher up in the air.

Sturdy Construction

The solid design of this jack stand is its most admirable feature. As jack stands hold the heavy weight of vehicles for a longer duration, the manufacturers have constructed this model with high-grade alloy steel. This construction makes the tool very durable, and sturdy. Furthermore, the ratchet bar comes with cast ductile iron construction, which explains its high strength.

Double Lock Mechanism

Safety comes before everything, especially if you are working around vehicles, then one can never be too careful. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturers at Pro Lift have added not one, but two locks into the design of this jack stand. The double lock mechanism involves a handle lock and a mobility pin lock. From my investigation, I know for sure that this feature has single-handedly increased the fanbase of this jack stand.

Sawtooth Design Of Ratchet Bar

Another feature which shows great attention to detail is the sawtooth design of the ratchet bar. Along with the dual locks, the presence of a sawtooth design brings more safety to this tool. The purpose of the sawtooth design is to add multiple halting positions to the ratchet bar. Therefore, it is easier for the user to heighten their vehicle precisely how much they need to.


  • Made from alloy steel
  • 6 tons weight capacity
  • Lifts up to 23 ½ inches
  • Double lock mechanism
  • Height adjustment feature
  • Wider base
  • Ratchet bar has a sawtooth design
  • Suitable for multiple vehicles
  • Thicker handle


  • Quite heavy in weight
  • Pin slips out of the lock
  • May rust after a while

Why Should You Go For It?

The major reason why you should opt for this model of jack stand is that it offers fairly good weight and height capacity. Therefore, it can be used for different vehicles. Moreover, the solid construction of the stand body, as well as the ratchet bar is another great feature which makes it worth the money. Last but not least, this jack stand comes with a unique double locking feature which maximizes the safety of the users and their vehicles.


The Pro Lift Jack Stand is the ideal fit for every professional and entry-level user. The simple-to-operate design of this jack stand makes it possible for the users to keep their vehicles hovering in the air without any issues. However, this model offers so much more than mere simplicity of usage. Read the article above to find out what else is present in the robust body of this jack stand.


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