Torin 6 Ton Bottle Jack Review

Torin 6 Ton Bottle Jack Review

Finding the perfect floor jack on your initial try, without any prior research sounds like every rookie’s dream but the chances of it happening are slim. Chances are that you will end up with a machine that does not meet your needs.


To actually get the best model of jack such as the Torin 6 Ton Bottle Jack, you need to be aware of many things. At the top of the list is knowing the type of floor jack your project or vehicle requires. Lucky for you, the Torin 6 Ton Bottle Jack is ideal for a wide range of projects and vehicles. Its impressive weight capacity is the first of many features that set it apart from the ordinary models on the market.


The compact and lightweight body of this model comes laden with features that will make its usage more and more convenient. To do proper justice to this bottle jack, I have shared all the information I could gather in detail in the article below.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The first feature that makes this bottle jack stand out is its weight tolerance. It’s not every day that you find a jack that can lift up to 6-ton of weight conveniently. Moreover, this model also comes with an overload feature for the safety valve that protects the model from lifting more than it is capable of. Another small yet amazing feature that also plays a role in making it unique is its serrated saddle which also offers the perk of adjustability.

Detailed Review

When a person looks for the best models of floor jacks in the market, a good share of them come with the name of Big Red. They are known for manufacturing the finest jacks that do the job remarkably well. From what I have heard, the Torin 6 Ton Bottle Jack has not fallen far from the tree. This model comes with all the features that Big Red is known for. Whether it is a sturdy design, higher weight and lifting range or nifty details, this bottle jack is full of them.


The first amazing feature of this model is that it has been manufactured with none other than high-grade alloy steel. The material is known for its strength, resistance to corrosion, and hardness. All of these traits are present in the floor jack; therefore, giving it a longer lifespan than other models. Moreover, this model comes with a whopping 6-ton of weight-bearing capacity, which is its highlighting feature without a doubt. When you combine its lifting height into the mix, it becomes even more perfect. Its original height is 8 ¼ inches and it can go as high as 16 inches. Therefore, it is ideal for smaller vehicles as well as larger ones that require more height. A small yet handy detail is that this model comes with a detachable handle. This feature makes storage of the bottle jack easier.


Moving to the other impressive qualities of this nifty machine, it possesses a glide-action pressure pump. Therefore, lifting a vehicle or any heavy item off the ground will not leave the users sweating and panting. It will be done without any hassle. Not to mention, thanks to the presence of plastic covering on the top of the handle, pumping it rapidly will also never become a headache. From my observation, the users especially liked the fact that this model comes with a thicker base. Therefore, even during lifting heavy vehicles, it remains steady and stable. There is no fear of the bottle jack wobbling or slipping. Last, despite all these amazing qualities, this model only weighs 8.2 lbs in weight. It is highly portable in nature, so moving it around the garage or lugging it in the back of the car will not be an issue.

6-Ton Weight Capacity

The 6-ton weight range of this bottle jack is its highlighting feature, I am sure you have read this before. However, the remarkability of this feature only hits when you consider the long list of vehicles it can lift. It has a 6-ton capacity which means it can lift up to 12000 lbs without any issue. Therefore, this floor jack can easily lift any small or medium-weight vehicle, such as a Honda or a Chevy. It can even lift an SUV and many medium-weight trucks such as Chevrolet pickup trucks, or the Ford F250.

Safety Bypass Valves

A nifty feature of this bottle jack is that it arrives with safety bypass valves. This seems like a small feature, but these bypass valves keep overloading at bay. This ensures that the bottle jack does not lift any vehicle that exceeds its capacity. This safety feature ensures that the bottle jack remains safe from harm; therefore, can be used for a longer period.

Serrated Heat-Treated Saddle

The presence of a serrated heat-treated saddle is another great addition by the manufacturers. This feature ensures that the grip of this bottle jack remains unparalleled. Thanks to the serrated design, there is no chance that the bottle jack will slip from its position under the vehicle. Moreover, the heat treatment makes the saddle more sturdy and lessens its chances of getting damaged. Another great perk is that the saddle can be adjusted.


6-ton capacity

16 inches maximum height

Alloy steel construction

Glide-action pressure pump

Overload safety valve

Serrated heat-treated saddle

Thicker base

Portable design



Has the issue of slight fluid leakage

Requires bleeding quite often

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are a professional who is working around heavy-weight vehicles all the time, then you will not find a model better than this one. Its weight and height capacity makes it perfect for a wide range of vehicles, and projects. Moreover, thanks to the durable construction, there is no fear of the machine bending under heavy weight. Not to mention, it comes at a highly affordable cost, so getting your hands on this model will not punch a hole through your wallet.


Every individual who works around cars and yearns for a sturdy and stable jack needs to take a closer look at the Torin 6 Ton Bottle Jack. From the construction of this model to its endurance capacity, it is quite remarkable. The article above will give you better insight into the features and perks of this model.


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