What is a scissor jack

What is a scissor jackCertain unexpected events always accompany a road trip. However, only a few know how to tackle the situation efficiently. On the contrary, others fail to comprehend the situation and act accordingly. Breaking down a car or vehicle is the most common problem on most road trips.

In many circumstances, people don’t have access to professionals for help. As a result, they have to deal with it on their own. However, they certainly need some equipment and tools for amending the defects. Among them, the most useful one is the scissor jack.

Scissor jack: A brief overview

A Scissor jack is a vehicle lifting equipment. This robust tool can lift the vehicle considerably for repairing purposes. Like other tools, it provides sufficient power to uphold the vehicle for a long time. As the name suggests, this instrument work on the exact mechanism of a scissor. It consists of diagonally arranged metal pieces. These metal strips contract and relaxes like a scissor.


These scissor jacks are easy to handle due to their swift contractile motions. Many experts use a scissor jack for maintenance and repair. However, it is also available as an electronic scissor jack. This electrical-powered device helps in accomplishing heavy-duty tasks. However, these manually operating scissor jack is small and compact and can fit easily in the car’s trunk.

Types of scissor jack

A person should know the scissor jack’s utility and application before buying it. Hence, he needs to understand its types and categories to get a clear understanding. The scissor jack is broadly classified into two main categories, which are;

Electronic scissor jack

An electronic scissor jack requires an electrical connection for its work. Many vehicle services centers have this equipment to produce an adequate force. Different automobile workshops utilize the electronic scissor jack for repairing or recognizing the defect.


Hence, many professionals use electronic scission jack for inspecting or scrutinizing vehicles. Most probably, these are necessary for accomplishing complex and complicated procedures.

Manual jacks

It is the most commonly used equipment. People often use it to repair minor defects in their vehicles. Moreover, its compact shape accommodates it anywhere. This way, you can even carry it while going on a road trip.


What makes it user-friendly is its lightweight design. Moreover, you can efficiently operate it without making an extra effort. This way, even during a flat tire, you can replace the tire using the scissor jack.


This scissor jack helps to lift one side of the vehicle. This way, if you want to lift the left side, place it below that particular lifting spot. Hence, it helps you to either replace the tire or look for any defect.

How to use the scissor jack?

It’s not a matter of contention to use the scissor jack. By following the instructions, you can easily uplift the vehicle. Whether using a manual or electronic scissor jack, it is easy to operate without putting extra exertion. The diagonally arranged metal strips present a criss-cross pattern. This arrangement provides adequate power to accomplish this task.


This apparatus consists of a pneumatic cylinder. It also has a piston attached to it. When a person exerts force, it pushes the cylinder. The air-filled cylinder, in return, pushed the piston. That piston eventually uplifts the vehicle. A person has to apply force on the lever with a manual scissor jack. That lever is a carrier of energy that transfers the force to its different compartments.


On the contrary, the electronic scissor jack gets the vital force from the power supply. This way, plugging in the device can automatically generate enough power to lift the vehicle. Hence, place the scissor jack at the point of interest. Then starts pushing the lever or plugging in the power supply. This way, it will lift the desired site for repairing or maintenance after a few minutes.


A scissor jack is a valuable tool for every automobile rider. It provides adequate power to raise the vehicle at a certain height. This way, you can easily change the tire or amend minor defects. Consequently, it saves your time and money to seek help from experts. Therefore, always carry the scissor jack while starting a road trip.


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