Powerbuilt 4000 lb Triple Lift Floor Jack Review 2023 – Updated

Powerbuilt 4000 lb Triple Lift Floor Jack Review

Today, Powerbuilt 4000 lb Triple Lift Floor Jack ( 620422E) caught our eye; therefore, we decided to give you a peek at what you’ve been missing out on. This floor jack is designed to keep your expenses under control while still providing you with a durable and rugged tool loaded with nifty features.

With its decent lifting range and safety measures along with a built-in endurance for a 4000-pound load, you can seek it out for elevating a variety of vehicles such as cars, trailers, vans, ATVs etc. 

All being said, if you are on a budget yet want a well-constructed, reliable service jack with extra versatility, purchase this model under-discussion.

What Makes Powerbuilt Triple Lift Floor Jack Review Standout?

Powerbuilt Triple Floor Jack has the customer-attracting combination of quality and affordability, but what makes it outshine its competitors is the remarkable versatility that it brings to your workshop or DIY den.

Our Powerbuilt 4000 lb Triple Lift Floor Jack Review Review

Powerbuilt Triple Lift Floor JackWhen you’re stuck between choosing an exceptional quality, premium floor jack and risk going broke or follow budget restraints and settle for a cheaper design, Powerbuilt 620422e triple left floor jack saves you from the predicament. The unit has a frenzy-inducing combination of durability, versatility and affordability to become the best 2-ton floor jack.

This clever jack is like a chameleon, capable of adapting according to the type of vehicle it is commanded to lift. This jack-of-all-cars-like quality is attributed to its heavy-duty construction capable of supporting up to 4000lbs paired with removable saddle and padded rails and triple lift design.

In simple terms, whether you want to raise a regular motor car, an ATV,  a truck, or remove/replace transmissions and differentials etc., the tool can be adjusted according to the vehicle’s frame to give you the liberty to perform any kind of auto repair job without much fuss.

Even more admirable is the safety and security it promises. A safety bar is embedded in the structure to permit you to lock the unit at the desired elevation position to avoid accidental sinking under tons of metal. Since it is designed to be cost-effective, the tool eliminates the need for using jacks for an individual vehicle. 

Now comes the trouble in paradise. Turns out this applaudable versatility has a limit: the lifting range of 5.25” to 17.5” might not be suitable for vehicles like sports cars and elevated trucks and SUVs. The rest is all game! So, if you are in search of a cost-reducing, solidly-constructed versatile floor jack, purchasing this triple lift floor jack by Powerbuilt will be a smart move.


Powerbuilt 620422e has tough steel built that exceeds much-coveted ANSI standards to assure you of its unbeatable durability and longevity. Thanks to the said heavy-duty structure, the tool has got the strength and muscles to lift vehicles weighing up to 4000lbs (2-ton) without buckling. What’s more impressive is its wide chassis that adds more stability to the unit.


The awe-inducing factor of this jack is its versatility and flexibility. It is the closest thing to what you call a “jack of all trades.” The unit features a triple lift design that allows you to raise it to a height appropriate for the vehicle under service. On top of that, it comes with a removable saddle and padded rails. Meaning, if you’re planning to lift a car, leave the saddle on. On the other hand, allow the padded rail do to the magic when you are dealing with a motorcycle. The transition will hardly take a few minutes, and not a single inch of any vital part of your vehicle will be damaged throughout the lifting process. Speaking of which, this one boasts of a lifting range of 5.24” to 17.5”. While this might be perfect for regular cars, vans and SUVs, there’s a fat chance that you will face trouble when dealing with a low-clearance sports car or an elevated truck or SUV.

Locking Bar

The tool’s dedication to providing a safe and expense-reducing solution to your car lifting problem is another glorifying aspect. It features a locking bar to help you immediately lock the unit in a raised position to abolish the risk of causing damage worth thousands of dollars or, even worse, getting buried under tons of load. As icing on the cake, this lock bar also eliminates the need for jack stands, as a result helping you keep the expenses under the affordability spectrum.

Other Features

Not that you need further incentives, but the more, the merrier! The tool has well-built, rotating casters that not only help you fluidly move and position this 85-pound beast but also keep it stable on any surface. Besides, it carries built-in security loops that prove vital for the safe lifting of motorcycles.


  • Durable and tough construction.
  • Cost-effective. 
  • 4000lbs load capacity.
  • Removable saddle and lift rails for adjusting to frames of various vehicles without damaging their vital parts.
  • Safety bar to lock the tool at an elevated position for safe and stable performance without the need for jack stands.


  • A heavy tool with limited portability.
  • Minimum clearance height is not suitable for vehicles like sports cars.
  • A few complaints about leakage after a couple of uses.

Why Should You Buy Powerbuilt 4000 lb Triple Lift Floor Jack?

The affordable price and rock-solid built of this floor jack are the first of the many reasons that make it a crowd favourite and worth-buying. 

Furthermore, its multi-purpose design along with the assurance of safe and secure operation makes it even more irresistible, leaving little room for searching for alternative options.

Final Verdict

Powerbuilt Triple Lift jack is a force to be reckoned with. The tool is a clever and cost-effective choice due to its indestructible steely construction and versatile design. Unlike other jacks, this one can quickly modify according to the anatomy of the vehicle without leaving any room for potential risks and damages. In short, if you need a simple yet versatile tool without the pocket-denting price, I suggest you gamble your money on this model.

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