Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor Jack Review 2022 – Honestly Reviewed

Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

If you need to perform any automotive surgeries, you need to have a beefy, sturdy floor jack like the Pittsburgh 3-ton floor jack at your beck and call. The fair pricing coupled with a well-built body makes it just the right option for occasional use.

Automotive enthusiasts and professionals are equally enamored with this specific model due to its close-to-the-ground slim profile and extremely fast lifting action.

However, we wouldn’t recommend it for continuously demanding use in a busy auto repair shop. But, if you are an automotive enthusiast looking for a BIG BAD BOY capable of elevating bulky vehicles like SUVs and trucks a couple of times a year, then the Pittsburgh 3-ton floor jack is the right tool to buy.

What Makes Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor Jack Stand Out?

The rockhard construction of this low-profile floor jack having the capacity to lift as heavy a vehicle as 3-ton within literally a blink of an eye gives it an edge over the competitors, especially when you take into account its affordable price.


Our Review on Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor Jack!

Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor JackIf someone asks you how durability and affordability look like, send them a picture of the Pittsburgh 3 ton floor jack. For a reasonably-priced machine, it is packing exceptionally strong built. Unfortunately, the downside of this heavy-duty construction is the giant-like weight – carrying 75.1-pound is no fun. However, rolling it around is a different story.

The ultra-wide steel casters make it almost a stroll in the park to roll the unit under a vehicle. They deserve special appreciation for the stability they provide to the machine even when its placed on rough and gravely ground. 

Coming towards the actual purpose, having a capacity of lifting 3-ton weight means you can bet your right arm that it can lift any car – small or tall – almost 2-ft above the ground in a flash as if the bulky thing weight less than a feather, giving you some major Hulk vibes. I didn’t say “in a flash” just for the sake of it; I meant it.

This supersonic lifting speed is attributed to its double parallel piston Rapid Pump system that calls for less than 4 pumps to haul a vehicle to maximum height. Moreover, the long handle coupled with a universal joint release provides you with maximum load control regardless of the handling position.

For those who might have missed the little hint that I dropped above, this beast can slide under any vehicle, even those exotic ones also that are dropped so low that they’re almost kissing the ground. 

So, if you want a ruggedly build heavy-duty jack floor with a slim profile and an equally low price tag, Pittsburgh 3-ton floor jack is your best buy. 


Build Quality

Despite the fairly low price, the Pittsburgh 3-ton floor jack doesn’t look like your average quality equipment. Instead, it is composed of heavy-duty steel material containing precise welds that are artistically concealed by industrial-grade paint finish. Unfortunately, this tough construction also means that this tool weighs like a rhino that can’t be lifted without breaking your back, quite literally. 

The good thing is, this heavy-duty structure is the factor that makes it possible for it to support a vehicle up to 3-ton capacity above the ground without crumbling apart.

Fast Lifting

The tool doesn’t like to beat around the bush; instead, it prefers you to jump straight to business. The company has installed fast pumping technology, Rapid Pump dual-piston pump system, to help you move the vehicle almost 2-feet above the ground in a blink of an eye. Just 3½  pumps and your car will be lifted to a maximum height of 19¾”. Not many floor jacks offer such a high lifting capacity.

Slim Profile

For a tool as heavy and sturdy as this one, it seems impossible to have such a low and slim profile. But, it becomes possible with this Pittsburgh floor jack. When you fully collapse it, it sits as low as 3⅛” in height. This ultra-low-profile grants you the opportunity to slide it under those autos that are almost touching the ground, such as exotic cars and sports cars. 

Other Features

Getting this beast underneath your vehicle will not leave you huffing and puffing, despite its gigantic weight, because of the wide casters lodged at its bottom. The bulky pieces not only let you quickly roll the unit under the car but also keep it stable throughout the job – even on uneven ground.

Other brownie-points worthy features are its universal joint release mechanism paired with a 45” handle. Together they help you retain optimum control on the load at any handle position.


  • Heavy-duty, reliable construction.
  • Slim profile can slip under low-clearance vehicles. 
  • 3-ton load capacity is suitable for both small and tall vehicles.
  • Rapid Pump technology hauls the car to an elevation point of around 20” in a few pumps.
  • Long handle coupled with universal joint release offers optimum load control in any position.
  • Robust casters offer easy positioning, stability and mobility on any surface.
  • Affordable.


  • Very bulky.
  • Doesn’t include jack stands.
  • Not suitable for demanding use in a professional auto shop. 


Why Should You Buy Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor Jack?

Its affordable price is the biggest incentive. But, the fact that despite the price cut, the tool still sports a heavy-duty steel construction with a sleek finish makes it more desirable.

Moreover, its super slim design featuring well-built casters and supersonic lifting speed allows you to swiftly slide it underneath any vehicle to haul it above the ground in a blink of an eye.

Final Thought

Pittsburgh Automotive offers you the best 3-ton floor jack at a fair price point in the form of this model. The heavy-duty composition in a low-profile design and rapid lifting mechanism allows you to quickly position it underneath any type of vehicle and raise it to maximum height in a snap. We recommend this tool to all those hardcore car fanatics and occasional mechanics who want to buy a high-strength, solid floor jack without breaking a bank. 

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