Omega Floor Jack Review 2023 – Spec, Features, Pros & Cons

Omega Floor Jack Review

Omega has a fair share of budgeted and high-end floor jacks in its collection, but this model is the most popular of all its craftings. In a nutshell, its affordable price and ultra-durable and bulky structure with an impressive load tolerance of 3.5-ton is the reason behind such high ratings.

We are going to dig into its every nook and cranny in the review below to let you know what money will get you. For those seasoned mechanics and auto-tinkerer fanatics who frequently work on heavy vehicles like lifted trucks and SUVs, buy this Omega floor jack because it promises to tackle all your high-load lifting needs for years. The fact that it barely makes a dent in your pocket is icing on the cake. Go ahead and entertain yourself.

What Makes Omega Floor Jack Standout?

Omega GQ035 3.5-ton floor jack overshadows competing models with its super, super durable and sturdy construction loaded with an equally hard-wearing, hydraulic lift system at an affordable price.

Our Omega Floor Jack Review

Omega Floor Jack Omega GQ035 is one of the most highly rated and popular among Omega’s floor jacks. First, the price is good, considering the feature-loaded, professional-grade build. Secondly, the unit is composed of high-grade steel and cast iron to ooze strength and durability. Well, I wouldn’t expect anything less, one, because it is the reputable Omega; secondly, the tool boasts of supporting an enormous weight of 3.5-ton. No wonder it lifts trucks, SUVs, jeeps and other bulky vehicles as easily as if they weigh like a feather. 

The feature that we believe is the crowning jewel of this entire construction is the hydraulic pump mechanism with an in-line pump. It not only makes pumping easier and swift but also makes the overall construction more durable and hard-wearing. Besides, the feature can raise a vehicle as high as 21⅝”, which means it will be perfect for lifted trucks and SUVs. Plus, it can also be easily dropped to a 4” height, that, together with its low entry point, enables it to fit perfectly under the bulky truck. 

More importantly, the tool has flanged side plates and a broader base that makes it more stable and sturdier. After all, no one wants to work with a wobbly and clumsy tool that feels like it will topple over any second. As if on cue, Omega has installed bypass protection technology to keep you from dumping more load than it can endure. 

It features a U-joint release system with a scaled release mechanism to let you monitor and control its descend to avoid accidents. Furthermore, the ultra-wide swiveling saddle not only provides a stable platform for the vehicle but also helps you position it in the direction most convenient for you. 

All in all, invest your money in this service jack if you want to obtain a heavy-duty, technology-loaded floor jack at an affordable price.

Sturdy Construction

Omega GQ035 is undoubtedly the best floor jack for lifted trucks and SUVs because every inch of its bulky structure indicates beast-like strength and toughness. Its entire anatomy is made up of heavy-duty steel with a cast iron bearing and a lift arm to ensure the tool stands upright even when you dump a mountainous load of 3.5-ton on it time and again. However, this high-strength, muscular construction comes at the expanse of portability. But, it has wide wheels and casters that, irrespective of being less rugged, help you slide the unit smoothly over a surface.

Lift Range

The unit has a lift range of 4” to 21⅝”, which makes it perfect for lifted trucks and other heavy vehicles. Contrary to what looks like, raising such a hefty load to optimum height is effortless and swift. This convenience is attributed to its sealed hydraulic pump mechanism that not only offers super-fast lifting but also extra durability by reducing wear and tear of the pump. 

What we like more is the control offered through the U-joint release mechanism with a metered release system. Meaning, there won’t ever be an abrupt and risky landing. 

Added Strength & Safety

Regardless of working with such a hefty load, there’s hardly an ounce of risk involved here. The reason is its built-in bypass system and wider saddle with swiveling action. The former prevents you from over-dumping and over-pumping while the latter is responsible for easy positioning for convenient and safe operation. On top of that, the broad base of the unit coupled with flanged side plates lends more stability and strength to not only keep it upright but also prevent it from wobbling even when loaded to full capacity.


  • Ultra-durable and rigid construction.
  • Able to support a massive load of 3.5-ton.
  • Stable and safe.
  • Hydraulic pump mechanism with in-line pump for easy alignment and pumping.
  • The lift range is 4” to 21⅝”.
  • Metered release with a U-joint release mechanism for smooth and safe load ascend/descend.
  • Large swiveling saddle for safe and easy positioning. 
  • Affordable price with a 1-year warranty.


  • Its heavy construction isn’t portable.
  • Occasional leaks.
  • Caster wheels are less durable.

Why Should You Get Omega Floor Jack?

Omega GQ035 is one of those rare models that give you excellent bangs for the bucks with its exceptionally durable construction and higher load endurance. Regardless of relatively low pricing, the tool features a higher elevation range with cutting-edge lifting technology and a built-in safety mechanism to grant it versatility and reliability. 

Final Verdict

Now that you’ve gone through every nook and cranny of this unit, you will also agree with this declaration that this is the best affordable floor jack for lifted trucks and SUVs. The tool has built and strength of a beast to withstand years of heavy-duty weight lifting without getting dismantled. Coming towards the conclusion, if you desire to have a super-durable, high load capacity service jack for your garage or auto shop without severely upsetting your budget, we cannot think of any option better than Omega GQ035 floor jack.

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