What Size Floor Jack For Silverado 2500hd

What Size Floor Jack For Silverado 2500hdFinding a floor jack of the perfect size for your vehicle is just as critical as using the right parts in the engine. If you try to lift your Silverado 2500hd with a floor jack of unsuitable size, the result will neither be delightful for your eyes nor your wallet. 


Instead of taking such a huge risk, simply try to learn about what size floor jack is perfect for a Silverado 2500hd. This consideration will save you from trouble as well as help you load in the long run. 


However, if you dread spending hours on research, then do not fret, that problem has been taken care of. This article states in detail what size is ideal for a Silverado 2500hd as well as lists some of the best models for this specific vehicle. So, take a couple of minutes out of your day, and then go buy the perfect floor jack for your Silverado 2500hd. 

What Size Floor Jack For Silverado 2500hd

Below you are going to find a detailed answer to the question of what size floor jack for Silverado 2500hd. 

How To Determine The Right Size? 

No matter which vehicle you drive, picking the right floor jack for it is a very important task that should never be taken lightly. Especially, if you drive around a heavy-duty vehicle such as a Silverado 2500hd, then it is even more important to have a floor jack of the ideal size. If you use any model of floor jack that is used for ordinary vehicles, you will only face disappointment. Every vehicle needs its own specific-sized floor jack. The size of the jack depends upon two major factors, the weight lifting capacity of the machine and its lifting height capacity. Every model comes with its so own weight and height range. The simple way of determining the right model is picking a floor jack that has a capacity which is at least ¾ of the total weight of your vehicle. 


So, if you drive a vehicle that weighs under 4000 lbs, then any 1.5-ton or 2-ton floor jack that lifts even 14 inches will be perfect. They will meet the weight as well as the height criteria, as low-weight vehicles do not need as much height as heavy-weight vehicles. However, if you drive a heavy-duty truck that weighs more than 6000 lbs, then you will need a 3.5-ton floor jack which offers a minimum of 20 inches lifting height. For heavier vehicles, height is also important along with weight as such vehicles have larger tires. So, the user needs maximum height capacity from their floor jack. 

The Weight Range of Silverado 2500hd

The Silverado 2500hd is a heavy-duty vehicle. Its weight ranges from 6100 lbs to 6950 lbs. 

Along with the weight, you also need to consider the lifting height of the floor jack as this vehicle comes with larger wheels. Therefore, you need a minimum of 18 to 20 inches height from your floor jack. 

Ideal Floor Jack Size For Silverado 2500hd

According to the weight range and the height requirement of the Silverado 2500hd, the ideal floor jack for this vehicle will be a 3.5-ton or a 4-ton model. A 3.5-ton floor jack can easily lift 7000 lbs of weight, while a 4-ton has the capacity of 8000 lbs of weight. A model of 3.5-ton capacity will do the job perfectly, but the reason some people often pivot to a 4-ton model is to be on the safe side. Not to mention, it often offers more height than a 3.5-ton model. 

Best Picks 

There is no doubt that the market is full of a wide range of 3.5-ton and 4-ton floor jacks. However, not all of them are worth the bucks. There are only a handful of options that truly give you your money’s worth and do the job splendidly. The two best ones for a Silverado 2500hd are shared below. 


The first great pick for a Silverado 2500hd is the BIG RED AT84007R. This floor jack comes with a weight lifting capacity of 4-ton. Moreover, this model also offers a maximum of 20 inches of lifting height. The alloy steel construction is a cherry on top, which makes this overall deal ideal for a heavy-duty vehicle such as a Silverado 2500hd. 

Blackhawk B6350

The second ideal floor jack for a Silverado 2500hd is the Blackhawk B6350. This model has a 3.5-ton weight lifting capacity. That combined with the 22 inches of maximum lifting height of this model makes it perfect for any heavy vehicle. When you throw the alloy steel construction into the mix, it becomes even more ideal. 


Picking a model of floor jack for a car is no joke, especially when your vehicle of choice is a Silverado 2500hd. Considering the heavy weight of this vehicle, you need to be extra careful while choosing a floor jack. The article above will help you find out how you can pick the right size and what size floor jack is ideal for a Silverado 2500hd. 


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