Where To Put Floor Jack Under Truck

IWhere To Put Floor Jack Under Truckf you own a truck, then the maintenance of the vehicle should be a part of your routine. A major part of this is knowing where to put the floor jack under your truck. If you do not position the jack correctly under your truck it may cause severe damage to the vehicle as well as you.

As terrifying as it sounds, finding the perfect spot for a floor jack is not a difficult task. It requires a little practice and some knowledge, so you will not need to go out of your way to get this job done. Once you have placed the nifty machine in its perfect spot, the rest of the maintenance work will be so much easier for you.

So, instead of spending hours lurking on the internet, and looking for appropriate videos on Youtube, simply read the article below. It clearly states the perfect spots for a floor jack under a truck, so you can learn without wasting any time.

Where To Put Floor Jack Under Truck

The following points clarify exactly where a floor jack should go under a truck, so keep reading to find out.

Placement Of Floor Jack Under Truck

It is foolish to think you can slide a floor jack anywhere under your truck and start lifting the vehicle. It can not only damage the truck really badly, but it can also cause the floor jack to slip from underneath the vehicle, which can endanger your life. There are specific spots that are suitable for a floor jack. The following two spots are the perfect ones to slide a floor jack under your truck.

At The Front

The best spot for a floor jack under a truck is right at the front axle. This is the ideal spot for a floor jack, as the location is not painted so there will be no threat of the floor jack chipping the paint from the part. Moreover, this location is also suitable because it does not require as much jacking as you will have to do if the floor jack is placed anywhere else under the truck. When you place your floor jack under the front axle, there is no need to wait for the suspension to sag so that the tire can start lifting. It starts lifting immediately when you start jacking the floor jack. The front axle is also perfect because it can support the entire weight of the truck without causing the floor jack to slip.

At The Back

Similar to the front of the floor jack, the ideal location at the back of the truck is also the axle at the back. As I have mentioned above, when the floor jack is placed under the axle, the user does not have to jack for a few minutes and wait for the suspension system to sag. The tires start rising up from the ground instantly. Moreover, it also bears more strength to hold the weight of the vehicle.

Where Not To Place The Floor Jack

Now that you are aware of the perfect spots for a floor jack under your precious truck, you also need to know about the wrong ones. This will help you in steering clear from them while placing the floor jack. Never place your floor jack under a body panel, or directly under the body of the truck. The body will not be able to hold the entire weight of the truck when the floor jack lifts it; therefore, there will be no stability for the floor jack. In such a scenario, there is a high chance that the floor jack will slip. Moreover, the probability of the floor jack scratching the body will also be quite high. This will result in the paint of that specific point getting damaged, as well as nasty scratches on your truck.

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When you are not stressed about your life being in danger, you are able to work more easily. This implies during the placement of a floor jack under a truck too. So, if you want to know about correct placement, then read the article above. It clearly states where and where not to place the floor jack.

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