What Size Floor Jack For Truck

What Size Floor Jack For TruckTruck owners need a floor jack more often than one might think. Considering the size of the vehicle, one can not use an ordinary floor jack for trucks, they need their own floor jacks of a specific size range. It sounds difficult and aggravating, but there are a few factors that can help in deciding which size floor jack is suitable for your truck.

The right size of the floor jack is quite a crucial detail and a deal breaker, so it should not be overlooked under any circumstances. I say this from personal experience that buying the wrong size will cause damage to your truck as well as the floor jack.

So, if you want to save yourself from the pain of damaging your only truck, then make sure to read the article below carefully. The factors shared below will help you shortlist the variety of options down to the ones that are ideal for your truck.


What Size Floor Jack For Truck

With the assistance of the factors listed below, it will be possible for you to pick the perfect size of floor jack for your truck.

Major Deciding Factors

You can not pick a floor jack for your truck based on the size of the machine itself, as that is not a very good deciding factor. When you are searching for the right size floor jack, there are two major features that help in the final decision. These factors include the weight capacity of the machine and its lifting height.

Weight Capacity Of The Floor Jack

The weight capacity of a floor jack is the first feature that helps in deciding which model will be perfect for your truck. Every model of floor jack in the market has its own weight tolerance. Some models can tolerate 1 and 2 tons of weight, while there are some that can bear up to a whopping 6 tons of weight.


This is no rocket science that trucks are high in weight as compared to other regular-sized vehicles. Therefore, it is critical that the floor jack for a truck should have a minimum of 3-ton of weight tolerance. A truck owner can even opt for 4 tons or 5 tons floor jack. The higher the weight-bearing capacity of a model, the better it will be. But it is critical that the capacity should be no lower than 3 tons.

Lifting Height Of The Floor Jack

The second factor that plays a vital role in making a floor jack either ideal for a truck or not is the lifting height of the model. Similar to the weight tolerating capacity, every model of floor jack also comes with its own height capacity. The range varies from one model of a floor jack to another. It goes from 10 inches to even 24 inches. When your quest for a floor jack is specifically for your truck, then it is crucial that you check the lifting height of the model. The minimum height required for trucks is 16 inches. It is crucial for every truck owner to get a model of floor jack that offers 16 inches or above lifting height.

Importance Of Picking The Right Size

This goes without saying that if you are a truck owner, then every part and piece of machine that you own should be appropriate for a truck. The same goes for floor jacks as well. Investing your money in a floor jack that is amazing but not ideal for trucks will never end in a good situation. It can damage the vehicle and also suffer from severe damage itself. The floor jack will not be able to lift the truck off the ground, and if tried, it may even break in half. Therefore, it is critical to make sure that the model of floor jack you spend your money on is ideal for a truck.


Being a truck owner comes with its own problems. One of them is picking the right floor jack for your vehicle, and by right I do not mean the type or colour of a floor jack, but the right size. Read the article above to find out which size floor jack is best suited for trucks.


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