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Owning a truck or SUV is a source of joy as it has the strength to smoothly charge through difficult terrains.

What’s even better is to have a lifted truck as it can take you to hard-to-reach areas and at the same time be used as a regular day-to-day use vehicle.

The only problem is that such lifted trucks and SUVs are higher than standard pickups. This means your ordinary floor jack might not have the strength and clearance to deal with these heavy vehicles in case you’re faced with a roadside emergency or regular repair and maintenance in a workshop.

Such circumstances call for a high-quality sturdy floor jack with more than 18-20 inches lifting range and higher jacking speed to easily get under the vehicle and swiftly hoist it to maximum elevated position without flinching.

You want to have a beast-like powerful tool that can handle the extra height of the vehicle without compromising on the overall strength and stability of the tool when fully raised.

Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks & SUVs Reviews [2023]

We know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to rummage through hundreds of floor jacks available in the market to find the right tool for your needs. After meticulous searching, we’ve assembled a list of the best floor jacks for high lift vehicles to make sure you get the best bet for money no matter which model you pick.

1. Blackhawk B6350 Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks & SUVs

A single glance can tell that this is a premium-grade floor jack by Blackhawk that packs the strength of a superhero to easily hoist trucks and SUVs in the air. This giant-like strength is attributed to its heavy-duty steel construction that has the endurance to handle a load capacity of 3.5-tons without sinking under pressure. This also means that the tool itself weighs like a truck so moving it around and carrying will really be a feat. A silver lining is that it comes with sturdy wheels which not only ensure durability but also help in maneuvering this giant around.

Its lifting height is also higher than usual, 22-inches. So you get enough room to easily sneak under a vehicle and work freely. It also features rolled side frames that give an extra dose of strength, making the unit capable of lifting heavyweight to such height with ease. In addition, the release valve makes it equally easy to lower the vehicle to the ground when work is being done.

With the help of rotating padded saddle and rear casters, adjusting the position of the tool becomes easy despite its beefy construction. You can work underneath heavy vehicles without any fear because the tool comes with bypass and internal safety valves and vent plugs for safe operation.


  • Heavy duty construction.
  • 5-tons load capacity.
  • Maximum lifting height is 22-inches.
  • Built-in safety valves.
  • Padded saddle and rear casters for adjusting position.


  • It’s prone to rusting.

Final Verdict:

This highly durable floor jack can easily lift heavy vehicles like trucks and SUVs to an admirable height with ease because of packing extra strength. However, its higher strength and load capacity makes the tool a heavy piece of equipment.

2. Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks & SUVs

There’s only one word that can describe this floor jack perfectly i.e. “Awesomeness!” Such flawless craftsmanship is bound to cost a fortune. The blessing in disguise is that the tool is super lightweight for a heavy-duty piece of equipment and yet houses the strength of a weight-lifting champion to easily raise a bulky weight of 3-tons – vehicles like lifted trucks and SUVs is a cinch for it – to an ideal height for maintenance. The tool profiles reinforced the lifting arm for the provision of extra strength, torsion control, and durability.

You’ll not be left huffing and puffing because of pumping as it boasts of rapid and effortless lifting which results from its dual-piston. Peachy, isn’t it? Another sigh of relief comes with its side-mount handle that ensures easy positioning for operation.

Working under heavyweight with this device is completely safe because it has built-in bypass and overload valves for tool’s protection and rubberized saddle along with a foam handle bumper to prevent your vehicle from getting marred with scratches and dents during work.

In all, although the tool puts a dent in your wallet but this one-time crying decorates your garage with a tool that’s almost indestructible no matter how much abuse it undergoes.


  • Long-lasting and lightweight build.
  • 3-tons weight capacity.
  • Dual piston for quick and easy lifting.
  • Reinforced lifting arm for extra strength and durability.
  • Rubberized saddle and foam handle bumper for vehicle’s protection.
  • Built-in safety valves.


  • High-costing.
  • Rubber padding deteriorates with use.

Final Verdict:

If you’re willing to spend a fortune, then this floor jack will be a worthy one-time investment due to its premium build and performance. Despite high strength and working capacity, the tool is lightweight and compact to be easily stored in a garage or car trunk.

3. Powerbuilt 620422E Triple Lift Jack for Lifted Trucks & SUVs

This floor jack is making rounds among cars and truck enthusiasts because of its heavy-duty construction and smooth weight-lifting ability. Adding affordable price to the equation makes it crystal clear why the tool has taken car fanatics in a frenzy.

Unlike the previous two models on the list, this one has a total of 4000lbs weight capacity. It’s still stealing the show because of its unbeatable versatility and flexibility. Triple lift design allows it to adapt to anything thrown its way – whether it’s lifting trucks, ATVs, replacing transmissions, or any other mechanical repair, the tool isn’t going to disappoint you.

More impressive is its safe and secure operation. It features a safety bar that can be easily locked to your desired elevation point, eliminating any potential threat of sinking under the heavy weight while working. Besides, it also eliminates the need of adding jack stands to keep the lifted weight from buckling.

Another unique feature that allows it to vanquish other competing models is its removable lift saddle and padded lift rail that offers extra flexibility and functionality. This simply means it can adjust to a wide range of vehicle frames and at the same time give you the freedom to perform a variety of jobs without any difficulty.

In all, for an affordable price, it offers a lot of strength and versatility to perform well even under the most demanding situations. It really is a jack of all trades!


  • Durable and reliable.
  • Affordable price.
  • Removable saddle and padded lift rail to suit a variety of vehicles.
  • Safety bar with lock for safe operation.
  • 4000lbs load capacity.


  • Susceptible to leakage after few uses.
  • Its moving parts require regular maintenance.

Final Verdict:

Despite a few pitfalls, this floor jack is a worth considering candidate due to its remarkable strength and versatility that outshines many competing models. For a price, it really has the endurance and durability to perform exceptionally well even under the most demanding circumstances.

4. Pittsburgh Automotive Heavy Duty Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks and SUVs

This floor jack comes with an irresistible combination of durability, reliability, and affordability. It boasts of industrial-grade finish in lightweight chassis yet offers mountainous toughness to easily handle a 3-tons load. You’re in for a shock because it can lift cars, trucks, SUVs, and any other heavy object to almost 2-ft in the air at lightning speed hails to integrating dual-piston Rapid Pump Technology that only takes 3 ½ pumps to attain maximum height. To let you further enjoy load control in any handle position, it employs universal joint release.

Furthermore, its low profile design enables it to score some brownie points as the tool can easily slide under almost any vehicle including sports cars. Besides, its broad steel casters allow users to easily position it and provide extra stability to the tool while working on a rough surface.

You’ll have to spend extra on jack stands as it doesn’t come with any, but that’s a small bump in the way of getting a top-notch floor jack that can appeal to professional mechanics and diehard automotive enthusiasts with equal fervor.


  • Heavy-duty construction at an affordable price.
  • Lightweight and low-profile chassis.
  • Can handle the 3-tons weight.
  • Dual-piston Rapid Pump technology for faster lifting.
  • Wide steel casters for easy positioning and stability.


  • Jack stand aren’t included.
  • An occasional leak of hydraulic fluid.

Final Verdict:

Whether you’re an automotive aficionado or a professional mechanic, this floor jack is a real treat because without breaking a bank you’ll get a premium-grade device with high weight endurance. Its low-profile design makes it compatible with nearly all classes of vehicles.

5. ABN 3-Ton Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks & SUVs

This jack gives you a perfect illustration of the widely-known adage “big things come in small packages”. The tool is highly portable, compact, and easy to use. Despite the small size, it has the power of a beast to easily lift any car, truck, SUV, RV, or any other heavy object within a 3-ton weight capacity without flinching.

This can be your perfect rescue partner on any roadside emergency. All you’ve to do is connect its electric plug to the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle and flip the switch. It will do the rest. The vehicle will be lifted to 17.5-inches in the air in seconds while the self-locking feature will keep it raised – eliminating the possibility of the jack accidentally falling back to the ground even when the unit is powered off. This means you can easily get a tire change within 5 minutes and get back on the road. Also, if you’re in a hurry, you can bring the jack down instantly by unlocking the safety lock.

There’s no nuisance of leakage involved here because the hydraulic tank is fully enclosed. Now, you can enjoy leak-proof smooth operation anywhere anytime. While we’re still on the subject of nuisance, flat tires at nighttime can be really frustrating. This electric hydraulic jack has got your back as it comes with a built-in LED light allowing you to deal with the nighttime repair without any difficulty. Who needs an emergency contact when you’ve got a jack for emergency rescuing service?


  • Compact and portable.
  • Can lift cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, etc.
  • The universal plug connects to the car’s lighter socket.
  • Leak-proof easy operation.
  • The self-locking feature keeps the jack raised.
  • LED light for nighttime repair.


  • Plastic housing is less durable.
  • The power cord doesn’t reach the rear wheels of a pickup truck.

Final Verdict:

This jack gives excellent value for money with its reliable built and performance. Its compact size, safety features and easy operation make it a dependable choice for roadside emergencies.

6. Powerbuilt Alltrade 640912 Bottle Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks & SUVs

Nothing can beat Powerbuilt when it comes to delivering durability, portability and affordability all at once. Black Alltrade 640912 bottle jack is the epitome of this much-coveted combination. Its beefy and heavy construction is both a blessing and a curse as the tool weighs like a giant to lift the giant-like weight of 3-tons. This bulkiness is mainly due to the fact that it’s combining a jack stand and a bottle jack in one body. There’s no need to gripe because the tool will not occupy much space and can easily be tucked even in the car’s trunk.

Thanks to its heavy-duty steel built, the device can effortlessly hoist weight to 21-inches above ground. This means lifted trucks, SUVs or off-road type vehicles are a cinch for it. Don’t expect the worst because the vehicle will not come crashing down as the tool comes equipped with a safety bar lock. Just place the safety bar lock once you’ve raised the tool to your desired height and you’re good to go.

Another appealing factor is that you’ll not be subjected to the horror of a wobbly tool or vehicle while working because the device employs a broad steel base – to keep the unit well-grounded and stable during lifting. With that being said, this bottle jack actually delivers on its promises, and 1-year warranty is an extra assurance of that.


  • Heavy-duty and portable construction.
  • Jack stand and bottle jack combined in a single body.
  • Can lift trucks, SUVs, unibody or off-road type vehicles.
  • Safety bar lock for safe operation.
  • Wide steel base for stability.
  • Affordable with a 1-year warranty.


  • Sometimes apparatus gets stuck in a locked position during use.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a superior quality versatile jack that can handle a wide range of heavy vehicles with ease and yet doesn’t cost a fortune, then this is the perfect option for you.

7. Craftsman  50188 Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks & SUVs

This floor jack with jack stands and creeper sets you up for auto repairs like a pro even if you’re an average weekend mechanic. Its heavy-duty welded construction ensures the tool doesn’t give out under heavyweight. With a total of 3-ton load capacity, it’s fully muscled to lift cars, high lift trucks, minivans, SUVs, trailers or any other extremely heavy object. Thanks to the sturdy jack stand, the vehicle can securely remain in a lifted position for convenient repair.

You don’t have to crawl and squirm on the rough surfaces anymore to get under the cramped hood of your vehicle as its 36-inch long creeper with built-in headrest and smooth-rolling casters allow you to easily slide under the vehicle and finish a job without any trouble. With a maximum lifting height of 19.25-inches, you get enough clearance and space to work and move freely – without feeling squished between the ground and the vehicle.

All in all, you can get a safe and easy auto repair service with this floor jack set in your home whenever needed without crossing the affordability threshold.


  • Durable and affordable.
  • Weight capacity of 3-tons.
  • A long creeper with a built-in headrest and rolling wheels.
  • Generous amount of clearance to meet a variety of job needs.
  • Easy to assemble and use.


  • Only suitable for occasional home use.
  • Lowering it is tricky because it comes down very fast.

Final Verdict:

For an affordable price, this floor jack set offers exceptional durability and working capacity to make it a befitting option for auto repair services at home. It might not suitable for daily lifting, but really works the talk for occasional heavy lifting.

8. NOS NSJ0301 Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks & SUVs

Here’s another aluminum-built floor jack for you with the strength of a hulk to hoist heavy vehicles like trucks, ATVs, and SUVs without buckling. Aluminum construction gives the strength that the tool needs to lift trucks without actually making the tool weigh like a truck – thanks to its load capacity of 3-tons.

Coming with the dual-pump operation, lifting heavyweight to a maximum height of over 18-inches becomes a matter of a few pumps and minutes. NOS doesn’t compromise on quality and longevity and that’s evident from built-in safety valves – they prevent overloading to extend the unit’s lifespan. Similarly, the safety of the vehicle is also high on its priority list for which it features a rubberized saddle and foam handle cover that keeps your vehicle protected from scratches and dents while undergoing maintenance or repair.

It’s a weapon of choice for many professional mechanics and car enthusiasts mainly because of its extra strength, durability, and torsion control that are provided by thick side plates and sturdy lift arm. To put you further at ease, the handle comes in a two-piece design for easy assemblage while side handles give you easy transportation of the tool. Adding metal wheels to the already easy transportation and you get absolutely hassle-free mobility.

If you’re still not sold on the idea, then perhaps the affordability of the tool will give you that final push required to make up your mind.


  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Thick side plates and reinforced lift arm for extra strength and durability.
  • Dual-pump operation for rapid lifting.
  • Rubberized saddle and bumper pad for vehicle’s protection.


  • Lift pad is prone to wearing.
  • Handle and wheels give trouble after a few uses.

Final Verdict:

Ignoring the few drawbacks will give you a highly durable and sturdy floor jack with dependable performance. Its reliability and affordability make it a valuable option for many serious DIYers and professional mechanics.

9. Eaz-Lift 48830 Scissor Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks & SUVs

Talking about jacks for lifted trucks and SUVs and not mentioning Eaz-Lift’s scissor jack is a sin. As the name suggests this scissor jack knows how to easily support a heavy vehicle like a lifted truck, RV or camper. You’ll no more be subjected to the horror of shaky jack that might give out under heavyweight because this one comes in a heavy-duty rust-proof steel construction to tackle anything within 7500lbs load capacity. Its compact design gives you peace of mind because of easy storage and positioning even in confined spaces.

Without spending hundreds of bucks, you get a tool that gives you a breezy installation – requires either weld-on or bolt-on installation – and reliable operation on every use. It will swiftly lift and stabilize any vehicle with its sturdy base and expanding range of 4” to 24”. Another significant advantage is that it comes in a set of two i.e. a scissor jack and jack socket for power drilling when needed.

Even more impressive is the flexibility that enables it to be used on pop-ups and trailers as well. Meaning, you’ll not have to spend extra money on different jacks for different vehicles. This one affordable investment will fully arm you to deal with any issue thrown your way.


  • Long-lasting, durable and compact.
  • 7500lbs weight capacity can handle any heavy vehicle.
  • Adjustable height with expanding range of 4” to 24”.
  • Highly stable due to sturdy base.


  • Installation is easy only if followed instructions closely.
  • Requires more torque to get maximum weight on the jack for stabilizing trailer.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a highly durable and functional scissor jack that can effortlessly support and stabilize any heavy vehicle and quickly lift it to an ideal height, then this model is the perfect option.

10. COOKE Pro Eagle 3-Ton Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks & SUVs

There’s no better way to wrap up the discussion than with this powerful monster. This “Kratos” off-road jack is the perfect solution to lifting high clearance off-road vehicles including race trucks and other extreme vehicles. The tool comes in heavy-duty durable construction – which makes it into a bulky piece of equipment – to hold up 3-tons of load without flexing even in the toughest off-road racing conditions.

There’s nothing ordinary about this beast and that’s proven from its full 28” of lifting range. More impressive is its extra 8” extension with a rubber pad which not only enables you to adjust the height to correspond with high lift and extreme vehicles but at the same time keep the vehicle securely lifted while giving you wide room to slide underneath and work.

Another extraordinary feature is its large pneumatic wheels with sealed ball bearings which allow the unit to be easily rolled through sand, over rock, pebbled floor or any gravely surface. It’s pricey, but this long-term investment will solve all your heavy lifting problems for many years to come.


  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Specifically designed for high lift off road vehicles.
  • 28” of lift range with the 3-tons weight capacity.
  • Adjustable extension with rubber grip pad.
  • Large pneumatic wheels for snag-free mobility on sand/dirt or pebbled surface.


  • Heavy and Bulky.

Final Verdict:

This is a pricey and bulky jack that has the strength of a monster to easily hoist high lift vehicles including race trucks and ATVs to an ideal height for easy repair. The tool has large wheels with ball bearings to give maximum durability and mobility to the unit in dusty/sandy race conditions.

Buying Guide: Buy the Best Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks & SUVs in 2023!

There are certain aspects that you need to know beforehand to make sure you end up with a reliable floor jack for lifted trucks and SUVs rather than a showoff model. Keep in mind the following factors to get the best product for your needs.

  • Weight Capacity:

Most high lift vehicles like lifted trucks don’t weigh more than 5 tons. Therefore, keeping in mind the size and heaviness of your truck or SUV, you should look for a jack that can handle at least two tons or more weight with ease. This means the jacks on the list are adequate to hoist high lift vehicles without buckling.

  • Clearance & Lifting Height:

Clearance height and lifting height are two different terms and knowing the difference between the two will prevent you from making a wrong purchase. Clearance height is the height of the jack in its original state – when it’s not fully extended. You should know the height of your vehicle from the ground to make sure that the jack you’re about to purchase will easily get under it.

Lifting height, on the other hand, is the maximum lifting point that a jack can reach when raising a vehicle in the air. For lifted trucks and SUVs, floor jacks with 18”-20” or above lifting range are ideal as they give you wide room to easily crawl under the vehicle and work freely.

  • Build Material:

It’s necessary to make sure the material your jack is made from has enough strength to easily endure the weight of your lifted truck or SUV. Most jacks come in steel or cast iron construction. They are heavy, strong, and low-costing, but also prone to rust and corrosion. Aluminum-constructed models are much lighter in weight and also rust-proof. However, they are also expensive alternate.

  • Lifting Speed:

Lifting a heavyweight with a floor jack or any jack is a painstakingly slow job. A lot of pumping and huffing puffing is involved in the task unless you’re working with an electric hydraulic floor jack. It’s always in your best interest to pick a model that offers rapid lifting service with less pumping and effort to reach maximum height.

  • Safety Features:

Working with heavyweight isn’t a child’s play. You don’t want to get crushed under heavyweight which is more likely to happen if your floor jack is flimsy or doesn’t come with safety features. Look for a model that has incorporated overload protection valves and a safety-lock feature that keeps the jack steady in a lifted position while you’re working – preventing the unit from accidentally falling back to the ground and crushing you in the process.


Now that you’ve gone through all the nitty-gritty details about floor jacks for high lift vehicles, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from a floor jack to make it suitable for lifted trucks and SUVs. You need to be extra careful while making the purchase to steer clear of faulty units. The buyer’s guide helps you in this regard. Once you’ve considered all the factors, your chances of ending up with a model best for the job increase significantly.

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