5 Best 2 Post Car Lift to Buy in 2023 – Top Rated Products Only

Best 2 Post Car Lift

The importance of a 2 post car lift dawns on a mechanic only when he needs to have a vehicle completely and safely in the air for some repair and maintenance job.

Having a 2 post car lift in a garage is necessary for both a DIY car enthusiast and a professional mechanic due to its versatility and functionality.

It can make the life of every mechanic or car owner easier by conveniently hoisting the vehicle rapidly, as if it barely weighs like a bag of feathers, with its strong and ruggedly constructed arms.

The high lifting range along with the higher weight capacity in a lighter and less space-consuming design makes them more appealing than 4 post car lifts. The safety locks, rubber padding, and safety shutoff bar system are cherries on top that ensure the vehicle is in safe hands.

Top 5 Best 2 Post Car Lift Reviews in 2023

Not all 2 post-car jacks will prove to be a good investment. To help you decide which 2 post car lift to consider and which ones to run away from, we have listed the top five 2 post car lifts along with a buyer’s guide!

1) APlusLift HW-10KBP 10,000LB Two Post Floor Plate Auto Hoist Car Lift with Combo:

This beast has a weight capacity of 10000 lbs which means it will easily hoist both your smallest and heaviest vehicles in the air in just a couple of seconds. This tool is ideal for professional mechanics as they need a machine that can help them lift all types of vehicles, it will also give an extremely helping hand to car cleaners.

As it is a machine for heavy use, it comes with heavy-duty steel construction of an “S”’ column design, which will not budge from its place while lifting the vehicles. The durable powder coat on top will keep the steel shining and rustproof even after rough uses.

With its lifting height of 6’9”, you will have the vehicle actually really up in the air and easily work underneath it. Again, this height range comes in handy if you are a car cleaner. It takes merely 50 seconds for the vehicles to be at maximum height, all you need to do to initiate the lifting process is press the up button on the motor, and voila!

The best part is this model does not cost as much as its competitors so you are getting a heavy-duty floor plate car lift with high weight and lifting capacity at a really affordable price.

For a machine so heavy, you need to have some safety features to ensure safe and sound operation. Do not worry, this model is equipped with plenty of safety features that include a double point safety lock release, automatic arm-lock restraints, relief valve built-in power pump to keep the machine safe from overloading, door guards protection rubber, and an up-limit switch to protect cylinders working stroke used in safe length scope.


  • 10000 lbs weight capacity
  • 1 year warranty
  • One button-press lifting process
  • Sturdy heavy duty steel construction
  • Safety features


  • Manual needs clear installation instructions
  • Does not come with lift pads

Bottom line:

If you want a 2 post car lift that comes with high weight capacity, lifting range, and many other safety features at a really good price, then look no further. This model is ideal for you.

2) TRIUMPH NTO-9A 9000Lbs 2 Post Clear Floor Overhead Auto Lift Hoist Car Lift:

This 2 post lift is an ideal piece of machinery you need to have in your garage if you are a professional mechanic, car cleaner, or even a car enthusiast. With its 9000 lbs weight lifting capacity, you will have plenty of options to work with, from light to heavy vehicles.

In almost 40 seconds and on 230 voltages, this sturdy tool will have your vehicle almost 8’11” in the air. It is constructed from heavy-duty steel construction as the company knows the machine has to undergo heavy uses. Sturdy steel construction plays a major role in giving the tool strength and durability, what else adds to the list is that it has a powder finish coat on top of steel that will increase the life span of this tool.

For such a heavy machine there have to some features that ensure safe and protected use, which in this case are the safety valve to prevent the tool from overloading, the rugged safety locks, and the three-piece rubber door guards that will prevent your vehicles from any scratches or marring. Its single-point lock release will give faster and quicker jobs.

The tool also features swing arm handles that ease the job of positioning the arms for you. The three-stage arms give excellent reach on a wide variety of vehicles. Lastly it comes with 1.5″, 3″ & 6″ truck adapters.


  • 9000 lbs weight lifting capacity
  • Steel construction
  • Rubber padding to prevent damage
  • Includes other safety features too
  • Maximum lifting height is 8’11”
  • Options of truck adapters


  • No assembling instructions
  • Locking mechanism needs to be better

Bottom line:

If you are a home enthusiast or new shop start-up and are looking for a 2 post car lift, invest your bucks in this one. It comes with handy functions and a user-friendly design that will make your life and jobs easier.

3) BendPak Dual-Width 2-Post Asymmetric Car Lift – 10,000-Lb. Capacity:

This 2 post car lift by BendPak is like a blessing in disguise for car mechanics or enthusiast homemakers. With a rugged steel construction, this boy will last you many years enduring all sorts of rough use and heavy weight.

It has a weight lifting capacity of 10000 lbs which makes it perfect for not just the small, light garage vehicles but also for the heavy off-road jeeps and trucks! It features an expandable top beam that along with its Tru-Metric designed swing-away arms can help in lifting all types of vehicles by providing various arm positions, symmetric or asymmetric according to the vehicle.

This lift will help you with many jobs, increasing not just the efficiency of your job but will also save you loads of time and energy. Its handy features include a 30° rotated columns that provide more space when the vehicle’s doors are opened and the dual-synchro equalization system that helps in maintaining equal lifting, providing a stable, level vehicle working condition and thirdly it has free-flow, high-pressure hydraulic lines that along with a high-flow pump help in increasing the up and down speed rates for enhanced productivity.

As you do not need any further cross support to keep your vehicle up with this lift, that helps in keeping your workspace open and clear which gives you plenty of room to work and keep your other tools around without the area looking like a junkyard.

Just like the other 2 post car lifts in the market, this tool also comes with safety and protection features, only it has better and advanced safety functions. The first is the safety shutoff bar which automatically stops your vehicle from going up any further if it comes in contact with any surface above.


  • 10000 lbs weight capacity
  • Tru-Metric arm design
  • Advanced safety features
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • 30° rotated columns
  • Dual-synchro equalization system


  • Expensive than competitors
  • Weighs almost 2600 lbs

Bottom line:

If you need a machine loaded with performance, invest in this one. Although, it is a bit expensive than its competitors but all good things come with a price.

4) Atlas Apex 10 ALI Certified Overhead 10,000 lbs. Capacity Adjustable Height 2 Post Car Lift:

This 2 post car lift is a simple yet highly sophisticated lift designed to minimize service and maintenance costs while delivering low operating expenses and high productivity. This lift was made specifically to offer commercial-grade lift performance to its car mechanics who are tired of their old car lifts that will just not lift the vehicle.

It has a double S column design that any car enthusiast will instantly fall in love with but wait there is more to it than just an appealing exterior. It can lift up to 10000 lbs which eliminate the need of having other car lifts in the garage as it will lift your lightest and heaviest vehicles like a piece of cake. Another best part is that it will only take you a couple of seconds to take your vehicle to 11 feet and 3 inches of maximum lift height.

If we talk about having handy features, then this boy has left every other 2 post car lift behind. It has 3 stage telescoping front arms and 2 stage rear arms that can be installed in symmetric or asymmetric positions. In the symmetric position, they will be pointing towards the front of the vehicle and in an asymmetric position, they will be pointed towards the back of the vehicle. With the professional-grade arm lock restraint system, you can be sure that your vehicle is in safe hands.

It has protective rubber pads mounted on the carriage to keep both the lift and the vehicle safe from any damage. That is not the only protective gear; this lift also has a high-quality powder coating on top of the steel construction to keep it safe from rust.


  • 5 years warranty
  • 3 stage telescoping arms
  • Rubber column guards
  • 10000 lbs weight capacity
  • Maximum lifting height is 11 feet 3 inches


  • Comes with a hefty price tag of 4000$
  • Cable tension needs to be adjusted after few uses

Bottom line:

If you are looking for a 2 post car lift that is a whole deal in itself and do not mind spending a few extra bucks then this model is the safest and best option for you.

5) CHIEN RONG CR 10,000lbs Car Lift L1100 220V 2 Post Lift:

This 2 post car lift is no joke! It has the weight lifting capacity of 10000 lbs which alone can convince any car mechanic or enthusiast to spend their bucks on it, but it brings so much more to the table which no mechanic can resist.

It can lift your vehicle 6 feet and 6 inches into the air in only a couple of seconds. This lifting height will give you plenty of room to work underneath your vehicle, once it is lifted.

It safety features include a double point safety lock release, a relief valve built-in power pump to prevent the lift from overloading, a protective coat of rubber on the door guards, and automatic arm lock restraints. All these functions combined will make sure your vehicle stays safe and sound during the entire job.

The construction of this lift is no less amazing than its competitors; it has a rugged steel exterior and a stiffened base plate of 5/8 inch thickness to keep the lift stably standing.

To operate this lift all you need to do is plug it in and press the up button on the motor and the lifting operation will begin. Lowering it down will be done by pressing the lever. It offers very simple and easy operation. The ultra-high molecular self-lubricating nylon slider present in the lift will make sure the carriage moves up and down very smoothly.


  • 1 year warranty
  • Comparatively light in weight
  • Mounting hardware is included
  • Only takes 20 to 40 seconds to reach the maximum height
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Enhanced safety features


  • The locking mechanism does not work sometimes
  • Does not come with any instructions in manual

Bottom line:

Investing your money in this 2 post car lift will get you a tool that will help you easily raise the lightest and heaviest vehicles, providing more than enough room to work underneath the vehicle.

Buyer’s Guide: Select the Best Best 2 Post Car Lift in 2023

A 2 post car lift is one of the most useful tools you can have in your garage whether you are an enthusiast DIYer or a professional car mechanic. It helps you in plenty of jobs from repair and maintenance to even cleaning of cars.

But a 2 post car jack is a hefty investment that you naturally expect to have for many years if not for a lifetime so you have to be absolutely sure that the one you are investing in is perfect for you. Here are a few points that will help you pick a good 2 post car lift.

  1. Weight capacity:

Weight capacity is the most crucial factor to check in a 2 post car lift. You do not want to spend your money on a lift that only hoists up 5000 lbs of weight. That will restrict the use of a lift to light and medium-weighted vehicles. Investing bucks in a lift that supports 10000 lbs of weight means you will get more use out of it.

  1. Lifting range:

This is equally important as the weight capacity of your lift. Every lift has a different lifting height; some take the vehicle up 6 feet while some take them up even 10 feet. Before buying a 2 post car lift, you need to know how much lifting height your jobs require.

  1. Construction:

Construction is another major factor as the construction of a lift gives it strength and durability. Steel-constructed car lifts are strong but they are a bit heavier so if you do not want to add more weight to your lift then go for ones that are made from aluminum.

  1. Warranty:

Two posts car lifts require a heavy investment of money so make sure you spend your money on the lift that comes with a warranty from the company. If you see one with good features but no warranty, do not spend your money on it.

  1. Available space:

Every 2 post car lift has different weights and sizes and hence will occupy a different amount of space in your garage. So always check the available space in your garage before investing in a 2 post car lift.

  1. Safety features:

These include the inbuilt safety valve to prevent overloading, rubber padding to keep the vehicle safe from marring and powder coating on the body to keep the lift safe from rust.


Being a mechanic having a good 2 post car lift is just as necessary as having a wrench in your garage. They help you with various repair, maintenance and even cleaning jobs. But as they are a huge investment, you should know exactly which model you need. The article above along with the buyer’s guide will help you pick the one most suitable for you and your garage.

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