How To Lift A Harley With A Floor Jack

How To Lift A Harley With A Floor JackHearing the screeching noise of a Harley slipping from the floor jack is the nightmare of every biker. Not only that, but it is also quite life-threatening as the 2-wheeler can fall on the person or their floor jack, causing some serious damage. 


This disastrous situation can be avoided very easily if you learn how to lift a Harley with a floor jack. Utilizing this heavy-duty machine the right way can help you get done with the task at hand conveniently, as well as keep your precious Harley safe and secure, even while it is hovering in the air. 


Before you inflict any damage on your precious motor vehicle by wrong positioning of a floor jack, take a step back. Give the article below a thorough read as it focuses on how one can lift a Harley with a floor jack the right way. Make sure to follow every step keenly, if you want to get done with the job without any accidents. 

How To Lift A Harley With A Floor Jack

In just a few simple steps, you will be able to easily lift your Harley with a floor jack. 

First Step 

Before you start pushing the floor jack under your Harley, you need to find a few pieces of lumber. Trust me when I say that you can not do this job smoothly without the aid of lumber. After you have the lumber and your floor jack, then place your Harley in a spot that is flat and free from any grooves or bumps. 

Second Step 

If you try to slide your floor jack under a Harley that is standing on the support of a kickstand, you will fail. Due to the leaning position, it is impossible to get a floor jack under the Harley. Moreover, as the motor vehicle comes with a low body, as compared to other motorcycles, the task becomes even more difficult. This is where the pieces of lumber shine. Take the larger and wider piece and push it under the back wheel of the Harley. Instead of raising the motor vehicle all by yourself, you can ask for someone’s help. If not then the safest method is by pushing the Harley backwards and sliding it on top of the lumber. 

Third Step 

Once the lumber is securely placed under the back wheel, you will notice that the motor vehicle will raise a few inches. Now push the Harley into a straight upright position and place the remaining piece of lumber under the kickstand. This will keep the motor vehicle straight. 

Fourth Step 

It is time to slide the floor jack under Harley and jack it up. Make sure to position the floor jack in such a way that the saddle comes into contact with the body of the motor vehicle. Once the saddle is in position, you can start pumping the handle to lift the Harley. If you want more stability, you can add a wider piece of lumber on top of the saddle, so that it touches the lower part of the motor vehicle, instead of the saddle. 

Fifth Step 

Once you have lifted the Harley as high as you need, you will notice some instability. There are two ways to go from here. You can either use a ratchet and straps to tie the motor vehicle down. It will keep the motor vehicle stable. The second option is to ask for the assistance of another person and have them hold the Harley from the handlebars. Lo and behold, your Harley is up in the air safely. Now, you can go ahead with your task. Once you are done, remove the straps, and slowly, lower the saddle of the floor jack back to its resting position. Make sure that you do not lower it suddenly. 


Bikers love their Harleys more than anything in the world, which is why even the smallest scratch from a floor jack on the motor vehicle antagonizes them. However, if you place the floor jack the correct way and then lift your Harley, there will be no scratching and damage. To find out how, give a read to the article above. 


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