What Size Floor Jack For F250

What Size Floor Jack For F250Driving around a larger truck like an F250 means owning a wide range of suitable tools. On the top of the list is a floor jack of the right size. You do not need me to tell you about the catastrophe that will strike if you attempt to lift such a heavy vehicle with a puny floor jack. 


Picking the right floor jack is about many things than just the make of the model. The right size of a floor jack according to the vehicle depends upon the weight range of the vehicle and the weight capacity of the floor jack. 


This is the tip of the iceberg, there are other important factors too that affect the final decision. The article below will give you a detailed insight into what size floor jack is ideal for an F250 and why. To make matters more convenient, I have also taken the liberty of finding the ideal models for this heavy-duty vehicle, which you will find at the end of the article.

What Size Floor Jack For F250

The article below contains every bit of detail that will help you understand what size floor jack is perfect for a model of F250. 

How To Select The Right Size?

A larger vehicle such as an F250 needs a specific model of floor jack that checks all the boxes of requirements. For instance, you need to consider the weight range of the floor jack as well as its lifting height capacity. The construction material of the vehicle also needs to be kept in mind, along with other small factors. However, when it comes to the size of the machine, the weight and height are the two critical points. You need to look up the weight range of your vehicle and check which size floor jacks support that specific range. Moreover, if you have a larger vehicle such as an F250, then checking the height range of a floor jack is crucial because this type of vehicle has larger tires. So, it requires more height as compared to lightweight ones. For instance, the ideal height for an F250 is 20 inches or higher. 

Weight Range Of F250

In order to pick the perfect-sized floor jack for your F250, you need to know its weight. Here comes the tricky part, an F250 comes in different models. Each and every model has a different weight. The starting weight of an F250 is 5670 lbs, and the model of F250 present at the maximum side weighs approximately 7540 lbs. Unlike other vehicles, there is a huge difference between the starting and the maximum weight range of every model, therefore, you need to check very carefully how much your F250 weighs. 

What Affects The Weight Of F250

There are a few factors that directly affect the weight of an F250, and can help you figure out the approximate weight range of your model. The first and most important factor is the size of the wheels of the vehicle. The larger and wider the wheels, the heavier the model of F250 will be. The presence of extra seats or the bumper is among a few other parts that make the weight of one model of F250 different from another. 

Ideal Floor Jack Size For An F250

As the weight range of an F250 is quite wide; therefore, there is no single ideal floor jack for these vehicles. Instead, there are a couple of options. Usually, a 4-ton and a 4.5-ton model of floor jacks are the ideal sizes. However, if your F250 weighs under 6000 lbs, then a 3.5-ton model will do the job perfectly. 

Best Picks 

As we know an F250 is a heavy-duty vehicle, therefore, you can not buy a floor jack for it solely on recommendations. You need to follow the expert’s and majority’s opinions, and in this case, the following two are the best picks for a model of F250. 

Blackhawk B6350

The Blackhawk B6350 is truly a remarkable machine. The 3.5-ton weight-bearing capacity of  this floor jack combined with the 22 inches of lifting height capacity makes it ideal for an F250. However, it is ideal for models that weigh under 6500 lbs. You should not use this floor jack for an F250 that weighs 7500 lbs. 

Torin AT84007NB

The Torin AT84007NB comes with alloy steel construction, but that is not the best part. This floor jack has a 4-ton weight capacity and 20 inches of lifting height range. Due to its high capacity, this floor jack is ideal for almost every model of F250 present on the market. 


A powerful vehicle such as an F250 deserves its own set of accessories and tools, especially, the right-sized floor jack if you do not want to inflict damage onto the vehicle. For your convenience, the article above is all about what is the right size floor jack for an F250. 


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