What Kind of Fluid Goes in a Floor Jack?

What kind of fluid in a floor jackThis is no rocket science that your floor jack needs its fluid to operate smoothly. You can not just pour a gallon of any oil you have in your garage unless you plan to wreck your machine. A floor jack needs a specific kind of fluid, i.e. hydraulic jack oil.

A small amount of the right oil can do wonders to the performance of a floor jack. Therefore, instead of experimenting with such a handy and hefty-priced machine, you need to be careful about what you pour into the release valve of your floor jack.

However, if in any case, you can not get your hands on the suitable hydraulic jack oil, then there is a replacement that you can use. Along with the right oil, I have also shared the replacement in the article below for your ease and convenience. So without delaying this any further, let’s talk about the suitable fluids for the floor jack.

What Fluid Goes In A Floor Jack?

In the article below, you will find out which fluid is the best for your floor jack, and what to stay away from.

Ideal Fluid For Floor Jack

The best and most suitable fluid for your floor jack is hydraulic jack oil. Basically, a floor jack needs a low viscosity fluid to operate smoothly. A high viscosity fluid can be damaging for this machine. This is why the hydraulic floor jack is the perfect option. It is not only low viscosity in nature but also a non-compressable oil. Therefore, this type of fluid is perfect for any model of a floor jack.

Types of Hydraulic Jack Oil

There are many types of hydraulic jack oils on the market. You can not just pick anyone and start pouring it into your machine. Any random jack oil may get the job done, but to ensure optimum performance, you need to pick one of the best options. The list includes Penrite Indus Pro ISO 32, Penrite Indus Pro IO 46, and Penrite Indus Pro ISO 68. There are a couple of choices from other brands as well, such as Wolf’s Head Dexron-VI, and Wolf’s Head Dexron-V.

Replacement Fluid For Floor Jack

In any case, if you can not find a hydraulic jack oil, then there are a few replacements as well. You can use any lightweight motor oil and ATF, which stands for Automatic Transmission Fluid. Any machine oil that has a viscosity grade of 10W, or 20W is a perfect choice, as these are low viscosity oils.

Importance Of Adding Fluid

A floor jack is the type of machine which needs proper lubrication. As the machine is built from high-grade steel or aluminum, and it is used for lifting heavyweight objects, it needs to be well-lubricated for the motor to run smoothly. Fluids provide lubrication to the motor to ensure that they keep running smoothly. If a model of floor jack lacks the right oil, then it will not operate and do its intended job.

Effects Of Using Unsuitable Fluid

Using an unsuitable fluid for your floor jack will do more damage than you think. Every machine has its own requirements, and that goes for floor jacks as well. Therefore, providing the machine with its perfect oil is necessary to keep it running smoothly. If the user does not take care of this detail and pours any type of fluid into their floor jack, then there will be damage. There is a high chance that the machine may stop working as the motor will suffer from damage. The owner will need to change the entire motor of the floor jack. Another damaging result of using unsuitable fluid is higher fuel consumption. Low viscosity fluids have a lower consumption rate as compared to high viscosity. Therefore, your floor jack may even start consuming gallons of fluid for menial tasks.


Finding suitable fluids for your floor jack is a task that many deem simple, but when the time comes, it is a major decision, especially if you are a first-time user. This is why I have spent a lot of time researching and finding a list of the best fluids for your floor jack so you do not have to go through the trouble.


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