Are Daytona Floor Jacks Good

Are Daytona Floor Jacks GoodDaytona is a name which you will hear quite often when you search for the best floor jacks. However, there is a difference between the brand claiming their product to be the best, and the machine actually being the best. So the question remains, ‘are Daytona floor jacks good’?

To be precise, yes these floor jacks are good. They are not at the top of the floor jack hierarchy for their flashy and gleaming designs. These floor jacks come with many amazing features and perks that ensure the users get to have the best experience of their lives.

When you are looking for floor jacks, you will see quite big names Daytona included, but that does not mean you should trust them blindly. You need to conduct pepper research, and for your ease, I have made a list of reasons that make a Daytona floor jack good. So, if you are looking to make a long-term investment, I’d suggest you read the article below carefully.

Are Daytona Floor Jacks Good?

Yes, Daytona floor jacks are as good as the brand claims. The factors below shed light on what makes these floor jacks good.

Are Daytona Floor Jacks Worth The Money?

Yes, the floor jacks that come with the tag of Daytona are some of the very few models that I can vouch for. From the information that I have gathered, these floor jacks are worth each penny spent on them. Whether you are a beginner, or an expert level user, these floor jacks are a great fit for all.

What Makes Daytona Floor Jacks Good?

Daytona floor jacks are not the top selling product of the company for no reason. There are many perks present in their models that make them worth the investment. The following points are some of the major things that make these floor jacks good.

Solid Construction

The major factor which makes a model of floor jack either the best investment of a person’s life or garbage is its construction. As a floor jack is bound to be used for multiple heavy-duty tasks, the body of the machine needs to be built from high-quality materials. This is the first pro of Daytona floor jacks. The company manufactures their models with none other than high-grade steel. Every part of the floor jacks comes with steel construction; therefore, the machine is highly durable. This also gives the floor jacks a longer lifespan. The cherry on top is that Daytona also adds powder coating on top of the steel construction. Thanks to this coating, the durability level of the machine skyrockets. So, even if a person uses a Daytona floor jack on a daily basis, the machine will hold its ground.

Smooth Lowering Action

After years of usage, I judge a floor jack based on its lowering action. You can use any model to lift a vehicle, but lowering it back to the ground gently is something most models fail at. I was surprised to find out that this is not the case with Daytona floor jacks. They make sure to incorporate smooth lowering action into every model of their floor jacks. So, the users can lower their vehicles without the floor jack getting stuck. In fact, they will also not encounter abrupt lowering which damages the vehicles as well as the floor jack.

Reasonable Price Range

Another compelling factor that makes Daytona floor jacks stand apart from the rest of the models is their meagre price range. When you compare the price of Daytona floor jacks with other models, it is significantly low. The best part is that even at a low price, their models are no less than the high-end ones in the market.

Other Details

The major features of a floor jack make it a good investment, but the smaller details are the real game changers. The fact that Daytona pays so much attention to even the minute details when it comes to their floor jacks speaks volumes about the quality of their products. Whether it is a soft layer of rubber occupying the handle, or the padding on the lifting surface, Daytona pays close attention to everything. A great feature of their floor jacks is that they come with small ports present on multiple spots all over the machine. These spots allow the users to add grease to the floor jacks so they operate smoothly. Furthermore, most models of Daytona floor jacks also come with the handle in 2 parts to let the user work in cramped spots. It is this type of attention to detail that lured me to their floor jacks.


Daytona floor jacks have created quite a stir in the market, which has led people to question whether their products are worth the money on just another scam. Lucky for you, the article above answers every question a person might have regarding the quality of Daytona floor jacks.

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