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performance tool floor jack review

Performance Tool W1645 Floor Jack has been receiving rave reviews both from seasoned mechanics and passionate DIYers due to its high-end-like quality construction and performance. The unit has a high load-bearing capacity of 3.5-ton and a low-profile structure, which means it can handle nearly any vehicle thrown at it. 

We know this little bit of information has piqued your interest and you are dying to know about every aspect of its construction, both the good and the bad. In the review below, we have explored every inch of its rugged built to let you decide whether it fits the bill for you or not.

In case you are searching for a top-notch-like, heavy-duty floor jack having a higher load capacity, this low-profile service jack is an excellent option.

What Makes Performance Tool Floor Jack Standout?

The floor jack stands apart from its counterparts because of its robust low-profile built, incredible lifting range and speed. Also, despite its chubby and sturdy construction, the unit has quite a compact frame for convenient storage.

Our Performance Tool Floor Jack Review

Performance Tool Floor JackTrue to its name, this floor jack has such a sterling quality and performance that can give top-end models like Hein-Werner a run for their money. Its steel construction is tough like the Iron Man, getting pummeled yet capable of standing upright to continue with the work. Another reason why I compared it to a superhero is because of its capability to lift a massive weight of 3.5-ton (7000lbs). On top of that, the unit has a low-profile figure that offers a minimum height of 3.5”. With this much strength, flexibility and versatility at hand, no wonder the tool works well both with low-riding exotic cars and sizeable trucks.

Aside from that, it delivers a knockout punch with its ability to pick a vehicle to a 20.5” height off the ground in a flash. Considering the low-entry design of the tool, this gives you quite a wide workspace to move freely to carry out the desired repair.

The unit has a double-pump mechanism paired with a bypass valve to let you reach maximum elevation in half the time without worrying about overburdening the unit and causing damage. 

Like a true superhero, it knows how to take care of its subjects – in this case, your car. It has employed a cushioned layer on the saddle along with pivoting quality to help you firmly align the vehicle at a proper working position without leaving ugly scratches during lifting or bringing it down. 

Unfortunately, the ruggedness and toughness make it a lot heavier than its aluminium counterparts. But, it has robust wheels to let you effortlessly move it around even in confined spaces. Also, the jack isn’t cut out for rigorous professional use. However, if you are a passionate DIY mechanic looking for a premium-like, high-load capacity floor jack for occasional heavyweight-lifting, buy this service jack in a heartbeat.

Durable & Versatile

This floor jack is lying high on seasoned mechanics and DIYers’ radars because of its hard-as-a-rock steel construction. This might make you love and hate it at the same time. This indestructible-like solid built is the reason the unit can tolerate an astounding load of 7000lbs over and over. At the same time, it makes the unit weighty. So, you will require to pack quite a few muscles to haul it. Lucky for you, the unit employs robust wheels and swivelling casters to make it easy for you to push it around and position it.

It gains an edge over its rivals with its low-profile body. The saddle can stoop to a 3.5” height. Meaning, it’s flexible and versatile enough to be easily used with both low-clearance modified cars and sizeable trucks and SUVs

Lifting Action

For a low-entry floor jack, it is quite a feat to raise the saddle to an elevation of 20.5-inch. What is more surprising is the agility with which it acquires that height. Take a proverbial eraser and eliminate that dreadful pumping action for good that leaves users short of breath while jacking the vehicle. This one has a dual-pump hydraulic mechanism that promises you a rapid upward trajectory with half number of pumps. More impressively, it features a bypass valve to ward off overloading for safe and lasting performance. 

Rubberized Swivelling Saddle

Another aspect where it hits the spot is its rubberized saddle. The padded plate not only provides a firm platform to your vehicle to prevent it from slipping but also protects it from getting scratched during lifting. The swivelling function of the saddle allows you to align it in the desired direction to gain better access to in-need parts of your vehicle for convenient repair.


  • Robust steel built.
  • Compact and low-profile design.
  • 3.5-ton capacity makes it perfect for both low-entry racing vehicles and light-duty trucks.
  • Dual-pump mechanism smoothly and swiftly rises to a 20.5” height.
  • Built-in bypass valve to ward off overloading. 
  • Cushioned saddle with swivelling action for convenient and firm vehicle lifting.


  • Weighty.
  • Not cut out for rigorous workshop use.

Why Should You Buy Performance Tool Floor Jack?

Performance Tool W1645 floor jack has a brute-like tough and burly steel construction that can withstand a mighty load of 3.5-ton repeatedly for decades without crumbling apart.

The unit has a close-to-the-ground design and impressive optimum height to get on well with a myriad of automobiles ranging from low-riding racing cars to tall trucks, SUVs and Wranglers.

Furthermore, the rising mechanism is also swift, effortless and safe to help DIY mechanics perform repair jobs with peace of mind.

Final Thought

This heavy-duty steel floor jack with a low-profile frame and a high load capacity is a silver lining for those auto enthusiasts who want an ultra-robust service jack for occasional maintenance of their vehicles. Its safe, fast and efficient lifting mechanism along with reasonable pricing add more to the unit’s value. In conclusion, if you need the best value heavy-duty floor jack for occasional use, go for this one.

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