Daytona 3 ton Floor Jack Review 2023 – Specs, Pros & Cons!

Daytona 3 ton Floor Jack Review

Daytona floor jack is the best value for money floor jack! Come again? You heard us right. A tool that lies neck-and-neck with reputable pieces like Pittsburgh Automotive and Arcan XL2T, despite a price that barely puts a dent in your pocket, can be nothing short of best and craftsmanship genius. 

Some other reasons are also at play here that allow this less-known piece of equipment to appear high on the radar of passionate DIYers and seasoned mechanics alike.

We are going to peel layer after layer of its composition in the review below to lay all its strengths and weaknesses bare for your assessment. All in all, Dayton 3-Ton Floor Jack is a great buy for you if your primary concern is the acquisition of a well-built, feature-loaded floor jack with higher load capacity at a competitive price.

I think you have got a fair idea of what to expect. Before you lose patience, we will let you dig in to get an elaborate picture of the device. 

What Makes Daytona 3 ton Floor Jack Standout?

Daytona Floor Jack is a diamond in the rough because of its superior quality at a relatively affordable price. The tool is giving tough competition to some high-end devices with its smooth, rapid and risk-free load-raising and descending process.

Our Daytona 3 ton Floor Jack Overview

Daytona 3 ton Floor JackThis floor jack is not as famous as Pittsburgh Automotive and Arcan XL2T, but the tool has got looks and bells and whistles to give these elite opponents a run for their money. Its super duty steel construction evokes a love-hate relationship in users. You love it for its resilience and strength to come through the tough garage application during your DIY rendezvous. But, you will hate it when it’s time to move it around because all the beefiness makes it weigh like an elephant. However, the rugged wheels and swiveling casters allow it to glide smoothly even over rough cemented surfaces. 

As for the actual lifting game, the unit is a shocker. It can bear a total of 3-ton weight and offers a lifting range of 3¾” to 23”. Do you get the point? Suvs, cars, trucks, wranglers or low-clearance vehicles, the unit is good with all. 

Where it completely knocks out both its peers and the users is its faster lifting process. 

Unlike other floor jacks, this one requires only a few strokes to ascend to maximum height, courtesy of a hydraulic pumping with dual-parallel pump technology. More impressively, the integration of a special magnetic filtration in its hydraulic pumping mechanism not only permits smooth pumping by drawing away contaminants but also promises easy maintenance and longer pump life.

Even more fortunate is that its handle is retractable and employs a rubber sleeve to promote a smooth grip while protecting it from scratches throughout the work session.

In short, if you require a premium-like-quality, low-profile floor jack with fair pricing, then buying Daytona 3-ton floor jack will be one of your best decisions.

Construction & Design

Daytona Floor Jack is making huge upsets in the market due to its steel construction at relatively fair pricing. This beefy, brawny, brute has the potential to withstand a 3-ton load so that covers almost all types of vehicles including cars, SUVs and trucks

Moreover, its classic yellow finish with a low-profile design is another admirable aspect. The said close-to-the-ground built expands its functionality to low-clearance autos as well. However, this beefiness is upsetting at the same time for it makes the unit weigh like a mountain, limiting its portability.

Hydraulic Pump

The hydraulic pumping mechanism is the highlight of the entire construction because it is supplemented with built-in magnetic filtration and dual-parallel pump technology. In simpler terms, this means that it will take you merely 3-4 strokes to reach a maximum elevation point of 23” while the internal filtration will draw contaminants away to allow a smooth pumping process, not to mention enhance the pump’s life.

The descending motion is equally effortless and risk-free because of the universal release joint. It enables you to control and command the descend of the unit to eliminate the free-falling-like contraction of the unit to the ground.


Despite weighing like an elephant, the unit gracefully rolls over any surface, be it an uneven cemented floor, gravely road or a driveway. It is made possible because of a pair of robust wheels and swiveling rear casters.

Other Features

The unit also has a built-in bypass valve and a limiter to avoid overloading – which indirectly increases its lifespan. Besides, it also has a retractable handle complemented by a rubber sleeve to offer a firm grasp and avoid ugly markings. This splitting quality of the handle also helps in carrying and storage of the device.


  • Heavy-duty construction with a classic finish.
  • Hydraulic pump mechanism coupled with dual-parallel pump technology for effortless and speedy lifting.
  • Internal magnetic filtration promises longer pump life and a smooth pumping process.
  • 3-ton capacity.
  • Lifting height range is 3¾” to 23”. 
  • Low-profile design brings more versatility.
  • Fair pricing with a 3-years warranty.


  • Very beefy.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty professional use.

Why Should You Buy Daytona 3 ton Floor Jack?

Daytona 3-ton Floor Jack is worth buying because this device gives you a taste of deluxe-like quality construction without the distressing steeple price.

Secondly, the low-profile design of the article along with remarkable lifting range and effortless rising action means the beast will lift almost any vehicle with ease.

Final Thought

Daytona floor jack has garnered immense appreciation and high ratings because of the great value it offers. The tool resembles high-end models due to its brute-like construction and strength despite the relatively lower pricing. Moreover, the inclusion of cutting-edge features in a slim-profile design allows you to experience excellent performance even in challenging situations. Coming towards the conclusion, this 3-ton floor jack is the right option to buy if you are hunting for a well-structured, high-performing device at the right price for occasional garage applications. Its 3-years warranty further assures you of its reliability.

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