Sunex 6603ASJ 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack Review of 2023

Sunex 6603ASJ 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack Review

Sunex isn’t as famous as Arcan, yet its floor jacks have been making a hype among a diverse population of users – professionals, beginners and car aficionados. Its Aluminium floor jack set (6603ASJPK) is always at the forefront whenever there’s a debate about top-rated aluminum floor jacks. That’s why we took the pain of inspecting it in the review below.

As stated in the title, the jack has high-strength aluminum construction, minus bulkiness, to successfully support a 3-ton load. Its wide wheels and low-profile frame allow you to smoothly roll it under any vehicle, including the one with a low-riding body. The presence of a jack stands to enhances the safety and overall value of the tool. We advise all those car enthusiasts who are looking for the best value aluminum floor jack to buy this model.

What Makes Sunex 6603ASJ Aluminum Floor Jack Standout?

Sunex 6603ASJPK floor jack set overshadows competitors with its hassle-free maneuverability regardless of the heavy-duty construction. Plus, the unit offers great value for the money due to the inclusion of a pair of jack stands containing multiple height adjustments.

Our Sunex 6603ASJ Aluminum Floor Jack Review

Whether you’re a professional or just a car enthusiast, a floor jackSunex Aluminum Floor Jack with a lot of versatility and comfortability is a top priority. This Sunex 6603ASJPK with a pair of jack stands is the personification of these qualities.

The unit comes in an aircraft-grade aluminum body to grant it indestructible-like strength and durability without making it overbearingly heavy. Weighing 68-pounds, the unit is lighter than its steel counterparts having the same 3-ton load capacity. So, its maneuverability or positioning isn’t a challenge, especially because of ultra-wide wheels and ergonomic side handles. 

The biggest asset of this tool is its low-entry design. It can crouch down to a 3.8” height. This implies that even with approximately 4” space between your vehicle and the ground, the unit can still crawl under it without any resistance. 

As for the promise of comfortability, the unit employs that high-in-demand rapid rise technology that lets the unit ascend to the highest elevation point of 19.3” with a few effortless strokes of its hydraulic pump. More importantly, the saddle is padded, so you will not have to worry about ugly marks and scratches on your car. 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the unit comes with a pair of rock-solid jack stands with adjustable height to not only save you from extra expenditure but also from the risk of getting sandwiched between your car and the ground. Unfortunately, the minimum height of 10.6” of these stands doesn’t let them work with low-chassis vehicles like sports cars. Rest assured, the utility of this unit is undeniable. Meaning, you will be doing yourself a favor by buying it.

Aluminum Construction

This floor jack has a superior quality aluminum construction that grants it invincible-like sturdiness and strength while at the same time keeps it lightweight, making it a worthy contender for the title of “best aluminum floor jack.” 

Besides, the unit has ultra-wide wheels along with sturdy side-mounted handles to ensure hassle-free maneuverability and positioning. The unit claims to bear a load of up to 3-ton, which implies that it has the strength to hoist almost any vehicle from a small sedan to a big SUV in the air without buckling. 

Rapid Rise Technology

It is one of those special models that can lift a vehicle regardless of its bulkiness to optimum height without much effort. Thanks to its rapid rise technology, the unit climb to a height of 19.3” in a jiffy – in just 7 effortless pumps. 

What’s more impressive is that it can hunker down to a mere 3.8” height to enable you to crawl it beneath those low-riding vehicles that hardly leave a 4” space between the ground and their body. 

Jack Stands

The biggest advantage of this floor jack is that it comes with a pair of jack stands. While the quality of these stands could be further improved to make them indestructible, they’re still stable enough due to the wide base to support the load without wobbling. Moreover, they have multiple height adjustments where the lowest position lies at 10.6” while the highest is at 15.4”. More importantly, there’s a lock pin latched to the base to help you securely pin it to the requisite height for a smooth and safe operation. 

On the positive side, this addition saves you money and brings safety to your work session; while on the downside, it forbids you from using it with low-clearance automobiles like sports cars. 


  • Reinforced aluminum construction for long-lasting durability.
  • Lightweight.
  • Wide wheels and side-mounted handles offer hassle-free maneuverability and positioning.
  • Supports a 3-ton vehicle. 
  • Pair of jack stands with adjustable height and locking pin for safe and versatile application.
  • Rapid rise technology for effortless hoisting of vehicle. 
  • Low-profile frame of the floor jack increases versatility. 


  • The high minimum height of jack stands makes the unit unsuitable for low-riding automobiles.
  • The quality of the stands needs improvement.
  • The pump handle is a bit wobbly.

Why Should You Purchase Sunex Floor Jack?

This Sunex floor jack has a premium quality aluminum structure reinforced with a sturdy lift arm to give the unit immortal durability without making it overbearingly heavy and bulky. 

Moreover, the unit has a rapid rise mechanism to promise an effortless and quick elevation of the load.

Lastly, it comes with a pair of jack stands with adjustable height to save you from accidents and additional cost.

Final Verdict

Sunex floor jack is a premium-like aluminum jack designed to offer versatility and easier maneuverability. The tough built along with a low-entry design and dual-piston pump technology allows you to raise a 3-ton vehicle to an optimum height without much huffing and puffing. Its price also seems reasonable as the tool comes with a pair of sturdy jack stands to offer more value. In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-strength aluminum floor jack with easy maneuverability and operation, buy this Sunex 3-ton floor jack without a second thought.

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