What Can A 3 Ton Floor Jack Lift

Having a 3-ton floor jack around to keep your trucks in the air is all fun and games till you hear a nasty screech and the jack buckles under the heavyweight. This is the result of not considering the lifting capacity of your 3-ton floor jack.

Before you slide a floor jack under any surface or vehicle that requires being lifted, it is crucial for you to consider its lifting capacity. Every model has its own power, so a 3-ton floor jack can not lift what a 4-ton can.

Not keeping the weight and lifting range of your 3-ton floor jack is a rookie mistake which can not only cost you the machine, but it also poses a great threat to the safety of the user. To help you keep the rate of accidents to a minimum, I am going to share a list of items that a 3-ton floor jack can lift easily.

What Can A 3 Ton Floor Jack Lift?

If you want to know what your 3-ton floor jack is capable of lifting, then you will find the answer to that question below.

How Much Is 3 Ton?

Before you start rushing to google what your 3-ton floor jack can lift, let me stop you right there. There is a simple method to determine that. You need to convert tons into pounds or kilograms and that is how you will be able to easily keep a check on what your floor jack can lift. This way it is easier to keep track of the lifting capacity of your floor jack. In this case, a 3-ton floor jack has a lifting capacity of 6000 lbs of weight. Therefore, when you are about to use your floor jack for a project, you need to keep in mind whether the weight range of the items involved falls under the range of the floor jack.

What Can It Lift?

Now that you are aware of the exact amount of lifting capacity of a 3-ton floor jack, it is time for you to find out which items come under this range. Knowing this is critical as it can save users from various accidents, and also from wasting their precious bucks.

Types Of Vehicles

There is a wide range of different types of vehicles in the market, and the usage of floor jacks for maintenance is one of the many things common in all of them. A 3-ton floor jack can be used for a small compact car, as their weight range is less than 3000 lbs. Therefore, if the user has a small Chevrolet or a compact Honda, they can easily use a 3-ton floor jack to lift it off the ground.


Moreover, such floor jacks can also be used for mid-size to larger cars as their weight ranges from 3300 lbs to 3800 lbs. As both of these are under 6000 lbs, which is the range of a 3-ton floor jack, the user can safely use their floor jack for such vehicles. A Kia, Subaru, or Toyota Camry are examples of mid-size to large vehicles. Apart from these vehicles, a 3-ton floor jack can also be used for smaller trucks and SUVs. They both weigh under 4000 lbs which is why a 3-ton floor jack is a safe choice for them.

Other Items

Other than the long list of different types of vehicles, there are a couple of other items that can also be lifted with a 3-ton floor jack. The most common item that you can use your floor jack for is for lifting floor joists of your house. If you need to do some work in the basement and need a heavy-duty machine, a 3-ton floor jack is a perfect choice. Moreover, if the beams of your house need support, you can use the 3-ton floor jack for that too.

Why Is It Important To Consider The Weight Range?

Considering the weight range and the lifting range of your 3-ton floor jack is highly critical. It can easily turn into a matter of life or death. If you use such a machine to lift a vehicle that is it not suitable for, there is a high probability that the floor jack will succumb to death under the pressure and weight. This will not only damage the vehicle, but if there is someone under it, it can endanger their life too. Furthermore, if your floor jack is not ideal for the project at hand, then all your money goes down the drain as you will not be able to use the machine.


Knowing what your 3-ton floor jack can lift is the only way for you to utilize the machine properly and safely. Therefore, read the article above to find out what your floor jack can lift, as it contains a detailed answer to this question.


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