Strongway Floor Jack Review 2023 – Is it any Good for you?

strongway floor jack review

The name “Strongway” gives you a hint of what to expect from the brand’s hydraulic service jack (46229). I decided to share a detailed review of this particular floor jack because, unlike some other lesser-known brands, this one actually delivers what the name promises: Strong construction. 

The tool’s durability, versatility and safe performance are its strongest suits, all of which are vital variables when you are considering lifting a vehicle for DIY repair. Your strict budget will not be a hindrance here because this jack has modest pricing. No dent in your pocket!

With that being said, if you need a well-built floor jack with longer service life for a home garage, purchase this one. 

What Makes Strongway Floor Jack Stand Apart?

Unlike other floor jacks of the same price and load capacity, this one has a strengthened and lasting build minus bulkiness to retain portability. Its low-profile posture and versatile application further accord it an edge over others.

Strongway Floor Jack Review

This floor jack has “superior quality and reliability” written all over its aluminium and steel construction. The blend of both gives it desired durability and longevity without losing its portability. Integration of side-mounted handles makes it further easier for users to transport it around.

The tool comes with a tolerance for 2½ ton of load, which means there’s hardly any object in your workshed that you can’t hoist with it. Besides, it has a low stature that can crouch to 3.9” height to let you slip it under vehicles with lower clearance. 

Speaking of tolerance, its hydraulic system will test a bit of your strength and patience while moving to a height of 18.1” as it isn’t as fast as it claims to be. However, it is designed to fight corrosion to grant the unit better strength and durability than competing models. Also, the unit has an extended handle with knurled grip and foam coating to make your jacking experience comfortable and at the same time protect the vehicle.

Moreover, the aluminium wheels and rolling casters are a true reflection of the brand’s name, “Strongway.” Their strong and robust composition not only highlights durability and longer service life but also warrants smooth rolling over any surface.

If you’re still not sold on the idea, the swivelling saddle and the versatility associated with it will definitely do the magic for you, just like it did for me. The saddle can rotate to a complete 360-degree to allow you to achieve the best lifting position. 

On top of that, it has a built-in safety overload system, making sure you don’t accidentally push it to its breaking point. All in all, this is one of the best affordable floor jacks for light-duty garage use. Buy it if you want a robust and reliable floor jack with exceptional value for the money.

Sturdy Construction

The construction of this service jack is echoing the brand’s name: Strong! A combination of high-quality steel and aluminium structure makes it one hell of a tough cookie. Regardless of its robust built, the jack isn’t heavy. Also, it is integrated with ergonomic side handles to make it even more convenient for you to transport it to different places. Plus, the strong aluminium wheels and rotating casters further boost its portability.

Mine has been lying inside the home garage for a couple of years now, and it still hauls anything within 2.5-ton weight capacity as smoothly and gracefully as a new jack. I would grant half of the credit to its built-in overload protection system that has kept me from testing it beyond its capacity. This safety system is a promise of the unit’s longer lifespan and safe performance.


The floor jack has a short posture with the lowest saddle height of 3.9”, indicating its willingness to slide beneath vehicles with lower bodies. Considering its load capacity and low-profile structure, I don’t think there’s much inside your house or garage that it wouldn’t be able to lift. 

Speaking of lifting, its saddle also needs appreciation. It is wider and integrated with a 360-degree rotation ability to give your vehicle a larger contact area and help you acquire the best possible position for lifting.  

Hydraulic Pump

Its hydraulic pump is constructed from a premium-quality iron to grant it more durability and strength. With dual pistons, the unit boasts of rapid lifting that takes 9 strokes to reach its optimum lifting height. But, that is a lot slower than some others. However, the unit employs an extended handle for improved leverage, while the knurled grip makes jacking convenient. Also, the handle has a padded layer for keeping gentle contact with your car, significantly reducing the chances of dings and marks.


  • Robust and sturdy construction.
  • Corrosion-resistant, durable dual-piston hydraulic system.
  • Low-profile stance starts at 3.9” height.
  • Capable of enduring 2.5-ton of weight.
  • Moves to a maximum height of 18.1”.
  • Inherent overload safety system.
  • Rotating saddle and padded handle for convenient use.


  • Rising speed is slow.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty service.
  • Minor issues with release valve.

Why Should You Buy Strongway Floor Jack?

This floor jack has a superior-quality, durable construction that grants the unit remarkable strength to support 2.5-ton of weight without compromising the portability. 

Moreover, its broader front and a relatively lower profile add more to the unit’s stability and versatility. 

Finally, it sports a broad swivelling saddle and sturdy dual-piston hydraulic pump for convenient vehicle lifting. 

Final Verdict

Like its namesake, Strongway Hydraulic Service Jack has a sturdy and tough construction that can last for years in a DIYer’s garage. The unit is capable of lifting a total of 2.5-ton of weight to an ideal lift height with little effort. Moreover, its price is also quite reasonable, making it one of the best value floor jacks for light-duty use. All in all, if you want a high-quality, durable floor jack at good pricing, I would advise you to buy this one.

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