What Size Floor Jack For Suburban

What Size Floor Jack For SuburbanStruggling to raise your Suburban with a floor jack only for the machine to bend under the heavy weight of the car is a sight no car owner wants to witness. This situation will not only take a toll on your wallet but also poses a serious threat to your safety. 


Knowing what size floor jack is ideal for your Suburban is the only way to avoid this catastrophic situation. So instead of going after a certain brand, or following the recommendation of a colleague, you need to pick a floor jack which is perfect for your vehicle. 


It sounds difficult to find a floor jack which is the right size for your Suburban, but I have made this hard task easier for you. The article below is a result of hours of research. It states everything that can help you determine which size of floor jack is perfect for your Suburban along with a couple of the best options in the market. 

What Size Floor Jack For Suburban

Below you are going to find all the information that will help you determine what size floor jack is good for your Suburban. 

How To Find Out The Ideal Floor Jack Size

No matter what car you drive, they all have different weight ranges; therefore, each model needs its own floor jack. The simplest method of finding the ideal model of floor jack for your car is choosing a model that is at least ¾ of your vehicle’s overall weight. So, if your car weighs 4000 lbs, then the ideal floor jack will be a model that supports at least 3000 lbs of weight. You can always purchase one with higher capacity, as the ¾ weight of the vehicle is a minimum limit. 

Weight Range Of A Suburban 

There are numerous models of Suburban in the market, and the weight of every model of Suburban is not the same. However, the lowest weight of a Suburban is 5600 lbs, and the highest weight of one of its models is 6000 lbs. 

Ideal Floor Jack Size For Suburban 

Now that we know the average weight range of a Suburban, as well as how to find the right size floor jack by following the weight range, selecting a floor jack is not that difficult. Any model of floor jack that can lift at least 4500 lbs is ideal for a Suburban. Therefore, no matter which model of Suburban you have, a 3-ton floor jack will be perfect for it. A 3-ton model can lift as much as 6000 lbs of weight, which makes it perfect for a heavy-duty vehicle such as a Suburban. You can even go for a 3.5-ton or a 4-ton floor jack, just to be on the safe side. 

Best Models 

Usually, a 3-ton floor jack is perfect for a Suburban, but there are so many floor jacks of this weight range in the market. Hence, it is almost impossible to know which one is truly worth the money. However, after years of experience, I can say that there are a few that actually give you your money’s worth. The best 3-ton floor jacks for a Suburban are shared below. 

BIG RED T83006

The BIG RED T83006 is hands down the best 3-ton floor jack in the market. It comes with the construction of alloy steel and offers a maximum lifting height of 20.8 inches. Moreover,  the long saddle neck of this model is among the features that make it perfect for heavy-duty vehicles such as Suburbans. 

Pittsburgh Automotive 3-Ton Low Profile Floor Jack 

The second best 3-ton floor jack is the Pittsburgh Automotive 3-Ton Low Profile Floor Jack. this model also comes with alloy steel construction, and 18.5 maximum lifting height. Moreover, the wider saddle, retractable handle and robust casters make it a good investment for larger vehicles. 


Knowing which size floor jack is perfect for your vehicle is very important. Especially, when you drive around heavy-duty cars such as a Suburban, then you need to own a model of floor jack which is ideal for this vehicle. The article above will help you guide through the process of picking the right size floor jack for your Suburban. 


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