How to Use a Floor Jack on a Jeep Wrangler?

use a floor Jack on a Jeep wranglerA Floor Jack has been considered valuable equipment in its usage and its capacity to uplift robust burden. No doubt, the world has revolutionized itself in the context of technology. However, still, these manually operating devices are life-saving. A floor jack is a tool that functions manually. You don’t require any cables or electrical connection for its working. A person can easily use it by using their hands.


A floor jack operates on the hydraulic mechanism. One has to apply a low magnitude force, which the fluid amplifies present in the floor jack. Hence, the non-compressible hydraulic oil in the floor jack exerts pressure on the cylinder. Ultimately, that push by the cylinder raises the car or any vehicle. Therefore, use the tool to uplift any load, car, jeep, etc.


Different kinds of Floor jacks

Classification of the floor jack is;


Scissor Floor jack

This type of floor jack is a hand-operating tool. It works manually by applying little effort that fits perfectly to the jack point on the car. Its electronic version is also available. You have to connect it with the car’s battery to operate it by lifting the vehicle either up or down.


House Jacks

As the name suggests, it lifts the apartments from the ground to carry them to another place. Home construction primarily uses it.


Hydraulic Jacks

It is mainly used in the workshop and is not an ordinary jack to fix the car tires and use for manufacturing purposes.


Bottle Jacks

It has a hydraulic fluid inside it. It could lift the car to a higher level. Hence, not suitable for modern vehicles like Sports cars.


Working of Floor Jack on Jeep Wrangler

A floor jack’s quick fix and fast pace of moving objects up and down would never disappoint anyone. However, one gets plunged into apprehension when you see the size of a Jeep Wrangler and your floor jack. You get uncertain about its working on the Jeep Wrangler. But as the ‘Seeing sees little,’ one cannot judge the working of something by looking merely at its size.


Read the car’s manuals before setting up a floor jack under the Jeep Wrangler. In this way, a person will understand the jack spot or uplift spot and how to identify them. Before the lifting process, one must ensure to evaluate the capacity of the floor jack. While doing this task of uplifting the Jeep, the person should prohibit the kid’s entrance there.


Park the Jeep on a smooth road and restricts its movement by applying brick in front of the wheels. The person then locates the heavy part of the Jeep Wrangler to place the floor jack. Afterward, position the floor jack appropriately under the Jeep. When it is accurately located, the person rotates the clasp on the Jack in an anti-clockwise direction. This rotation will uplift the Jeep. Keep spinning it until the Jeep is lifted enough by the floor jack. Then loosens the nuts of the tires to change it. After fixing the tire, similarly, rotate the clasp again to bring the vehicle down.


Maintenance of a Floor Jack


A floor jack is the most frequently used instrument by the driver. Therefore, he must pay attention to its maintenance and care. After using it, the person should adequately place it in a safe place. A person should regularly inspect it and ensure that its nuts and bolts are tight and fixed. Maintain your floor jack by cleaning it regularly to avoid the deposition of dust or pollution.


Jack oil is essential for its proper functioning. Assess it regularly to prevent it from oxidizing, corrosion, thickening, and contaminating. Keep the floor Jack away from humidity, and excessive heat as humidity causes rusting. Before its storage, ensure to discharge the pressure in the cylinder.




For amending the defects, the floor jack is a valuable tool. The most commonly used floor jacks for Jeep Wrangler are Arcan ALJ3T, CAT 240330, and Blackhawk B6350. Adopt preventive measures before its usage. Place the floor jack safely without causing any harm. By following these instructions step by step, one could easily uplift the gigantic Jeep wrangler by using a floor jack.


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