Arcan XL20 Review in 2023- Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack

Arcan XL20 Review

Arcan XL20 is garnering immense attention from weekend warriors and passionate DIYers for reasons that have less to do with the insignia it is bearing and more to do with the tricks it is hiding up its sleeves.

In this review, we have attempted to reveal all those surprises that are helping it earn top ratings.

This floor jack is often placed amongst the best low-profile floor jacks for its rugged steel construction regardless of carrying a budget-friendly price tag. The tool can raise a 2-ton of weight rapidly and effortlessly.

Another factor that further stokes its popularity flames is the space-efficient, compact design and safety-induced operating mechanism. There are very few units that permit you to raise a vehicle to an ideal maintenance height as swiftly as this one and then bring it down with equal swiftness.

With that being said, if you’re a DIY fanatic looking for a reliable 2-ton floor jack for your occasional auto tinkering in a home garage, Arcan XL20 is undoubtedly the best option to buy. 

What Makes Arcan XL20 Standout?

The compact and sleek appearance of Arcan XL20 entailing a decent lifting range in a low-profile design for versatility grants it an edge over its rivals. Plus, the tool houses a solid built along with safety features and user-friendly controls, despite the economical price, to make it a delightful addition to a DIYer’s den.

Our Arcan XL20 Review!

Arcan XL20  Black Low Profile Steel Service JackArcan XL20 reeks of top-notch-like quality, and the budget-conscious price makes it more enticing. The tough steel construction with sleek finishing changes your opinion about budgeted products as this one is made to last. 

Its space-saving low profile coupled with lighter weight make it an approachable option for those weekend warriors and DIYers who have to work in a smaller work den. Also, this compact structure is appreciated more for its ability to get under low-clearance vehicles like sports cars.

Besides, it has the strength to support a 2-ton of load without flinching, so your vehicle, whether it’s a small sedan or a sizeable truck, will be in safe hands quite literally.

Speaking further about safety, surprisingly, the unit comes with built-in safety and bypass valves to ensure you don’t inadvertently force it beyond stipulated weight capacity to cause damage to the unit. Hence, assuring its longer lifespan. 

Moreover, if you’re a person who dislikes working at a slack pace, you will love the incorporation of a dual pump piston. The said engineering will leave you surprised with how quickly and effortlessly it raises a vehicle in the air. Furthermore, the presence of universal joint release allows you to control the elevation and descend of the unit and the raised vehicle respectively – no unpleasant surprise crashing.

It is for these reasons that this particular floor jack ranks high among the top contenders. So, when someone asks us for at least one name among the best 2-ton floor jacks in the low-profile category, without further ado we recommend Arcan XL20.

Compact Construction

Arcan XL20 is a combination of contradictions. The tool has heavy-duty steel built to support a sizeable load of 2 ton without crumbling apart. Yet, it has a compact frame coupled with a low-profile design to be easily accommodated in small spaces for storage or sneaked under lowered vehicles for lifting. However, it is quite a heavy piece of equipment, for which its rock-solid steel built is to be blamed. This implies that carrying it around will not be a walk in the park. 

Double Pump Mechanism

Arcan XL20 has an ulterior motive of saving you time and relieving you of exerting extra effort, a part of the equation in usual circumstances when elevating a vehicle in the air. Hail to its double pump mechanism, you can effortlessly raise your car to a maximum height of 18.5” in a snap – minus the unpleasant huffing and puffing and grunting. Besides, the tool collapses to a minimum height of 3.5”, making it a breeze to roll it under dropped vehicles like a sports car without encountering any hindrance during the process. 

Once again, you will be amazed at how much precision it allows you to exercise while controlling the motion of the jack, be it its ascension or descend. It is made possible through the employment of a universal release joint and padded handle.

Safety Valves

This is undoubtedly the most vital feature and admirable feature of this floor jack. The machine employs a safety valve to prevent overloading that could otherwise damage your tool and endanger your and your car’s life, in the process. Due to this thoughtful engineering, the tool remains in a workable condition for a longer period.


  • Tough steel built.
  • Compact and low-profile frame.
  • Capable of holding 2-ton of load.
  • Double piston pump for rapid and effortless lifting.
  • In-built safety valves prevent over-pumping to avert damage.
  • The universal joint release offers precise control.
  • Pocket-friendly. 


  • Not recommended for intense use in a professional workshop.
  • Quite heavier as compared to a standard scissor jack.
  • Limited weight capacity isn’t suitable for heavy-duty vehicles.

Why Should You Purchase Arcan XL20?

This floor jack has got a heavy-duty construction loaded with lots of control and a slim profile that easily fits under lowered cars. Moreover, the tool features a double pump system along with a built-in safety valve and a universal joint release to help you effortlessly raise or lower the loaded unit without any unpleasant accident.

Final Verdict

Arcan XL20 floor jack comes with a rugged structure to help you cater to your occasional DIY mechanical needs without breaking the bank. Despite the compact and low-profile structure, the bulkiness of the unit might pose a challenge, but its ability to handle 2-ton of weight with ease compensates for the nuisance. Besides, the quick and safe lifting process makes it a reliable and user-friendly backup for a weekend warrior’s garage. In conclusion, Arcan XL20 is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a well-built low-profile floor jack with a 2-ton weight capacity at an affordable price.

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