Why Does My Floor Jack Not Stay Up?

Why floor jack not stay upThe floor jack seems like a tyrant object but is responsible for doing grinding tasks. When the acquisition speed is the only requirement, a person is not reluctant to use the floor jack to repair the defects. It operates by following the hydraulic mechanism. Choose the floor jack by considering the capacity of the floor jack that can endure the weight and sustain it at adequate height. Similarly, measure the distance of the road and the car’s base that locates the jack notch.


A floor jack doesn’t belong to the mechanical category but rather the hydraulic one. It does not require a large magnitude of force to raise the car from the ground. The hydraulic oil used in it serves as a mediator in transferring the pressure from a smaller piston to the larger one. Oil fed in the floor jack is non-compressible; hence, it enhances the magnitude of the force a person exert on a smaller piston, ultimately displacing the larger piston.


Mechanical errors in the floor jack


A floor jack is a valuable tool that manually lifts the vehicle. A person can operate it efficiently without any electrical connection. However, sometimes the floor jack malfunctions and cannot perform the task efficiently. Various reasons have been discovered in this context so far that could tell why the floor jack does not stay up? These reasons are highlighted in detail to give an elaborated overview.


Insufficient floor jack oil


There are many reasons to justify this incapacity. The most prominent cause is the low or insufficient fluid in the floor jack. Hydraulic oil is one driving force that keeps the floor jack intact.


The hydraulic oil is responsible for producing pressure that could lift the vehicle. If the floor jack lacks it, then desirable tension is not built-up, and hence the floor jack will fall back. It has been noted that higher fluid levels also cause this trouble. Therefore, the level of the oil should be within the recommended limit as the high liquid level could cause internal leaks due to the generation of higher pressure by the hydraulic fluid.


Unfiltered hydraulic oil


If the hydraulic oil level in the floor jack is adequate but still unable to sustain pressure, look for the purity of oil in the floor jack. It must be clean and filtered. Hence, it is unable to operate well. Also, check the thickness of the oil as oxidation would make it dense and decompose it into its constituents. Ultimately, the hydraulic oil becomes thick and unable to create the pressure for lifting the vehicles.


Threshold of lifting capacity


Every floor jack has a limited weight lifting capacity. When that threshold and limit are surpassed, it cannot function. The machine couldn’t go beyond its capacity of working and got stuck. When the jack cannot lift, it’s most likely reached its threshold. There are two manifestations of this. Either the floor jack will slightly raise the vehicle, or the jack will eventually fall back as soon as the person stops the pumping. So it is necessary to evaluate the lifting capacity of the floor jack.


Air bubbles within the system


Sometimes, air bubbles within the floor jack produce resistance in generating the desired pressure to uplift the car. In these circumstances, bleed the system to release the air within the floor jack. It is an easy process. For this purpose, spin the purge valve in a counter-clockwise direction. Now remove the oil fill screw and then turn the valve clockwise.


In this way, the trapped air gets out of the system. The low level of hydraulic fluid could trap air within the system. This trapped air results in the failure of the floor jack.



It is evident from the facts mentioned above that there is a need to inspect the floor jack regularly. Assess its lifting capacity when it gets stuck. Analyze the oil level and its purification. Inspect all the valves and bolts of the floor jack. The person should thoroughly read the manual and guide of the floor jack and follow those instructions illustrated. He should have a good guide on how to maintain it. This will not only improve its functioning but also enhance its durability. Therefore, a person should ensure high maintenance to avoid this situation.


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