Why Does My Floor Jack Not Stay Up

Why Does My Floor Jack Not Stay UpPumping the handle of the floor jack rapidly only for the saddle to move back down after 5 seconds is a whole new level of pain. However, if you familiarize yourself with all the reasons why your floor jack will not stay up, then you may be able to deal with this dilemma conveniently. 


There is not a single fixed reason which hinders the functionality of your floor jack. The issue may be due to some internal leakage, or because of a lower oil level inside the oil filler plug. Knowing every single one of the reasons is the only way to tackle this problem. 


Lucky for you, you will not have to search highs and lows to find out the reasons behind your faulty floor jack, I have done that part for you. The article below contains all the information that you need to find out why does your floor jack not stay up. 

Why Does My Floor Jack Not Stay Up?

The following reasons will shed some light on why your floor jack will not stay up. 

Reasons Behind Jack Not Staying Up

If you think the reason why your floor jack will not stay up is due to a faulty wire, then I’ll have to burst that bubble for you. There are numerous things that can hinder the ability of your floor jack to stay up. The most common ones are stated below. 

Trapped Air 

The first and the most frequent cause of a floor jack not staying up is trapped air. When you pour some fresh oil into the hydraulic system of your floor jack, sometimes air gets trapped inside. Naturally, when there is air in parts where it is not supposed to be, the machine does not operate flawlessly, and its performance takes a hit. When you pump the handle, instead of fluid, the trapped air bubbles keep moving into the hydraulic system. Therefore, the saddle of the floor jack does not stay up and slides downwards repeatedly. 

Low Oil Level 

Another common cause of the floor jack not staying up is that the fluid level of the machine has dropped. Every jack owner is aware that the machine operates on its specific jack oil. When the oil level decreases, the floor jack does not work as smoothly. It does not stay up and keeps sliding down. 

Oil Overfill 

Similar to low oil levels, an increase in oil levels can also become a cause of nuisance. Every model of floor jack needs a specific amount of floor jack oil for the hydraulic system to run smoothly. When the oil level surpasses that amount, the floor jack does not work as it should, meaning it does not stay up. 


Leaking Piston 

The last reason that may be causing your floor jack to not stay up is the leaking piston. A piston is one of the most important parts of a floor jack, present inside the hydraulic system. Any issue with the piston affects the entire functionality of the floor jack. Therefore, when the piston starts leaking, the floor jack often does not stay up in its lifted position. 

How To Fix This Issue?

If you are dealing with a floor jack that will not stay up, then you need to take the machine to your garage and inspect it. First of all, check the oil filler plug and find out the fluid level. If the fluid level is too low or too high, fix that issue. Then you need to make sure that there is no air trapped in the hydraulic system. In case the machine has air trapped inside, then you will need to bleed the floor jack to get rid of it. The leaking issue is comparatively easier to locate, as there is oily residue under the floor jack and fluid coming out of the release valve. If that is the case, then you need to change the O-rings of your floor jack, especially the piston to fix the leakage. 


If you have ever been in a situation where you needed your vehicle up in the air, but your floor jack refused to stay up in the air, then you must know how frustrating it is. If you ever encounter such a problem, do not fret as the solution is quite simple. The article above will point out what you need to do to fix the problem of your floor jack not staying up. 


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