What Size Floor Jack For Tundra

What Size Floor Jack For TundraWhen it comes between keeping your Tundra safely up in the air or having it crash down to the ground, no owner in their right mind will pick the latter. However, this safety will only be guaranteed if they pick their floor jack wisely. 


A technical part of picking a floor jack is knowing what size floor jack is suitable for Tundra. If this question is ignored, then the chances of your vehicle staying securely in the air will slim down significantly. 


Therefore, instead of jeopardizing your Tundra and pushing it in harm’s way, closely analyze what size will be ideal for it. To make this task easier for you, I have jotted down a few pointers that will help you pick the best model of a floor jack. Along with that, the article below also has a few options of suitable models, so you can pick one without any hassle. 

What Size Floor Jack For Tundra

The steps below will give you a clear answer to the question of what size floor jack is good for a Tundra. 

How To Select The Perfect Floor Jack 

Before we dive into the specific size and models of floor jack for Tundra, let’s discuss what factors make a model ideal for a vehicle. There are a ton of things that you need to check to make sure the floor jack is good for your car or not. The list includes the construction of the machine, its saddle size, weight capacity, height range etc. All factors are important, but the most critical ones are lifting height capacity and the weight range of the model. To simplify it further, if a model weighs under 3000 lbs, then purchasing any floor jack of 1.5-ton capacity will be perfect for it. 


Low-weight vehicles do not require as much height, due to the smaller wheels. Therefore, purchasing a high-capacity floor jack for it will be a waste of bucks. Any low capacity one will give it the required height, and also fit the criteria of weight. On the other hand, when we are dealing with heavy-weight and larger vehicles, then it is critical to know their specific weight range and height requirement. For instance, a 2-ton floor jack may be able to lift a 5000 lbs model, but it will not give it the height range that the vehicle needs. Therefore, a 2.5-ton or a 3-ton floor jack will be perfect for it. 

Weight Range Of Tundra 

Tundra is a heavy-weight and large vehicle; therefore, it is best if you know the specific weight range of your model before purchasing a floor jack for it. There are many models of Tundra in the market, so there is no single fixed weight for these vehicles. However, we do know the range, i.e., from 5090 lbs to 7200 lbs. The size of the wheels, their thickness, the bumper size and their thickness are among a few features that alter the weight of one model from another. 

Ideal Floor Jack For Tundra

The suitable floor jack size for a Tundra is 3-ton to 4-ton floor jack. As every model of Tundra comes with a different weight, it is unwise to use the same capacity floor jack for all of them. The model of floor jack should be picked according to the weight range of the Tundra. If the vehicle lies under 6000 lbs, then a 3-ton floor jack will be perfect. However, if it is higher than 6000 lbs, then it will be wiser to opt for a 4-ton floor jack. 

Best Models 

You are aware of how to pick the right size, and what size floor jack is suitable for a Tundra. However, what you do not know is what are the best models of the above-mentioned size range. The answer to that lies below. 

Torin AT84007NB

This model is a 4-ton capacity floor jack that is capable of lifting up to 8000 lbs, making it ideal for the heavy-weight models of Tundra. It comes with alloy steel construction and offers a lifting height range that starts from 3.8 inches and goes as high as 20 inches. 

Arcan Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack

The Arcan Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack comes with the construction of heavy-grade aluminum. The 3-ton weight-bearing capacity of this model combined with the 17.5 inches maximum lifting height makes it ideal for the models of Tundra that weigh under 6000 lbs. 


A robust and ideal-sized floor jack is not the only thing your Tundra needs, but it is among the most important ones. Purchasing a model of the wrong size will do so much more damage to the vehicle than one can possibly imagine. Therefore, save yourself and your Tundra from all that trouble and read the article above to find out what size floor jacks will do the job flawlessly. 

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