7 Best Hydraulic Jack- Top Rated Picks of 2023 Reviewed

Best Hydraulic Jack

Having the best hydraulic jack isn’t just another must-have tool in your garage or car trunk.

It’s a lifesaver because it can allow you easy access to tricky areas of your vehicle when you’re faced with repair and maintenance work like replacing your vehicle’s brake lines or tires.

Such repair services call for lifting the vehicle up in the air enough for you to easily slide underneath it and get the job done. That’s only possible if you transform into a giant to lift heavy load with a snap of your finger.

Since that can’t happen so you have to rely on a reliable hydraulic jack for the lifting job.

Whether you’ve an air hydraulic jack or its electric counterpart, both can hoist the heaviest amount of load to a considerable height with ease due to tough construction and high load capacity. They also employ safety features to make sure neither you nor your unit bleeds during heavy lifting.

7 Best Hydraulic Jack Reviews in 2023

Since we know how vexing it can be to find a hydraulic jack that actually works the talk, therefore, we’ve put together a list of some highly acclaimed models with all their strengths and weaknesses to let you figure out which one suits your needs. Buying guide at the bottom will further help you narrow down your search to that one specific model that’s at par with your needs.

1.   Big Red TA92006 Torin Hydraulic Bottle Jack

As the name suggests, it’s “BIG” like a hulk with only difference of colour. It’s affordable. That’s not strange. The real astonishing factor is the deliverance of premium-grade construction with overload protection without letting the price soar high. Heavy duty built with broad base makes it an ideal lifting weapon to handle a whopping weight of 20-tons. We’re talking about heavy-duty machinery, bulky construction equipment, farm vehicles, and any other such extremely heavy load. It’s all a game for this powerful beast.

What actually makes it top the rankings is its fluid lifting ability. Jacking up such massive weight as quickly and easily as if you swished a magic wand allows it to outshine some big names in the hydraulic jacks’ field. It gives you dual option of lifting weight manually or with pneumatic pressure – for which it features a 4-ft air hose. It offers a lifting range of 10-7/16” to 20- 1/16” and air pressure range of 100-175 PSI. The real charm is that a simple push-button trigger puts you in full control of the jacking speed to lessen the lifting time. However, it’s quite noisy which is expected as it is air-powered.

Hydraulic jacks make lifting easy but more than often we hear complaints about leakage. Another reason why this model is a winner is its polished and chromed cylinder rams with seals that eliminate any possibility of leakage, in return giving you leak-proof efficient performance every time. The fact that it adheres to ASME/PASD standards and is backed by 1-year warranty further assure you that it’s a solid deal.


  • High-quality build in affordable price.
  • Ideal for heavy-duty commercial use.
  • Load capacity of 20-tons.
  • Manual and pneumatic operation.
  • Speed control trigger.
  • Chromed cylinder rams for leak-proof operation.


  • Heavy and big.

Bottom Line:

This air hydraulic jack is a bulky and heavy piece of equipment with high load capacity to tackle heavy lifting in commercial use. Its heavy and noisy but that’s a small price to pay for long-lasting efficient performance.

2.   Pro-Lift B-S20D Hydraulic Jack

This is another highly powerful and durable hydraulic jack for your consideration. Like our top pick, Big Red by Torin, this one also has a maximum load capacity of 20-tons. Meaning, it can be a great option for auto and truck services, or for farm and workshop use. However, due to its short size and limited lift range of 6.5-inches to 11-inches, it came runner-up on our list. This shorty model with a handle is also a blessing in disguise as it can be easily carried to anywhere it’s needed, not to mention stored without difficulty.

To put you at ease, it features an extension screw to let you accommodate height for convenient working. Furthermore, there’s isn’t any compromise on build quality despite the cut in price. The tool comes with heat-treated crucial stress areas to give it ironclad durability to ensure the tool doesn’t give out under heavy load. Another compelling factor is its steel lifting saddle that’s robustly engineered to hold the weight securely. So, you can let go of the fear because there’s no chance that you’ll be working with shaky tool.

Moreover, built-in bypass mechanism doesn’t let the ram to exceed its limit – guaranteeing you long-lasting efficient performance without bleeding. In the end, it adheres to ANSI/PALD standards so theirs is no doubt about its solid built and performance.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • 20-tons load capacity.
  • Extension screw for adjusting working height.
  • Heat-treated parts.


  • Short lifting range.
  • Leaks sometimes.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a highly durable and robust hydraulic jack that comes in affordable price and yet has high load capacity to tackle commercial and residential usage with equal efficiency, then this model is a safe choice.

3.   Pro-Lift F-2315PE Hydraulic Trolley Jack

The tool is grey but there’s nothing grey or dubious about its quality and performance mainly because it’s manufactured by well-known Pro-Lift. Like its namesake, this is another phenomenal hydraulic jack that’s “Pro” at “Lifting” heavy weight of 3000lbs.

Thanks to its welded steel construction with rust-proof ability, the tool can endure some serious abuse and rigorous use and yet not fall apart. More incredible is the fact that it comes with a durable mold case for securely keeping it out of harm’s way for later use. Simply means, it’s here to offer services for many years to come. However, a serious caveat is that despite tough built, this isn’t suitable for commercial use. As far as residential use is concerned, it will work like a champion.

It’s a go-to option of serious DIYers and car enthusiasts because like pro at lifting it’s also a pro at delivering comfort throughout operation. Its trolley-shaped design along with large swiveling casters and sturdy handle allow you to easily maneuver and position it. It sports a lifting range of 5.25”to 11” which means you’ll have to struggle getting it under a vehicle in case of a flat tire. However, by removing the front wheels of the trolley, you’ll be good to get it under low-clearance vehicles. In all, if you consider the reasonable price, the tool actually offers quite a bang for the bucks.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Welded construction to withstand 3-tons of weight.
  • Large swiveling casters and handle offer easy maneuvering and positioning.
  • Rugged mold case for storing the tool.


  • Trouble getting under a vehicle with flat tire.
  • Not suitable for commercial use.

Bottom Line:

Acquiring this durable and affordable hydraulic jack for home garage will be a wise choice for those car enthusiasts who prefer to do repair and maintenance jobs of their vehicles on their own.

4.   Tooluxe 31010L Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

A jack by Tooluxe is treat for sore eyes. This isn’t an exaggeratory remark or faulty advertisement, rather it’s a promise. Tooluxe doesn’t compromise on quality or performance and that’s what this hydraulic jack is highlighting. In a price that’s not outrageously high, you get a heavy-duty tool that can endure tough commercial and home use without falling apart.

Its sturdy steel construction with welded parts offer the durability that you’ve been longing for to withstand 20-tons of load. Meaning, from a small vehicle like a bike to a bulky one like large truck or SUV, the tool has got the strength to lift it easily. More incredible is its low profile structure which offers lifting range of 10 ¼” to 20”. This means you’ve a weapon that can fluidly slide under any vehicle and lift for easy repair.

Despite the heavy-duty beefy construction, the tool is impressively portable and compact to easily fit in tight spaces. Adding sturdy handle to the equation gives you smooth grip for easy positioning and carrying wherever needed.

As the name suggests, its air hydraulic jack which means all it takes is a reliable air compressor to connect the tool for receiving the power required to lift massive weight in seconds. There’s no need to spend extra bucks on an air compressor because the tool can lift weight manually too in case you don’t have any air compressor already stored in garage. Its 2-piece detachable handle will do the manual lifting for you.


  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Maximum load capacity of 20-tons.
  • Low-profile design with lifting range of 10 ¼” to 20”.
  • Ideal for rigorous commercial and home use.
  • Air hydraulic system as well as manual lifting with detachable handle.


  • Troublesome pumping with heavier objects.
  • Occasional loss of hydraulic fluid.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a highly durable and flexible hydraulic jack that doesn’t cost a fortune yet gives phenomenal performance in both commercial and residential use, then this unit is worth every penny. Its high lift capacity gives the tool enough versatility to handle nearly all kinds of vehicles with ease.

5.   MarchInn 3.0T Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack 3-in-1 Set

This floor jack is by a less famous brand but it has secure a place among high-end famous models because of its reliability and versatility. You can call this tool a portable auto repair shop or a jack of all trades as it’s containing a floor jack, an impact wrench and a tire inflator in a single storage box. In other words, it’s a perfect companion for roadside emergencies.

Its electric hydraulic system turns tedious weight lifting into a matter of simple plug and play. Just connect the tool to 12V cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle and it will lift the vehicle in a flash. Wrench will let you remove the screws and tire inflator will bring back your flat tire to its original condition in seconds.

Despite its small size, the tool possesses the strength in a well-structured frame to stably lift up to 6600lbs weight – suitable for a wide range of vehicles. There will be no harm caused to your unit as the jack will stop working once it attains the maximum height. Also, it’s perfectly safe for you to slide underneath the raised vehicle and get the job done as self-locking feature and safety unloading knobs prevent the jack from falling down even when it’s powered off. The tool will remain in extended position as long as you don’t instruct it to come down.

Another noteworthy addition is the built-in LED lamp – functioning as a flashlight in case you’re stuck with a nighttime emergency situation on a deserted road. In all, it’s a one-man army fully equipped to deal with any outdoor emergency.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Floor jack, impact wrench and tire inflator in a single storage box.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 6600lbs.
  • Self-locking feature and safety unloading knob to prevent accidental falling of the jack.
  • Built-in flashlight for nighttime emergency.


  • Jack gives trouble when coming down.
  • Not compatible with high lift vehicles.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a highly powerful, durable and versatile floor jack that can meet multiple jobs’ demands including weight lifting, then this 3-in-1 set is a perfect option for you. In an affordable price, it gives all the weapons required to handle any outdoor emergency situation.

6.   ATD Tools 7387 Short Hydraulic Jack

This stubby hydraulic bottle jack by ATD Tools is answer to all your weight lifting needs because of its well-structured design. Its high-quality beefy construction can carry out any heavy lifting job within 20-tons weight capacity.

It’s lifting range of 6-1/2” to 11-1/4” isn’t the most ideal one, but you don’t have to gripe much as it comes with a screw extension of over 1.5-inch and a lifting saddle of 2-inches. Meaning, you’ll have a pretty decent height adjustment to work conveniently. However, you should be aware of the fact that the tool works best only in vertical position.

It’s completely safe and easy to use, courtesy of built-in bypass mechanism, heat-treated stress areas and two or three piece handles set. All of these combine together to give you a long-lasting tool with dependable performance. You can get benefitted from this impeccable craftsmanship anywhere anytime as the compact size provides trouble-free storage in garage or car trunk.

To help you fully makeup your mind, it comes in a fairly reasonable price and adheres to ASME/PALD safety regulations.


  • Strong and compact.
  • Stubby structure is ideal for low-clearance vehicles.
  • Can handle a total of 20-tons weight.
  • Extension screw for height adjustment.
  • Safe and convenient operation.


  • Doesn’t work well in horizontal position.
  • Requires a lot force to retract the tool.

Bottom Line:

This shorty hydraulic jack comes in a strong and sturdy construction without crossing the affordability threshold and can lift a humongous amount of weight effortlessly. It’s a perfect option for serious DIYers and mechanics as the quality built can withstand a lot of abuse and yet work like a charm for many years.

7.   LiftMaster Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack

If you want to know how a name says it all, then take a look at this floor jack. Like its name, it’s a “Master” at lifting a weight of 2-tons without buckling – making it a perfect weapon for small to midsize vehicles. Its heavy duty construction can endure wear and tear and serious abuse and yet the tool won’t break apart, unless sledgehammered.

More admirable is its compact size despite of beefy construction to let you easily accommodate it in your vehicle’s trunk for roadside emergencies or inside a small garage for residential use. In addition, with a lift range of 5” to 13” and low-profile structure, this unit comes in handy to deal with low-clearance vehicles or simple repair like replacing a flat tire.

Its trolley-shaped design along with robust rollers and wheels and a handle attempt at giving user easy positioning and maneuverability. Besides, the integration of sturdy stands empowers the unit to retain its stability while lifting the vehicle to maximum height. However, some users have complained that it gets shaky upon reaching the highest lifting range.

All in all, for reasonable price it offers a lot of durability, reliability and convenience – making it very hard to neglect it.


  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • 2-tons weight capacity makes it compatible with small to midsized vehicles.
  • Low-clearance structure with 5-13 inches lift range.
  • Easy to maneuver and carry around.


  • Starts wobbling on maximum height.
  • Not suitable for heavy duty commercial use.

Bottom Line:

This hydraulic floor jack is an ideal choice for those on-budget car enthusiasts who want a heavy duty tool with decent lifting capacity to empower them to perform repair and maintenance jobs on their vehicles at home.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Hydraulic Jack in 2023?

Like any other product, hydraulic jacks also have some specifications that call for extra attention. Taking into consideration those key areas will allow you to find a model best suited for your needs. Go through this buyer’s guide to become aware of the essential aspects that will help you make the most informed decision.

Weight Capacity:

It doesn’t need rocket science to know that not all hydraulic jacks are compatible with every type of vehicle. Different vehicles have different weight lifting needs. For instant, a 2-ton weight capacity jack will be best for owner of a sedan or a minivan. However, if you’ve to deal with large vehicles like trucks and SUVs, go for a model with 3-tons or above load capacity. Similarly, if you’ve heavy duty commercial use in mind, then a model with exceptional load capacity of 20-tons or above is going to be a perfect addition to your armory.

Lifting Range:

This factor largely depends on your vehicle’s type. Ground clearance of your vehicle will determine which model of hydraulic jack will do the job for you. For a low clearance vehicle, a jack with low-profile structure and low minimum lift range of around 4-inches will be the best option.


This feature needs extra attention as all your weight lifting job hinges upon the material of the jack. A high-quality construction tool gives you the strength and durability needed to easily hoist the heavy load for as long as the job demands. Durable steel or aluminum construction ensures the tool doesn’t give out under pressure even after rigorous use. Models with heat-treated vital areas add extra strength, durability and longevity to the tool.

Besides, hydraulic jacks have a disadvantage of bleeding after a few uses. Pick a model that comes with chromed hydraulic ram, fully enclosed hydraulic system or a safety feature for preventing the ram over-travel to give you leak-proof smooth operation.

Other Factors:

There are some secondary factors as well that equally play a huge part in provision of convenient operation. For instance, look for a model that comes with overload protection, safety-lock features and rubberized saddle pad to make sure you, your unit and vehicle stay out of harm’s way during lifting. You also need to pay attention to the handle and wheels of a unit to make sure it doesn’t give you hassle while carrying and maneuvering the unit around during work.


This article has given you all the nitty-gritty detail about what a best hydraulic jack should entail to make sure you don’t end up disappointed with your purchase. Depending on your vehicle and weight lifting needs, you can pick a model that appeals you the most. Buyer’s guide in the end further helps in answering all your queries to let you make a wise choice.

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