Torin Motorcycle Jack Review

A major part of keeping the performance of your motorcycle smooth is giving it regular sessions of maintenance. For that, you need only the best possible tools. The Torin Motorcycle Jack is a perfect example of that.


Considering the fact that this jack has been constructed specifically for motorcycles, it makes the job of lifting heavy-duty bikes in the air seem like child’s play. The solid body of this model makes the task even easier. Not to mention, that the sturdy construction of this model is full of remarkable features and nifty perks that users dream of.


Lucky for you, every single one of them is mentioned in great detail in the article below. So, you will not have to waste time hopping from one site to another. Therefore, without any further adieu, let’s dive right into it.

What Makes It Different?

The first feature that sets this motorcycle jack apart from the rest is that it comes with extra long skids. The cherry on top is that they have been padded to provide a better grip. Moreover, the 6 locking positions of the jack combined with the foot pedal release make handling it extremely hassle-free. This motorcycle jack also offers a reasonable lifting height range which makes it possible for the users to slide it under their ATVs, Snowmobiles along with motorcycles.

Detailed Review

The name of Big Red is enough to convince any user of the high quality of any tool or machine that comes with their label. They always follow through with their claims, so, if you are considering the Torin Motorcycle Jack, it is an amazing decision. This motorcycle jack is quite different from what you often see in the market. The meticulous attention to detail by the manufacturers is what sets it apart. They have utilized the best quality steel in the making of its body. Therefore, the jack is highly sturdy and durable. To top it off, the manufacturers have also added a generous layer of powder coating. This finishing enhances the colour of the jack as well as brings resistance to scratching, wear, and fading to the design.


Thanks to the solid construction, the jack is capable of lifting up to 1500 lbs of weight. This means whether you have a heavy bike, an ATV, UTV or a Snowmobile, the jack will easily lift it high in the air. The length of the skids makes it even more convenient to lift vehicles other than bikes. Furthermore, they come with a thick layer of fabric which increases the grip of the skids, so that the chances of bikes slipping are significantly slim. In addition to that, this model comes bearing a foot pedal release system which lowers the bike or the vehicle down to the ground with ease.


As this motorcycle jack is quite heavy in weight, the manufacturers have added wheels to its base. Therefore, moving it from one place to another will never give you any trouble. The best thing that I have heard is that the wheels at the back come with a locking system. Therefore, when the jack is in its place, the users can easily lock the back casters. This will prevent the jack from moving from its place. The presence of a bottle jack in the body of this motorcycle jack makes the task of lifting heavy-duty bikes in the air much more convenient. The manufacturers have also added a long handle to the package and have also added a thick rubber layer to its top. Therefore, the users can hold it with ease.

Impressive Lifting Height Range

One of the best features of this motorcycle jack is that it offers an amazing lifting height range. The lowest height of this jack is 5 ⅛ inches, and the users can raise it as high as 16 ⅛ inches. With this lifting height capacity, the users will be able to do any maintenance job with ease. Simply raise the bike up in the air, and slide under it without any difficulty.

Foot Pedal Release System

Raising heavy bikes in the air is not a difficult task, the tricky part is lowering them to the ground safely. The Torin Motorcycle Jack has a solution for that as well. This model comes with a pedal at the front of the machine. When this pedal is pressed, the skids of the motorcycle jack start lowering, bringing the bike to the safety of the ground. From my research, many users preferred this model specifically for this feature as it makes the job safe for their bikes.

Six Locking Position

Another thoughtful addition to the body of this jack is that it comes with 6 locking positions. When the users raise their bikes on the skids, there is always the risk of the skids slipping back down. However, that will not be the case with this model. The users will be able to keep their bikes securely in the air, as the locking system will prevent the skids from slipping back down. The best part is that it has 6 different positions, so the users can work at any height level without any worry.


  • 1500 lbs load capacity
  • Lifts up to 16 ⅛ inches high
  • 6 locking positions
  • Wheels swivel and lock
  • Solid construction
  • Foot pedal release
  • Has a bottle jack
  • Powder coating
  • Longer skids
  • Comes with a removable handle


  • Very heavy in weight
  • No ratchet straps in the package
  • Arrives unassembled

Why Should You Spend Money On It?

The first reason why every bike owner needs to spend their bucks on this model is that its solid design will have their back for a long time. Furthermore, the sturdy construction carries many amazing features such as a foot pedal release system, multiple locking positions, and locking back wheels. Therefore, the usage of this model will be highly convenient.


The Torin Motorcycle Jack is what every professional needs in their life. From its robust construction of steel and powder coating to the wide array of handy features, it has everything. The list of perks of this model is quite long, so you will have to read the article above to find out about them all.


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