What Floor Jacks Are Made In USA

What Floor Jacks Are Made In USASeeing the tag of Made in USA serves as an assurance that you are investing your money in a worthy machine. However, turns out the machines often get merely assembled in the country. So, you can no longer trust brands when they claim that their floor jack and other machines are made in USA. 


Unless and until you are fully aware of all the floor jacks that are actually made in the USA, there is no way for you to get what you are looking for. Following the tag will merely get you a model that was only put together on the premises of the country and not actually manufactured in the USA. 


Therefore, save yourself from such scams and do your own research. Even better, take a few minutes out of your day to thoroughly read the article below as it answers the question ‘what floor jacks are made in USA’. 

What Floor Jacks Are Made In USA

The following article contains a list that focuses on all the floor jacks that are made in the USA. 

Understanding Made In USA And Assembled In USA

There are a ton of floor jack production companies in the market that claim their machines are made in USA. Even though that statement is not completely a lie, it is a partial truth. It misleads people into believing the machine is manufactured from scratch in the USA when that is not the truth. Many brands have their floor jacks and other machines built outside of the USA. Their manufacturing does not happen on USA soil. Their parts are built either in China, Taiwan or India. 


However, once the parts are manufactured, they are shipped to the USA to the main warehouse of the brand. That is when the parts are assembled and a floor jack is brought to life. Therefore, the parts were not manufactured in the USA, they get assembled on USA soil. Due to low manufacturing costs, this option is feasible for many companies. The number of brands that have their factories outside the US is countless. But, there are still a handful of companies that do not take their manufacturing outside of the country. Every single part of their floor jacks is constructed in the USA, and it is then assembled and brought to life in the country. 

Floor Jack That Are Made In USA

The number of brands that actually manufacture their floor jacks in USA is only a handful. Following are some of the models that are made from scratch within the boundary of the USA. 

Hein-Werner HW93657

The first floor jack on my list that is built from the scratch in the USA is the Hein-Werner HW93657. This is a 4-ton floor jack that comes with cast iron construction. Every single part and piece of this machine is manufactured and then assembled in the USA. Therefore, when the label on the floor jack says ‘Made in USA’, it is not a lie or partial truth. The extra-long design of this floor jack makes it possible to reach into areas where a floor jack usually can not reach. The 25 ¾ inches maximum lifting capacity of this model is one of its highlighting features, without a doubt. 

Hein-Werner HW93652

Another model of Hein-Werner that is constructed within the USA is the Hein-Werner HW93652. This is a 3-ton floor jack that has been manufactured with high-grade cast iron. Similar to the first model of Hein-Werner, this floor jack is also actually made in the USA, and not merely assembled. The robust casters present at the bottom make it easier to move this machine around. Moreover, the manufacturers have also taken the liberty of adding a U-joint system which is responsible for better load control. The further addition of a pressure relief system saves the floor jack from overloading. 

US Jacks

In the sea of different brands of floor jacks present in the market, the name US Jack is one of the very few that manufacture their floor jacks in the country. They do not have their factories in other countries like China or Taiwan. Each one of their floor jacks is manufactured in the USA, so they actually live up to their claims. Some of their best models are D-51232, a 2-ton floor jack, and the D-51223, which is a 4-ton floor jack offering 26 ¼ inches maximum lifting height. Another great creation of this brand is the D-51224. It comes with a weight capacity of a whopping 10-ton and a lifting height capacity of 25.5 inches. 


If you want a US-only product, then you can not turn a blind eye to the construction of the parts of the machine. Most models are manufactured outside the premises and assembled on US soil. Therefore, if you are looking for strictly US-made floor jacks only, then it is best if you read the article above to find what you are searching for. 

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