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Pro-Lift F-767 Floor Jack Review

Are you tired of squandering cash on minor and basic repairs like a tire or oil change, replacing a spark plug, brake pad replacement etc? Of course, you are because these services can be handled right in your garage if you have the best floor jack for emergency lifting at your disposal. Pro-Lift F-767 low-profile jack is one such product that fits the bill.

In this review, we will show you why it is our preferred choice for such light-duty maintenance work. The tool has a built that screams strength and convenience. Unlike other good quality jacks, this one will not upset your financial status yet surpass your expectations about durability and performance. In simple terms, if you want the best value 2-ton floor jack for home use, Pro-Lift F-767 is a safe choice.

What Makes Pro-Lift F-767 Floor Jack Standout?

Pro-Lift F-767 outclasses other inexpensive floor jacks with its heavily reinforced steel body that also houses some amazing features to bring safety and convenience to your auto repair sessions.

Our Pro-Lift F-767 Floor Jack Review

Pro Lift Floor JackWe like to call Pro-Lift F-767 a true illustration of superior craftsmanship or the best low-profile floor jack under $100; take your pick. You will end up agreeing with our claim because of its beast-like tough built adorned with some cool and fancy features at a reasonable price. 

It’s a craftsmanship marvel because of super-durable steel construction that is still lightweight enough to be easily pushed or hauled around without breaking a sweat. Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, no, it is not a fragile thing. Beast-like remember? Its ability to haul a 2-ton weight proves us right. 

The actual charming feature is its low-profile frame. When you contract it completely, it drops to a mere 3.5” height. Together with the given load capacity, it is safe to say that the unit can handle a wide variety of vehicles ranging from regular motors to those having less than 4” clearance. 

On the other hand, its optimum height of 14” isn’t the ideal one. But, you might find it tolerable since it offers enough ground clearance for small maintenance tasks like a tire or rim repair or oil change. Plus, it has that much-coveted supersonic speedy lifting mechanism to raise your car in the air in literally a snap. 

The downside of such rapid jacking is that it might leave a few scratches or dings on your vehicle if you aren’t careful because its handle is bereft of padding. On the plus, it employs built-in safety valves to dissuade you from overloading or over-pumping. At least, that’s one worry out of the way. 

All in all, the unit is a great value option for minor DIY auto repair jobs or occasional load-lifting at home. Buy it if you want a well-built floor jack for small maintenance work.

Built Quality

Despite what you expect from an inexpensive service jack, the build quality of this model is commendable. It has an entire heavy-duty steel construction to help it last a decade, generations even. Considering its claim to withstand 2-ton of load without buckling, we believe in its durability and beast-like strength. Its rust-proof finishing adds more to the tool’s durability and lifespan. 


Another appealing factor about this jack is its low-profile design. With its ability to sit as low as 3.5”, you have the advantage to slip it even under vehicles having dropped bodies. However, its maximum height of 14” isn’t the most ideal since it doesn’t work with high vehicles like lifted SUVs and pickup trucks. According to experts and seasoned mechanisms, the given elevation is sufficient for the execution of small and basic tinkering like a tire or rim replacement. So, there’s not much to complain about.

Lifting & Safety Features

What it loses in height range, it gains tenfold through the hydraulic pump for rapid lifting and safety features for a smooth and risk-free process. Its hydraulic system is better than many other jacks because not only it takes the unit to maximum height in just a few seconds, but it also has a patented bypass device to prevent you from over-jacking it. As a result, it eliminates damage and accidents. To make it further safe, the unit has an internal safety valve that bar you from overloading it. 

Other Features

This floor jack comes with a removable handle and a twisting saddle both of which are made of sturdy material to reinforce its durability. But, the problem with these two is that they don’t have paddings, which can leave small scratches and dings on your vehicle. So, you’ll have to be extra careful or you could just buy rubber attachments.


  • Lasting steel construction.
  • Low-profile frame for added versatility.
  • Built-in overload protection enhances longevity and promises safe operation.
  • Swift lifting mechanism can reach the highest lifting point in a jiffy.
  • 2-ton load capacity is ideal for home use and DIY auto maintenance. 
  • Inexpensive.


  • Handle doesn’t come with a layer of foam.
  • Maximum lifting height isn’t compatible with taller vehicles. 
  • It requires regular maintenance. 

Why Should You Buy Pro-Lift F-767 Floor Jack?

Like most of Pro-Lift’s floor jacks, this one also has a solid built with a low-profile design to tackle small to medium-sized vehicles without any issue. Its affordable cost will not put a strain on your limited budget while the integration of advanced safety and rapid pump technologies will ensure smooth and safe repair sessions in your garage or at home. 

Final Verdict

Pro-Lift F-767 has all the qualities that you expect from the best value floor jack. Its reinforced steel construction capable of tolerating 2-ton weight coupled with a close-to-the-ground design works perfectly with small to medium size vehicles including those with low clearance. Besides, the unit has taken precautionary measures to avoid risks and accidents during work. With that being said, if you want to save some bucks without compromising on the quality and performance of a floor jack, our vote goes to Pro-Lift F-767 floor jack. 

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