How To Break A Tire Bead With A Floor Jack

How To Break A Tire Bead With A Floor JackTaking your tires to the mechanic every time you need to break the tire bead, and separate the wheel will cost you a couple of hundreds of bucks. Not to mention, it will also test your patience to no extent. So the only viable solution to end this misery is by learning how to break a tire bead with your floor jack. 


Breaking a tire bead with a floor jack is friendly on the pocket, as well as quite effective. This method will allow you to get the job done from the comfort of your home. Moreover, there will also be fewer chances of ending up with scratched wheels which happens quite often due to the negligence of mechanics. 


However, this is only possible if the procedure is done cautiously and without any error. For that reason, I have jotted down the entire process of breaking a tire bead with a floor jack in simple and easy steps below. So you can know what to do even after a single read. 

How To Break A Tire Bead With A Floor Jack

The following steps will teach you what you need to do to break the tire bead with your floor jack, at home. 

What You Will Require?

You are going to need only a handful of items for this procedure. The first thing that you are going to need is your floor jack, obviously. The second item that is quite critical to the procedure is a ratchet tie-down strap. Once you have got your hands on both of these items, you can continue with the process. 

First Step 

First of all, take the tire and put it on the ground. Now place the floor jack right next to the tire on the ground. Hold the tire slightly high in the air, so that you can slide the floor jack under it. A critical thing to keep in mind here is to place the saddle of the floor jack right under the rubber area of the tires. Make sure that the saddle does not touch the wheels. A simple way to ensure that is by raising the saddle slightly, so you can see which part of the tire it touches. 

Second Step 

Once your floor jack is placed under the tire perfectly, then it is time to make use of the ratchet tie-down strap. Push the hooks of both straps through the base of the floor jack so that it remains stable at all times. Now take the shorter end of the strap and push it under the tire. Pull the strap out from the outer side of the tire. Make sure that it goes over the aluminum wheel area of the tire. 

Third Step 

Take the other end of the strap and wrap it over the tire similar to the first one. Now that both straps are over the tire, take the end of one strap and push it through the ratchet. When it goes through the ratchet, tighten it to a maximum extent. Make sure that you have lowered the saddle of your floor jack prior to this step so that the strap is tightened properly. 

Fourth Step 

Now it is time for the real deal, start pumping the handle of your floor jack to raise the saddle. Once you have pumped the handle 5 to 6 times, the tire bead will break. There are two ways to tell whether the tire bead is broken or not. One, the tire will start deflating, and second, you will notice that the aluminum wheels will start coming out of the lower end of the tires. To find out whether the second one is happening or not, you will need to bend to look under the tire. If the rubber tires are separated from the aluminum wheels, that means your work is done. That is all you needed to do to break the tire bead with a floor jack. 


Whether you drive a heavy-duty vehicle or a lighter one, you will need to break the tire bead every once in a while. A beat breaker hammer or the assistance of a professional will cost you too much money. However, with a floor jack, the process can be done easily, and that too, from the comfort of your own home. So, read the article above to find out how to do that. 


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