Torin Jack Stands Review

When trouble comes knocking at your door in the form of a flat tire, it does not come announced. You must have the right set of tools, especially, solid jack stands to deal with the problem. The Torin Jack Stands are the perfect example of robust jack stands.


They come with high-quality construction, and that can be confirmed with a single glance at the body of the stands. The entire design of this pair of jack stands is made to bring ease and convenience to the life of the user. So, whether it is a heavy bike or an SUV, you will be able to raise them without any problem.


The list of benefits of this model keeps growing, therefore, it is best if we discuss them all in detail. The article below contains every bit of information I was able to get my hands on. So give it a thorough read and then make an informed decision.

What Makes It Unique?

The first thing that makes this package unique is the fact that users get not one but two jack stands in the deal, and that too at a very affordable cost. In addition to that, the solid construction of these jack stands combined with the welded design gives them unmatched strength. Not to mention, the ratchet bar comes with a sawtooth design. It brings safety to the table along with convenience, as the sawtooth design also adds easy height adjustment to the jack stands.

Detailed Review

When the finest manufacturers of automotive tools are mentioned, Torin is among the top choices. Their ability to hit the users’ requirements with crafty designs of their tools is something that sets them apart. The Torin Jack Stands have fallen that far from the tree. They come packed with perks and handy features in a lightweight body. First of all, the body of these jack stands has been crafted with high-grade alloy steel. The usage of this construction material fills the entire length of the stands with hardness and strength. Furthermore, with a welded design, their strength, as well as durability, take a boost.


A notable feature of this model is the wider base of the stands. The pair comes with wider feet at the bottom that are placed quite far from each other, creating a pyramid design. Therefore, the weight of the vehicle will be distributed evenly, and even if the stands hold a vehicle up in the air for an hour, they will not budge from their spot. Thanks to their solid construction, the pair is capable of lifting 3 tons of weight each. So, you can use them for bikes, and smaller to medium-sized vehicles. I was told by some users that they even used this pair for some models of trucks. The sturdy saddle holds the vehicle stably upright.


Moreover, the lifting height capacity of this model is another feature that makes it suitable for multiple vehicles. It can go as low as 11 ¼ inches to as high as 16 ¾ inches. Both stands come with a thick handle protruding from the side and then coming to the front. The front of the handle is covered with a rubber coating for better grip. This handle is used to alter the height of the jack stand. When the user turns the handle, the ratchet bar extends upwards, taking the vehicle along with it. From my research, the usage of this model is like a piece of cake.

Sawtooth Ratchet Bar Design

The best feature of this pair of jack stands is the presence of the sawtooth design of the ratchet bar. The ratchet bar itself is made from ductile iron, which brings loads of strength and durability to the table. The further addition of the sawtooth design makes its usage more convenient. First of all, it brings 10 height levels to the stands. Switching from one to another is quite easy. Moreover, with the sawtooth design, the ratchet bar does not move from the selected height, which is quite a nifty feature as the stands lack a safety lock.

Sturdy Saddle With Unique Shape

Another astounding feature of these jack stands is that the saddle present on top of the ratchet bar comes with a concave design. This shape makes it easier to position the stands under any vehicle. To top it off, the manufacturers have added raised edges to the saddle, which ensures that no accidental slipping occurs.

Easily Portable Design

In my opinion, one of the best features of this pair is that they are easily portable. It seems like a minor thing. However, when you have a flat tire, hauling a 30lbs stand from the trunk is the last thing you would want to do. This pair weighs 15lbs each, which is quite lightweight, as compared to many other models. So carrying it around or keeping it in the trunk of your car will never be an issue.


  • Ratchet bar has 10 height levels
  • Solid construction
  • Curved saddle with heightened edges
  • Wider base
  • Goes as high as 16 ¾ inches
  • Thick handle with rubber grip
  • Package includes a pair
  • Welded design
  • 3-ton weight capacity


  • The pair lacks safety locks
  • It needs to be lubricated often

Why Should You Invest In It?

The primary incentive for investing your money in this model is that you get two jack stands for the price of one. Moreover, they both come with solid construction comprising of alloy steel and ductile iron. With the pyramid design, the unparalleled stability of these jack stands will make your job so much easier. Lastly, the weight and lifting height capacity makes the pair ideal for multiple vehicles.


The Torin Jack Stands is the type of pair that you do not stumble upon that often. This pair checks every box from sturdiness to easy usage. Therefore, it is truly one of the best investments for anyone looking for a solid pair of jack stands for their vehicle. You will find every single feature of this pair discussed in detail in the article above.


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