Strongway 12 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack Review

Despite common belief, it is quite easy to find a robust bottle jack to haul larger vehicles up in the air. The difficult task is finding an ideal model for low-profile vehicles. Lo and behold, the Strongway 12 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack aka the best jack out there for low-profile cars.


This model is not labelled as the best for low-profile cars due to the tag of the brand, but thanks to its amazing features and perks. With the 12 tons capacity, it can lift even the heaviest models in the air without a problem.


There are many other perks incorporated into the robust body of this model. However, to find those out, you will need to take some time out and read the article below, as they are too many to be listed in a single paragraph. The article below contains all the information I could find about this amazing bottle jack.

What Sets It Apart?

The first feature that sets this bottle jack apart from its competitors is that it is ideal for low-profile vehicles, and for many normal-sized ones too. Furthermore, the sturdy construction of this bottle jack is another benefit which sets it in the limelight. Not to mention, this model has a weight tolerance of up to 12 tons, which is truly remarkable. The last feature which makes it every user’s favourite is the fact that it has a very hassle-free and simple-to-operate design.

Detailed Review

Strongway pride itself on being one of the best names in the automotive tools industry, and they are not wrong. Their models bear strength, and durability and offer amazing performance like none other. The Strongway 12 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack is living proof of that. This model comes with a very solid design which has been crafted from high-grade alloy steel. The steel construction brings strength, hardness and resistance to corrosion to the design of this bottle jack. All of these extra benefits make it possible for the tool to stick around for a longer duration.


To top the sturdy construction off, the manufacturers have added a generous layer of lead-free paint over the entire body. Here comes the best part, this paint brings a whole lot more than good finishing to the design. It makes the bottle jack resistant to oil, grease as well as dirt. Furthermore, it also enhances the tool’s resistance to rust. With a single swipe, the bottle jack will be wiped clean from all the dirt, and grease. Therefore, not only will the maintenance of the bottle jack be easier, but it will also stay safe from damage from rusting.


In addition to that, the model comes bearing a thick handle at the front, which makes it possible to haul it out of the garage to the working site. With the presence of a collapsible handle, the usage, as well as storage of this tool, become stress-free tasks. The model comes with a thick base which ensures stability, which is something every user is grateful for, as they do not have to worry about it toppling over. Another thoughtful addition by the manufacturers is the piston ram which has undergone treatments to resist damage. Moreover, this piston comes with dual sealing rings instead of one to keep the machine safe from leaking. With all of these features, it becomes so much easier to pump the handle and haul your vehicle up in the air. Speaking of which, this model has an initial height of 7 ½ inches and can lift vehicles as high as 13 ¾ inches.

12 Tons Weight Capacity

The weight tolerance of this bottle jack is one of its best features. It can easily lift up to 12 tons of load. This means that the bottle jack can lift even the heaviest vehicles without any trouble or enduring damage. In fact, this amazing tool can even be used for lifting cabins and adding support and stability to your floor joists.

Serrated And Adjustable Saddle

Another amazing feature of this bottle jack is that it comes with a solid saddle. Considering the fact that the saddle is a very critical part of a jack, the manufacturers have added detailing of serration to its top. This detail enhances the overall grip of the bottle jack and decreases the chances of the jack slipping or moving from its position. Moreover, the saddle height can also be adjusted according to the project at hand, which is quite a thoughtful addition.

Hydraulic Pump

The hydraulic pump present in the body of the Strongway 12 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack is responsible for the smooth operation of the machine. It has been constructed with high-grade iron which gives the pump excellent strength. Moreover, the pump uses the best quality oil for lubrication which keeps it safe from corrosion. It also ensures that the bottle jack can operate in different temperatures.


  • Constructed from alloy steel
  • 12 tons weight capacity
  • Oil and dirt-resistant paint
  • Has dual sealing rings in piston
  • Ideal for low-profile vehicles
  • Goes up to 13 ¾ inches
  • Saddle adjustability
  • Collapsible handle
  • Extra handle at the front


  • Not suitable for larger vehicles
  • Weight is quite heavy

Why Should You Invest In It?

The major reason why every low-profile vehicle owner needs to invest in this bottle jack is that it comes with a solid design which is a combination of sturdy materials and lead-free paint. So, the jack will be around for a long time. Moreover, the hydraulic pump, the piston ram with dual sealing rings and the serrated saddle with adjustability are some of the best features of this model that make its performance highly smooth. The cherry on top is the removable handle making storage easier.


The Strongway 12 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack is one of the finest creations that I have seen on the market. From my research, this machine has won the approval of many users which is a given as it comes with some of the most innovative and amazing features inside a sturdy body. Read the article above to find out what this model is capable of.


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