Torin TAM815016L Floor Jack Review (2023) – Worth the Money?

Torin TAM815016L Floor Jack Review

Torin TAM815016L is the quintessential best value aluminum floor jack—solid, performance-oriented, and affordable.

The tool shares many features with other models of the same category, but there are a few hidden perks that help it come on top. In this review, we have attempted to expose every nitty-gritty detail, both good and bad, about its engineering.

The tool has aluminum construction to keep it lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand a load of 1.5-ton. With the low-profile structure, rapid hydraulic pump mechanism, and internal safety features, it certainly makes your job a lot easier and safer.

Before you dig further, one thing is clear: this floor jack is an enticing choice for buying if you’re seeking the best affordable aluminum floor jack for occasional weight lifting.

What Makes Torin TAM815016L Floor Jack Standout?

Torin TAM815016L gains an edge over others of the same category through its sturdy aluminum profile loaded with cutting-edge features. As for money, the tool will leave you only a little over 100 bucks poorer yet reward you with a quality jack boasting of efficient and safe performance.

Our Torin TAM815016L Floor Jack Review!

Floor jacksTorin Floor Jack by Torin snag front-row seats when there’s a show for exhibiting the best floor jacks, and this TAM815016L model reveals how the brand has retained such a level of success. For a mid-priced tool, it has a lot of longevity and strength to offer. 

Coming in aircraft-grade aluminum construction coupled with high-strength steel, the tool houses sufficient durability and the potential – minus weighing like a hulk – to lift 3000lbs (1.5-ton) load a handful of times in a DIY fanatic’s den. This lightweight frame makes it highly portable, which means storing or relocating it won’t be a hassle.

Another important thing that benefits you immensely is its low-profile design. Add elevation range of 8.9-14.5” to the mix and it becomes evident that this little guy can easily sneak under those low-clearance vehicles that are practically kissing the ground. 

Not that you would load it beyond rated capacity, the manufacturer still doesn’t want to take any chance. The tool employs a safety overload mechanism to prevent it from being abused beyond its capacity. 

Not only this but other standard safety measures are also followed such as padding on the saddle and handle. Together these paddings allow a firm hold while remaining gentle to prevent damaging your car where they come in contact with its body. 

Similarly, the company values user’s comfort too, which is why it comes equipped with a dual-piston pump. The technology allows the unit to gain maximum height with just four strokes of the pump. 

We would advise you to buy this unit if you are searching for a solid 1.5-ton aluminum floor jack with the best value to offer. 

Aluminum Construction

This floor jack is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a mix of steel to give it a long-lasting construction, capable of putting up with occasional intense use in a weekend warrior’s shed. The perk of the aluminum frame is that it gives the necessary strength to support a 1.5-ton load without making the machine weigh like a rhino. However, the given capacity will fall short of your expectations if you throw a bigger vehicle at it like a large pickup or a van.

Low Profile

What you lose with its limited load capacity, you gain through its low-profile structure. The unit upon fully contracting offers a minimum height of 3½”, which means it will hardly experience resistance while getting under low-chassis vehicles like sports cars or intentionally dropped cars. Besides, it reaches a height of 14.5” when fully extended. So, the tool offers a fair lifting range to help you easily sneak underneath a vehicle to comfortably perform the repair without feeling caged.

What makes it even more satisfactory is the negligible effort it takes on part of the user to reach the highest elevation point. The credit goes to its well-built double-piston pump mechanism that extends the unit to optimum height level in just four quick strokes. No strenuous efforts, no huffing puffing!

Safety Measures

Despite being a relatively low-costing unit, Torin has employed as many safety measures as necessary to make it completely safe and secure both for the tool and the vehicle. The unit has a built-in overload protection mechanism to prevent you from torturing it beyond its endurance. Furthermore, both the saddle and the handle of the device have a padded layer latched on them to ensure all those parts of the vehicle that come in contact with the jack are safe from scratches.


  • Durable and lightweight aluminum frame.
  • 1.5-ton load capacity is ideal for small cars.
  • Low-profile build with admirable elevation range.
  • Built-in overload protection mechanism enhances longevity and performance.
  • Padded saddle and handle to prevent scratches.
  • Portable. 
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Not suitable for heavy lifting.
  • Wobbles a bit when fully extended.
  • The hydraulic release valve needs improvement.

Why Should You Buy Torin TAM815016L Floor Jack?

Torin TAM815016L has a good quality aluminum construction in a low-profile frame to grant the unit desirable durability and longevity without compromising its portability. It falls in the category of mid-priced floor jacks yet the unit employs cutting-edge pumping technology and safety features to make sure it works effectively and efficiently whenever put to use.


As expected from a reputed name like Torin, this floor jack houses the company’s signature quality and reliable performance. The aluminum structure of the unit grants it sturdiness and strength to withstand a 1.5-ton load while keeping it lightweight enough to be easily managed. This limited load-bearing capacity restricts its utility to small cars, but the low-profile design along with a decent lift range compensates for the loss. Plus, the offer of a 1-year warranty further adds to its reliability. In conclusion, if you want a reliable aluminum floor jack that offers the best value for money, Torin TAM815016L is undoubtedly a great option to spend your money on.

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