Torin Big Red T83006 Floor Jack Review (2023) – Briefly Reviewed

Torin Big Red T83006 Floor Jack Review

Not all industrial-like-quality 3-ton floor jacks entail disturbingly hefty price tags. Some have pretty modest ones like Torin Big Red T83006. It is one of the reasons why we picked this jack for our comprehensive review. The remaining strengths will be laid bare for you in the section below.

It is one of Torin’s signature traits to manufacture high-quality, durable floor jacks at an affordable price. This floor jack also emanates the same lasting durability. For a heavy-duty construction capable of supporting a 3-ton weight, this tool is surprisingly lightweight. Moreover, it has a fair share of user-friendly features along with a super-easy operating mechanism, which makes it an enticing option for professionals and amateurs alike. 

In short, if you want to buy the best inexpensive 3-ton floor jack, you have picked the right model. The device claims to work perfectly with the majority of vehicles including cars, lifted trucks, vans and SUVs.

What Makes Torin Big Red Floor Jack Stand Apart?

Unlike other budgeted products, Torin Big Red floor jack has a heavy-duty structure with a decent number of amenities to make the lifting of trucks, vans and SUVs a breeze. Its tough built proves that the unit will stay functional for decades.

Our Torin Big Red Floor Jack Review

Torin Big Red Floor JackTorin Big Red (T83006) always manages to be in the limelight because the tool has a giant-like construction and potential, yet it is inexpensive. What do you call a deal that offers a service jack capable of tackling a 3-ton load without putting an equally heavy dent in your wallet? I call it a STEAL! 

Its muscled frame together with a lifting range of 6” to 12” makes it perfect for heavy vehicles like lifted trucks, SUVs and Explorers. The unit lacks fancy features like rapid lift technology, but the loss has been compensated with its giraffe-like long saddle neck that helps you elevate taller vehicles off the ground in less time. 

Don’t look so dejected; it’s not completely bland. The service jack does employ safety measurements like an internal overload protection system to prevent you from dumping load beyond its limit. 

Do you know what I found most surprising? Its lightweight structure. For a big and burly floor jack made up of heavy-duty steel, it weighs less than a toddler. At 18-pounds, it is one of the most lightweight units. To make it more pleasing, the unit employs two pairs of casters – one made of steel and another having a 36-degree rotatory quality. With these in place, rolling it back and forth on any type of surface becomes a breeze. 

In end, this floor jack is a dependable option for occasional heavy lifting regardless of its flaws. If you want the best value 3-ton floor jack, buy Torin Big Red service jack.

Durable Floor Jack

This service jack is made of high-grade steel to provide you with industrial-level durability and longevity. The fact that this model can withstand a 6000lbs (3-ton) load without flinching makes it crystal clear that this jack is sturdy and muscly enough to hoist heavy vehicles like a truck, an SUV, or a Ford Explorer without coming off at the hinges. 

Regardless of its rock-solid construction, the unit is pleasantly lightweight. At 18-pounds, even a petite person would be able to carry it around without hurting his back. In addition to that, it has sturdy steel wheels and pivoting casters to make its positioning and maneuverability even more hassle-free. 

There’s a bump in the road, though. Some users have complained about poor welding in some parts of this product. This brings us to the conclusion that the tool might not stand extensive load-lifting, especially on a regular basis in a busy auto shop.  

Long Saddle Neck

Unfortunately, the unit is bereft of a dual-piston rapid pump mechanism. That doesn’t mean it is sluggish in lifting action. Courtesy of its unusually long saddle neck and well-designed single-piston hydraulic pump system, the machine is capable of jacking your vehicle to the maximum height faster than your expectation. With a 6” to 21” hoisting range, you will not have any trouble raising taller vehicles such as lifted trucks, Explorers, vans and SUVs to the maximum height. 

Overload Safety

Despite being an inexpensive product, the jack is fitted with an internal bypass valve that keeps it from being overloaded to ensure a smooth and accident-free operation. This means anyone can use it without fearing for their safety, be it a weekend warrior, a seasoned mechanic, or a beginner.

Other Features

The jack comes with rugged carrying handles that help you lift and move the device around effortlessly. Plus, it offers a 1-year warranty to assure you of its reliability.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Lightweight frame.
  • Extra-long saddle neck to swiftly raise vehicles in the air.
  • Internal safety valve to prevent overloading.
  • Perfect for vehicles like trucks, Explorers and SUVs.
  • Great value with a pocket-friendly price.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Some parts are poorly welded.
  • Lacks rapid pump mechanism.
  • Might crumble when subjected to extensive load-lifting.

Why Should You Go for Torin Big Red Floor Jack?

Not only is this floor jack inexpensive, but it also has a long-lasting, durable structure that can easily hoist a hefty load of 3-ton again and again without buckling. Besides, the unit has a decent number of features and extremely easy operation, which further entices customers to purchase it. Lastly, its 1-year warranty is added security to assure you there will be no additional expenditure if something goes wrong.

Final Verdict

Torin Big Red (T83006) is often placed among the top 10 best value floor jacks for trucks and SUVs because of its exceptional quality, safe and smooth operation and reasonable pricing. The tool has a 3-ton load capacity and a well-built lifting mechanism to help you raise almost any vehicle to a decent maintenance height. In conclusion, if you want to own a top-rated 3-ton service jack with a sturdy built and user-friendly use, buy this model by Torin.

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