Pro Lift Bottle Jack Review

Hauling a heavy-duty vehicle up in the air without the bottle jack bending is something that only a few models can accomplish. Most will give you so much trouble that going to a mechanic will seem like the easy way out. However, the Pro-Lift Bottle Jack is the type of bottle jack that will always have your back.

This model comes with every feature that can make the job hassle-free for the owner of the vehicle. The best part is that all of these nifty features come packed inside a sturdy and robust body, therefore, years of usage without any trouble are guaranteed.

There is so much more to admire about this model. From everything that I have heard, this bottle jack is worth every penny. So, if you want to find out what all the hype is about, then read the article below as I have listed all the intel I was able to gather on this amazing tool.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The first thing that makes the Pro-Lift Bottle Jack stand out from its competition is its remarkably high weight capacity. It can lift up to a whopping 12 tons of weight. Furthermore, the presence of a bypass system in the body of this bottle jack is another feature which pushes it into the limelight. Not to mention that all of these handy features are packed in an alloy steel constructed body that will last decades.

Detailed Review

What makes every creation of Pro-Lift worth the bucks is that they design it according to the requirements of their customers. The same goes for the Pro-Lift Bottle Jack. This model is exactly what every vehicle owner yearns to have when they need to lift their car off the ground. The high strength of this bottle jack comes from the alloy steel used in its construction. Along with durability and sturdiness, the construction material also adds corrosion resistance to its list of perks. Therefore, a longer lifespan is a done deal. To top it off, the saddle comes with steel construction.


Moving towards the features that reside inside the heavily constructed body, this model has a total of 12 tons weight tolerating capacity. This is the highlighting feature of this bottle jack without a doubt. This weight-lifting range makes it possible for the owner to use this model for a wide range of vehicles. This is especially an additional benefit if you are a professional mechanic. The model can easily haul everything from a regular smaller-sized vehicle to even a larger truck or an RV. From what I have heard, this feature alone was enough to convince people to spend their money on it. Moreover, this model can take a vehicle from 9 ½ inches and raise it as high as 18 ⅞ inches in the air. The height range is another feature which makes it possible to use this jack on larger vehicles, as they require more height.


This model does weigh more than its competitors which often makes portability a challenge. To amend that, the manufacturers have added a side handle to the body. Therefore, it will be far easier to lift it up. The presence of the bypass system ensures the jack does not exceed its capacity. The serrated design of the saddle is a smaller detail which makes a huge difference. It gives the saddle a better grip, hence bringing more stability to the overall design. Pumping the jack will not be a source of headache, as there is a detachable handle present in the package. Right when you are done using the tool, remove the handle and store the jack back in its designated spot easily.

Bypass System

If you have ever used bottle jacks, you must be aware of the dilemma of pumping the tool way past its capacity, hence damaging it. This issue will never happen with the Pro-Lift Bottle Jack as the manufacturers have added a bypass system to its design. This feature stops the tool from overpumping. It makes a popping sound when the jack hits its maximum capacity, and does not pump any further. By keeping overpumping at bay, this safety feature prolongs the life of the tool.

Heat Treated Design

Another small yet effective addition to the design of this jack is that some parts of the tool undergo heat treatment. This treatment enhances the durability of the said areas and makes them more sturdy. This is a great addition, especially to the saddle of the bottle jack as it is responsible for keeping the vehicle steady and holding the weight.

Extension Screw

Another great feature of this bottle jack is the presence of an extension screw in the design. This detail brings a couple of extra inches to the overall height of the bottle jack. This may seem like a smaller detail, but at times, even a single extra inch can make a huge difference. Therefore, this thoughtful addition by the manufacturers was certainly welcomed by many users.


  • 12 tons weight capacity
  • Alloy steel construction
  • Comes with an extension screw
  • Heat treated design
  • Bypass system
  • Has a side handle
  • Detachable design of the pump handle
  • Lifts up to 18 ⅞ inches


  • Comparatively heavier in weight
  • Low-quality filler plug

Why Do You Need To Buy It?

The construction quality of this model combined with its remarkably high weight tolerance capacity is enough to convince anyone to purchase it. It can be used on a ton of different vehicles which makes it ideal for a professional user. Moreover, with the bypass system, there is no way the user will pump the tool past its limit on different vehicles and damage it. Lastly, it comes at a really low cost, so you will not need to spend a large sum to enjoy the perks of a professional quality tool.


The Pro-Lift Bottle Jack is the type of tool that you do not come across very often. This model comes with a solid body which has every benefit and amazing feature that you might think of. However, if you do not want to take my word for it, read the article above to find out for yourself.


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