What Is Pneumatic Floor Jack

Stumbling upon a pneumatic floor jack amidst your search for a suitable model of floor jack often confuses individuals. They can not decide whether a pneumatic model will be good for their vehicle and projects or not. 


This confusion can be cleared very easily if you find out what is a pneumatic floor jack. When you have detailed information regarding the functionality of a pneumatic floor jack, then the question of whether the model will be good or not no longer arises. 


Therefore, instead of spending your money based on a hunch, or a recommendation, find out what is a pneumatic floor jack and then decide whether you need it or not. The article below will enlighten you about these floor jacks as well as their benefits. Not to mention, you will also find a couple of best picks, in case you need more push. 

What Is Pneumatic Floor Jack?

The facts listed below will provide you with a detailed answer on what is a pneumatic floor jack. 

Pneumatic Floor Jack 

Before we get into technical details, let’s talk about what is a pneumatic floor jack in layman’s terms. A pneumatic floor jack is a machine which runs on compressed air. With the help of the pressure from the compressed air, the jack lifts and raises heavy machines and vehicles. It comes with airbags that are deflated when the machine is not in use or is being positioned. Once the positioning is done, the owner can start pumping the small lever present near the back end and the airbags will start inflating. As they keep inflating, the machine or the vehicle that is above the saddle will start lifting. The more the owner pumps the lever, the higher the vehicle will go, till the pneumatic floor jack reaches its maximum lifting capacity. Once done, pressing another lever will start releasing the compressed air. The bags will deflate and the vehicle will be brought back to the safety of the ground. 

Benefits Of A Pneumatic Floor Jack

The major benefit of a pneumatic floor jack is that they are quite easy to operate as well as maintain. There is less fuss about floor jack oil, as it only requires a very small amount of oil. The machine takes air from the atmosphere which then goes through a filter to eliminate water particles. Once the job is done, deflating the airbags is no hassle. Furthermore, these models of floor jacks also do not occupy as much space as hydraulic floor jacks. Not to mention, the lifting height capacity of a pneumatic floor jack is higher than a hydraulic floor jack. 

Best Models Of Pneumatic Floor Jacks 

Now that you are aware of what a pneumatic floor jack is, and its benefits, it is high time for you to know about the best models in the market. No matter how good a machine is, it is unwise to spend money on the first model you spot. Following are some of the best pneumatic floor jacks that I have heard about. 

Bestauto Pneumatic Jack 5 Ton

As the name of the model indicates, this is a 5-ton pneumatic floor jack. Therefore, the total capacity of the machine is 11000 lbs. When you combine that with its alloy steel frame, this model is ideal for heavy lifting jobs, and for larger trucks. It offers a maximum lifting height of 16 inches. The robust wheels are a cherry on top making it perfect for off-terrian usage.  

VEVOR Quick Lift 3T Pneumatic Jack 

The Vevor Quick Lift 3T Pneumatic Jack comes with a design that has been crafted for heavy-duty usage. The alloy steel construction combined with the thick and robust wheels will ensure this model can be used easily in all types of terrains. The 6600 lbs capacity of the model makes it suitable for medium to larger-sized vehicles such as SUVs, and trucks. 

Mophorn Pneumatic Jack 3 Ton

The Mophorn Pneumatic Jack 3 Ton comes with a triple bag design that gives it a maximum of 15.75 inches lifting height when completely inflated. The alloy steel construction of the frame and the sturdy wheels will keep this model around for a longer period. The cherry on top is that the body comes with a powder coating on top, which further prolongs its lifespan. Moreover, it comes with a total of 3-ton weight capacity, so it can be used for small as well as many larger vehicles. 


A pneumatic floor jack is a nifty machine, but only if you know what it is for and how to use it. Otherwise, the situation can go south real quick. Therefore, read the article above to find out what exactly is a pneumatic floor jack. You will also find information regarding its usage, benefits and the best models. 


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