What Size Floor Jack For Ram 1500

What Size Floor Jack For Ram 1500Driving around in a Ram 1500 is all fun and games till you need the heavy-duty vehicle up in the air and the floor jack at hand refuses to do that. This is a result of not considering what size floor jack is ideal for a Ram 1500 at the time of purchase. 


Selecting a model of floor jack for smaller vehicles is not a big deal, but for a larger one such as a Ram 1500, this decision holds great power. You need to take many technical things into consideration before picking one model of floor jack for your vehicle. 


So, throw out the list of recommendations and focus on what your vehicle needs. Lucky for you, the article below contains all the information that will help you understand what size floor jack is good for a Ram 1500. In addition to that, it also lists a few models that are best for a Ram 1500 in every way. 

What Size Floor Jack For Ram 1500

Every bit of information that will help clarify what size floor jack is ideal for Ram 1500 is present below. 

Weight Range Of Ram 1500

Before we talk about floor jacks for a Ram 1500, first you need to know the weight range of your vehicle. There is no single confirmed weight of these vehicles, as there are different models in the market and every model has its own weight that varies from the rest. However, just a few clicks on the internet will give you a rough idea. A model of Ram 1500 weighs somewhere between 4790 lbs to 5230 lbs. It is critical for you to know the weight range of your vehicle before you start searching for floor jacks. 

How To Pick The Right Model Of Floor Jack 

Whether you are buying a floor jack for a Ram 1500 or any other heavy-duty vehicle, you need to consider two factors; the weight range of the floor jack and the height capacity. Every model of floor jack comes with its own weight and height range; therefore, it is of utmost importance for you to pay close attention to both of these. Especially, when you are buying a floor jack for a larger vehicle like a Ram 1500, then the height capacity is just as important as the weight range of the floor jack. 


For such a larger vehicle, you need to have a floor jack that can raise the vehicle at least 15 to 16 inches off the ground. This will give users enough space to wiggle under their Ram 1500. For a smaller vehicle, you need a minimum of 12 to 13 inches of height. Similarly, the maximum weight capacity of the floor jack should be at least ¾ of the overall weight of the vehicle. You can even go for a model with higher capacity, just to be on the safe side. However, going for one that resides on the lower will be fatal. 


Ideal Size Range For Ram 1500

As we know that a Ram 1500 weighs between 4790 lbs to 5230 lbs, you need a model of floor jack that covers this entire weight range. Any floor jack that has a weight-bearing capacity of 3-ton will be perfect for a Ram 1500. A 2.5-ton model will also do the job, but purchasing a 3-ton one will push you on the safer side. A 3-ton model will not only check the box of load capacity but also offers more than 16 inches of maximum lifting height. Therefore, they are perfect for a heavy-duty vehicle like a Ram 1500.  

Best Picks For Ram 1500

This is no news that there is no scarcity of 3-ton floor jacks in the market. However, buying the first one you lay your eyes on is not a smart move. You need to go for ones that have been tried, tested and approved for your vehicle by a mass majority. In the case of a Ram 1500, the most-suited models are listed below. 

Eisen Heavy Duty 3 Ton Floor Jack

The Eisen Heavy Duty 3-Ton Floor Jack comes with the construction of alloy steel and has a 3-ton of load-bearing capacity. Moreover, the maximum height range of this floor jack is 18 ¼ inches, which is perfect for a Ram 1500. Furthermore, the robust wheels of this model are a cherry on top. 

Torin AT83006B

The Torin AT83006B is the second best fit for a Ram 1500. This floor jack has a 3-ton weight-bearing capacity and 18 inches of lifting height capacity. Not to mention, the usage of alloy steel in the entire body makes it a perfect fit for a heavy-duty vehicle such as a Ram 1500. 


A floor jack is not only responsible for lifting your vehicle, but it holds responsibility for keeping it safely in the air for the required amount of time. Therefore, you need to pick and buy a model of floor jack very carefully, especially for a heavy vehicle like a Ram 1500. The article above will guide you every step of the way. 


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