10 Best Farm Jack in 2023 – Top Picks Reviews & Buy Guide

Best Farm Jack

Having a jack in your garage or vehicle is a wise choice for lifting vehicle.

However, its hundred times better to have a farm jack around because it has the flexibility and versatility that you can only imagine with your standard jack.

In a fairly reasonable price, you’ll have a weight-lifting champion that will not only lift heavy vehicles and agricultural machinery, but do a gamut of miraculous feats like uproot tree stumps, pull bushes, hedges, fence posts and even recover your off road vehicle in case it gets stuck in mud, sand or snow.

This isn’t a bluff or a tall claim. A best quality farm jack can actually successfully accomplish all the above mentioned demanding challenges.

Half of the magical powers lie in its tough steel or cast iron construction with staggering load capacity and lifting height range. The remaining half is delivered through fast lifting that is made effortless and smooth with durable and long handle.

Much to your chagrin, it’s humanly powered, but the use is so simple and easy that you get the job done without shedding buckets of sweat and having sore muscles.

Top 10 Best Farm Jack Reviews of 2023

With that being said, now comes the other challenging part i.e. of finding the best farm jack in a sea of jacks available in the market. Don’t worry, instead of taking days and weeks of time-consuming search, we shrank it down to barely an hour for you as the article below has 10 of the best models for your consideration. Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and then figure out which unit suits your budget and work needs.

1.   Alltrade 647587 Farm Jack

Thanks to Alltrade you don’t have to go on days of quest for finding a best farm jack as it gives you this highly durable and reliable model at surprisingly attractive price. With primary focus on quality build, the tool comes in durable steel construction to tackle myriad of weight-related tasks up to 3-tons capacity. This simply means, it can haul heavy agricultural machinery, fence posts, tree stumps and heavy vehicles like trucks and tractors with ease.

The versatility that its low-profile design with lifting range of slightly over 5-inches to 39 3/4-inches provides gives the tool an edge over many others available in the market – making it compatible with low base vehicles as well.

Despite its heavy-duty construction, the tool is surprisingly lightweight and can be easily carried or stored wherever needed. However, its handle might not be the ideal part of the tool. It comes with only a 90 bent which makes it quite cumbersome to use.

In all, for a reasonable price you get a tool with superb quality and performance that puts some pricey models to shame.


  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Lightweight and low-profile design.
  • 3-tons weight capacity makes it ideal for myriad of weight-related purposes.
  • Easy to store, carry and operate.


  • Relatively higher price.
  • Handle is cumbersome to use.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a fairly affordable farm jack with high quality construction to perform multitude of weight lifting tasks around farm for prolonged time, then investing in this model will be worth every penny.

2.   Maasdam 1130-10 Farm Jack

Maasdam knows how to cover your back in emergencies with this farm jack. Its high-lift design isn’t the only convenient thing about it. Unlike other high lift jacks, this is considerably lightweight and compact although it’s manufactured from cast material with a main focus on durability and longevity. The tool is 48-inches long with a staggering weight capacity of 8000lbs (4-tons). This means, you can throw any lifting, pulling, clamping job at it and it will not fail.

More importantly, it features a safety link mechanism to prevent the tool from being abused and misused, in return assuring safe and smooth operation for years.

Its large base provides ideal stability on uneven terrains. Another impressive feature is its steel handle that comes with a locking mechanism that locks the handle against the beam, making its storage hassle-free.

It doesn’t end here. Its use is so simplified and easy that even an amateur would be able to operate it. Then imagine how convenient it’s use will be for a seasoned farmer.


  • Durable, compact and lightweight.
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • 8000lbs weight capacity.
  • Wider base provides greater stability on any surface.
  • Powder-coated all through to prevent rust and corrosion.


  • Its paint isn’t UV-friendly.
  • It requires a little effort while dropping the release pins.

Bottom Line:

This farm jack is an ideal budgeted option because in a fairly low price comes a highly durable and safe tool with massive weight capacity to outshine some higher-priced models. The tool is completely safe and easy to use which makes it suitable for newbies as well.

3.   RC 4WD Z-S1774 Hi-Lift Farm Jack

This farm jack is a miniature of a full size Hi Lift yet it’s so masterfully imitated that you would think someone has shrunk the original by magic. This smaller version is fully functional and fits in the palm of your hands.

Like a real jack this one is also a real deal as it’s a perfect match for radio control cars or scale rc crawlers and off roaders. The wider base plate shows how the tool stabilizes the weight on all kinds of surfaces.

Its gold handle with locking mechanism manifests the real charm as not only it demonstrates speedy and effortless hauling of load, but also assures safety of the whole lifting process. Wrapping up, if a miniature is so smooth in operation, imagine how flawlessly the full size original Hi Lift will perform.


  • Flawless imitation of the full size Hi Lift jack.
  • Wide base for stabilizing jack against any surface.
  • Handle bar effortlessly hauls the weight to maximum height.
  • Designed for scale rc crawlers, off roaders, and other miniatures of heavy vehicles.


  • Long screws of locking mechanism prove to be a hindrance.
  • Freely falls while coming down.

Bottom Line:

This duplicate of a Hi Lift jack gives you a perfect miniature to work on scale trucks, off roaders rc crawlers and other heavy vehicles. The tool is fully functional and depicts even the smallest detail of a full size Hi Lift model.

4.   Hi-Lift X-TREME Farm Jack, XT485

Hi-Lift is all about durability, performance and versatility and this farm jack is a befitting demonstration of all that. Its 48” long all-cast body with powder coating wards off rust and corrosion to give you fully functional tool that can endure years of extreme use.

With 7000lbs rated capacity, throw any weight-related demanding task and it will not disappoint you. The tool’s versatility makes it one of its kinds. It comes with a special inclusion of winch/clamp/spreader attachment – endures load up to 5000lbs – and this inclusion helps you survive any tough situation. Whether you’ve to recover truck from a rut, hoist heavy farm equipments or tree stumps, pull fence posts, spread, clamp or winch any object, the tool has the strength and ability to provide rescue services in any critical scenario.

Two-piece handle with socket is structured to provide you safe and easy operation with all the load capacity and instructions plastered on the handle. Another impressive thing about the handle is that it uses a single position for spreading, clamping and winching.

Finally, it has the strength and endurance of a beast sans bulkiness. To speak simply, despite rugged built the tool is surprisingly lightweight and compact to be easily maneuvered or carried around.


  • Durable and long-lasting construction with rust-proof finishing.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Multi-functioning tool with spread-clamp-winch attachment.
  • 7000lbs load capacity.
  • 2-piece handle with instructions for easy and safe operation.


  • Powder coating starts chipping off after some time.
  • The tool is relatively bulky for keeping inside a vehicle.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a best farm jack that can provide multitude services including heavy lifting whenever needed, then this model is a safe bet. Its versatility and ease of operation can rescue you out of any critical situation.

5.   Smittybilt 2722 Universal Trail Farm Jack

This farm jack is the embodiment of superior craftsmanship that gives tough completion to Hi-Lift models. It comes in durable cast steel construction with powder coat finishing to prevent corrosion. The hardware of the tool is engineered with zinc plate to meet industrial standards. This simply means the tool is going to last for years.

Whether you add base plate or sit the tool without it the stability of the tool will remain unperturbed, thanks to its wider base and easy-to-adjust clamp connector. This feature alone makes it a weapon of choice of farmers and passionate off roaders.

It’s also called Trail Jack; and with a total length of 54-inch, it gives comparatively higher lift height. This feature makes it suitable for multitude of applications. Moreover, with a weight capacity of 4660lbs, you’re looking at a beast of a jack that will easily lift, push or pull any heavy farm machinery or high base vehicle like jeep.

To impress you further, it’s durable handle is removable and comes with a synthetic rubber grip for smooth operation and storing. Think of any problematic situation, and it has the guts to tackle it with ease. Either black or grey, no matter which colour you choose, the tool is bound to move you with its efficiency and dependability.


  • Highly durable and portable.
  • Ideal for seasoned farmers and zealous off roaders.
  • 4660lbs weight capacity.
  • Highly efficient and versatile tool.
  • Wider base for stability.
  • 54” long for heighted lifting.


  • Needs regular lubrication to prevent rusting.
  • Operating it is tad bit tricky.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a cheaply-priced farm jack that comes close in quality and performance to a high-lift model, then this tool is a worthy candidate. Whether you’ve to lift off road vehicles or heavy farm machinery, this works like a charm.

6.   Reese Towpower 7033400 Farm Jack

Are you in search of a farm jack that actually works the talk instead of making tall claims? You don’t have to search hard, just take a look at this farm jack by well-reputed company Reese. You’ll get unquestioning reliability and durability with its all steel build.

Besides, its 7000lbs total load capacity makes it an ideal weapon to have on hand for any task that includes pulling, lifting, spreading or clamping. To put it simply, lifting any off-road vehicle; dealing with stubborn stumps; pulling fence posts or poles; or winching heavy machinery or vehicle out of rut and snow; it’s all a game for this highly versatile and powerful tool.

Besides, unlike other farm jacks this doesn’t ask for copious human force to accomplish all the above mentioned demanding assignments mainly because of its 36” long handle that offers better leverage to easily rescue you out of such critical situations, without feeling spent.

Also, the handle and the top clamp clevis are both detachable so you’ll have no trouble storing or carrying it along wherever you want. Additionally, using it will not require a specialization degree or lengthy training first. Even a newbie will be able to operate it.  All this durability and utility in a very cost-effective price is further assurance that you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.


  • Durable and versatile.
  • Detachable handle and clamp for easy storage.
  • 7000lbs load capacity.
  • Ideal for lifting heavy vehicles and farm-related applications.


  • Handle sleeve isn’t durable.
  • The unit jams sometimes.

Bottom Line:

Looking past the minor flaws gives you a highly durable and versatile farm jack that can facilitate in myriad of weight-related tasks including lifting off road vehicles and heavy farm machinery. The tool also comes in handy during rescue missions.

7.   OTC 1794A High-Lift Transmission Farm Jack

OTC is famous for providing highly expedient tools and this transmission jack is another extremely functional and practical model from its collection. The tool comes in premium-grade steel construction with chrome enamel to provide a long-lasting tool that will not lose its utility and luster to corrosion or rust even after years of use.

Although this beefy construction adds extra pounds to weight but it’s made quite manageable with robust swiveling wheels that allow you to maneuver it around with ease. Together with wider base, the wheels also help in keeping the unit stable during operation.

Carrying a load capacity of 1000lbs and a universal saddle that can be easily tilted in any direction results in the provision of flexible and versatile tool that can not only securely fit any transmission, but also sustain load of lighter agricultural machinery.

Presence of safety chains throw all your worst fears out of the window as they securely anchor the load to the saddle to prevent any accidents. Besides, the tool’s built-in overload protection mechanism further enhances safety by protecting the unit from misuse beyond its work limit.

A tool that’s taking into consideration every aspect of user’s convenience is sure to not neglect the vital component of pumping. Its foot-activated pump and lowering pedal gives you full control and that also by letting your hands rest. Well, you can use them for aligning the position of the jack in your desired direction. This calls for another sigh of relief because you’ll be able to haul load within a height range of 35” to slightly over 71” without anything interrupting your motion.


  • High-quality construction makes it suitable for professional workshops.
  • Wider base with sturdy wheels provide maximum stability and maneuverability.
  • Foot-activated pump and lowering pedal for effortless lifting.
  • Adjusting saddle with chains provides secure load mounting.


  • It’s heavy.
  • Comes with only 90-days warranty.

Bottom Line:

If your prime concern is to get a highly durable and functional transmission jack without breaking a bank, then this model is worth a punt. Its heavy-duty built makes it suitable for rigorous commercial use.

8.   BUNKER INDUST High Lift Farm Jack

There’s one word that describes farm jack perfectly: “Strong!” Yes, Bunker Indust has used all cast iron and heavy-duty steel combination to make it as strong as a brawny brute. Moreover, its powder-coat finishing wards off rust and corrosion resultantly enhancing longevity.

Like other competing models, this one also employs solidly build winch connector clamp to make it adaptable for winching, clamping and spreading. While we’re still appreciating its versatility, you’ll be stunned to see how much more surprises it has stored in this 48” long body. Its 7000lbs lift capacity makes it an ideal addition in the armory of off roaders, seasoned farmers or adventurers as it can easily lift heavy vehicles, farm machinery, fence posts, remove stumps and so much more. Furthermore, built-in shear bolt ensures that the tool isn’t overshooting its load capacity.

More impressive is its spring-loaded release pin that enable you to quickly and accurately adjust lifting height to your preferred elevation point from height range of 6” to 42” while the rubberized grip of handle will provide better hold for efficient lifting.

Like a personal guardian angel, the tool has the ability to protect you in threatening circumstances. The inclusion of 2 pieces recovery tracks can rescue your vehicle from any problematic situation it gets stuck in, be it snow, mud, sand, rutted farm, jungle etc. The ribbed base stabilizes the tool on any surface and provides cushioning to the vehicle to prevent it from sinking. This feature further contributes to the convenient and successful recovery operations.


  • Heavy-duty construction with powder-coating.
  • 7000lbs load capacity with shear bolt to prevent overloading.
  • Spring-loaded release pin for height adjustment.
  • Two pieces traction mat for recovering vehicle from any tricky situation.
  • Ribbed base with rubberized grip handle for comfortable performance.


  • Traction boards aren’t as solid as the tool.
  • Some users have complained about rusting of the tool after a few uses.

Bottom Line:

If you want to have a high-lift farm jack that offers more versatility, utility, and strength than any standard model to deftly handle myriad of problematic circumstances including emergency situations, then this model is the best option.

9.   Big Red TR6501B Torin Farm Jack

Durability, reliability and of course affordability is a combination that has become the hallmark of Torin’s flagship Big Red series. This farm jack is another one from the highly acclaimed domain that will make you a loyal admirer of Torin’s artistry.

This standard 48” long device with 3-ton load capacity has a lot of utility and versatility to offer, as much as you want. Add impressive lifting range of 5.12” to staggering 40”, and you get a highly dexterous weapon capable of wide range of tasks. It promises to prove to be a reliable company for your farm-related purposes or off-road expeditions mainly because it has the capacity to perform any form of demanding application from lifting to spreading to pulling to clamping – you name the challenge and it will accomplish it.

Even more appealing about its stellar structure is its multidimensional body. Meaning, you can use it both vertically and horizontally, however you find convenient.  Digging further into its construction reveals that Torin doesn’t compromise on quality of the material even though the tool comes in a ridiculously low price. Composed from high tensile steel and forged cast iron with rust-resistant enameling enable the tool to sustain pressure for extended period without snapping.

Other fundamental components like wide base and handle are also of heavy-duty construction to keep the unit stable throughout the whole operation. Also, the rubberized grip of handle provides comfortable hold that combined with faster lifting mechanism makes otherwise strenuous lifting job effortless.


  • Heavy-duty construction in affordable price.
  • 48” long multidimensional body.
  • 3-tons load capacity with lifting range of 5.12” to 40”.
  • Ideal for farm-related jobs and off road emergency rescue missions.
  • Wider base and rubberized handle grip for maximum stability and comfort.


  • Stand requires extra support while in use.
  • Jack sometimes gets stuck on lowering.

Bottom Line:

This farm jack is highly cost-effective despite a few pitfalls because in a fairly low price it gives a durably constructed model that can perform any heavy-lifting job around farm or raise heavy vehicles. It can also come in handy in rescue missions.

10. Goplus off-Road Ratcheting Farm Jack

Looking for a jack that doesn’t look formidable yet when it comes to performance works like a work beast? This simply means your garage needs this off-road ratcheting farm jack by Goplus. The tool gives you longevity and dependability that you’ve been longing for without putting a dent in your pocket.

Its cast iron construction makes the tool strong enough to bear a load of 3.5-tons (7000lbs) repeatedly. Although the jack comes with shear bolt to prevent the tool from exceeding its load limit, but much to your chagrin you should be better off keeping the load capacity up to 5000lbs in case of extensive use. Don’t get skeptical, the cut in weight capacity is still sufficient to lift heavy vehicles like trucks or tractors, hoist heavy farm machinery, or work on fence posts and poles.

That’s not all its capable of. You can also use it for efficient and speedy lifting, winching, clamping, pulling and pushing. Now you’re interested? Such versatility and flexibility makes it an indispensable tool to have close by so you can come out successful in any challenging situation.

Furthermore, it has a maximum height of 60-inches, but thanks to spring-loaded pin mechanism, you can adjust height to your preferred level depending on the nature of the job. Also, for heavy objects safer height range will be up to 48-inches.

The only drawback is that its sturdy base stabilizes the whole unit while using, but the action gets tad bit jerky under heavy strain.


  • Durable, lightweight and affordable.
  • Quick release spring-loaded pin for height adjustment.
  • 7000lbs load capacity with maximum lifting height of 60-inches.
  • Multi-functioning tool.
  • Easy and safe to use.


  • Gets jerky under a lot of strain.
  • Paint starts chipping off after few uses.
  • Cross pins tend to bend.

Bottom Line:

This farm jack is an ideal contender for on-budget farmers or enthusiast off-roaders as the tool has the strength and capacity to lift heavy vehicles and farm equipments without difficulty. Its versatility and safe operation make it a reliable tool for rescue operations.

Buying Guide: Selecting the Right Best Farm Jack (2023)

Finding a highly functional and reliable farm jack will be a huge challenge without adequate prior knowledge. This buyer’s guide helps to elucidate this matter by highlighting some key aspects that you need to closely observe before making any purchase.


Farm jack is utilized for heavy lifting and other weight-related taxing jobs that frequently put strain on the tool. Therefore, you need to select a model that comes in a high-quality durable construction, like steel or cast materials, to hold better against pressure and prolong use without snapping.

Load Capacity:

This is another vital factor that needs equal attention. Load or lift capacity simply means the maximum amount of weight the device can endure. Since farm jacks are primarily used for lifting heavy machinery or vehicles therefore, it’s better to know beforehand how much heavy-lifting you’ll be subjecting it to. It’s always better to invest in a high lift capacity tool, higher than what a single piece of heavy machinery in your farm or garage weighs. Roughly speaking, a farm jack with 4000lbs or above will prove to be a reliable option.

Lifting Range:

High lift farm jacks usually come in a length range of 48-60 inches, but the tool might not go up till the last inch. In such case, it’s better to know how high you want to raise your load. Whether you’re using it for heavy agricultural equipment or off road vehicle, a high lift jack with the tallest height will prove to be handy in a variety of problematic situations.

Jacking Speed:

Farm jacks are manually-powered, but you can make the procedure less exhausting by investing in a jack that has a high jacking speed. Usually, a jack lever takes 8-10 strokes to reach maximum lifting height, but there are models that rapidly reach the highest height level with just 3-6 strokes. This will allow you to quickly finish a task by spending less amount of energy.


You cannot overlook this factor because at the end of the day it’s the handle upon which the whole operating procedure is pivoted. Look for a jack that comes with a durable and long handle to provide extra durability and convenience. A long handle offers better leverage, making the lifting process easier and less exhausting.

Clamp Attachment:

Clevis or clamp attachment is a triangle-shaped loop present at the top edge of jack’s body. This part comes in action when attaching chain for pulling or winching. Thinner or substandard metal used for loop will not be able to sustain heavy lifting. It will break and turn the situation perilous. Always pick a model with a heavy-duty locking mechanism and teeth on the clevis for secure clamping.


A reliable farm jack will prove to be a handy piece of equipment for a wide range of job fields. So, whether you’re a landscape engineer, farmer, passionate off-roader or construction site engineer, you cannot deny its utility. This multi-talented tool will not only lift heavy vehicle and farm machinery, remove stumps and bushes, but also lend you hand in rescue and recovery missions. The above list of best farm jacks along with the buyer’s guide will help you immensely in selection of a model right for your needs.

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