How To Store A Floor Jack

How To Store A Floor JackUsing a floor jack for various projects is a great way to get your money’s worth out of the machine. However, when the machine stops working, it worries every owner that they are losing their money. Do not fret, learning how to store the floor jack the right way will help you keep it around for a longer=. 


A floor jack not working in the middle of a project is a clear sign that the machine has not received proper maintenance. When you do not store a floor jack the right way and do not give it the care and check-ups it deserves, the lifespan of the machine will reduce to a great extent. 


To save you from losing your precious machine and also save your money from drowning, I have shared the entire process of storing the floor jack the right way below. Even the minor details make the difference, which is why I have paid close attention to every detail. 

How To Store A Floor Jack

Below are some of the major steps that will make sure that your floor jack is always stored properly. 

Cleaning Before Storing 

Before we store a floor jack in the garage, cleaning the machine is a must. Make sure that you wipe down the entire body of the floor jack with a smooth lint-free cloth. If there is any fluid leakage present near the oil filler plug, wipe that down too. Make sure to remove all the dust before it converts into a thick layer of grime. 

Checking The Oil 

Before shutting the cover on your floor jack, check the oil level of the machine. Take a small piece of paper or a stick and put it inside the reservoir to determine the fluid level. If the fluid level is low, then refill the reservoir. Make sure that you add fluid in the oil filler plug and not into any wrong spot, as it will cause damage to the machine.  

Twisting The Release Valve 

If the release valve of the floor jack is opened, then make sure to twist it. Use your handle to twist the release valve. It will retract the pump and piston into a resting position. Moreover, also make sure that you lower the saddle all the way down before sliding your floor jack into the garage. 

Lowering The Handle 

Another important step in storing the floor jack the right way is by positioning the handle of the floor jack the right way. Never leave the handle of your floor jack in a standing position. Before storing it in the garage, always lower the handle. It may occupy extra space, but this is the right way of storing the floor jack. 

Correct Position Of The Floor Jack 

Once the floor jack is clean and all of the above steps have been done, then you can take it to the garage for storage. A critical part of storing the floor jack the right way is the position of the jack. Make sure that you place it in an upright position. It should not be tilted, or stored upside down to save space. Both of these positions will inflict damage on the floor jack which will be the cause of its untimely demise. Therefore, make sure that you place the floor jack in a straight and upright position, without a tilt. 

Covering With Protective Sheet 

Once you have done all of the above steps, and your floor jack is in a resting position, the job is not finished here. You need to make sure to cover your floor jack with dust and a water-repellent sheet. Make sure that you cover every inch of your floor jack with the sheet. It will ensure that not even a speck of dirt or a drop of water gets to the floor jack. 

Importance Of Storing The Right Way 

Sliding your floor jack into the garage without taking any proper storage steps will damage the machine more than one might think. It will pave way for dust and grime to make hone on the floor jack which will lower the lifespan of the machine. On the contrary, storing the floor jack the right way will make sure that your machine stays in top-notch condition, and you can use it for a longer period of time. 


Every owner of a floor jack will agree that their machine not working is a nightmare of theirs. This is what happens when the owner does not store the machine the right way after every use.  It takes a toll on their floor jack and causes damage. Read the article above to find out all the necessary steps that you should take every time you are done using the machine. 


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