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Purchasing the wrong bottle jack will do more than simply be a waste of money. One wrong move and it can cause serious damage to the vehicle as well as the owner of it. However, if you slide the Omega Bottle Jack under your car, then you will not have to worry about any of that happening.


The solid construction of this floor jack combined with its high weight tolerance gives it strength, unlike any other model. Therefore, the hydraulic jack will stand its ground even while it is lifting heavy weight.


Apart from these two major features, there are many other amazing perks that come packed in the body of this bottle jack. Listing them all in a few lines will never do them justice. So, you need to read the article below to find out everything there is to know about this model.

What Makes It Different?

The first thing that makes this floor jack different from its competition is the fact that it can lift up to a whopping 6-ton of weight. Apart from that, this model comes with alloy steel construction which is topped off by heat treatment, giving it high durability. The lifting height range of this hydraulic bottle jack is another impressive feature that is absent in many other models.

Detailed Review

The name of Omega Lift is dangling to some of the best machines on the market. Their ability to provide their users with the best-possible models is what makes them ideal for beginners as well as professional-level users. The Omega Bottle Jack is one of their finest creations and even a single look at its list of features can confirm that. It has been manufactured to tolerate and lift up to 6 tons of weight. To ensure that there is never any incident of the machine bending under heavy weight, the manufacturers made it with high-grade alloy steel. The usage of this material alone gives the jack enough strength to stay upright and functioning for decades.


Moreover, when the manufacturers added heat treatment to the mix, the strength of the bottle jack skyrocketed. It is able to endure heavy usage and will stick around for a longer period. The ability of this jack to raise a vehicle from 8 ⅝ inches to 17 ⅛ inches is another impressive feature. This specification alone makes this model suitable for smaller vehicles as well as medium-sized ones, such as SUVs. The additional screw present in the package offers 3 ¼ inches extra. The presence of a glide-action pump in the design of this model makes the task at hand easier, as well as makes the model seem more appealing to every professional.


The saddle raises smoothly with every pump of the handle. Speaking of which, the handle of this jack comes with a rubber covering over the end. The thick covering ensures that the usage of this model does not cause any inconvenience or discomfort. Another great benefit is that the handle has an easily detachable design. Therefore, once the job is done, it can be removed from the main body and stored safely. This not only eases portability but also makes storage easier. The 10 lbs weight of the bottle jack is another feature which makes portability seem like a piece of cake. Moreover, to further enhance the user’s comfort, the manufacturers have also added adjustability to the saddle’s design.

Glide-Action Pressure Pump

This feature is quite an amazing addition to the compact body of this bottle jack. The glide-action pressure pump of this model sees to it that the jack can be lifted without requiring excessive energy. Therefore, the owner of this model can lift the saddle and their vehicle as high as they need without exerting too much energy.

Overload Protection Feature

The best part of this hydraulic bottle jack is that it comes with an overload protection feature. This safety specification makes sure that the jack does not lift more than it is capable of. When the weight starts to exceed the jack’s capacity, the overload protection feature kicks in and the machine halts working. Moreover, if the user tries to raise the saddle higher than its range, there is a small sound that indicates that the bottle jack has reached its maximum capacity. This safety feature ensures the life of the bottle jack does not get reduced due to exceeding its capacity.

Adjustable And Serrated Saddle Design

The saddle of a hydraulic jack is a very important feature as it is in direct contact with the vehicle. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturers added a serrated design to the top of the saddle that enhances its grip. Therefore, the chances of the saddle moving from its spot and the jack slipping from under the vehicle will be remarkably lower. To top it off, the manufacturers also added the benefit of adjustability to the saddle.


6-ton weight capacity

Alloy steel construction

Heat treated design

Easily portable design

Detachable handle

17 inches maximum height

Affordable cost

Glide-action pressure pump

Overload protection


Hydraulic plug requires tightening before use

Not for very large vehicles


Why Should You Spend Money On It?

If you are looking for a sturdy and solid bottle jack for a small to a medium-sized vehicle, then this model is the ideal choice. Its solid construction will make sure that you can keep it under use for decades. Moreover, the presence of nifty features such as overload protection, glide-action pressure pump, detachable handle and serrated saddle makes the usage of this model convenient. The affordable price range is another cherry on top of an already amazing deal.


The Omega Bottle Jack is a one-of-a-kind tool. From the solid build of this jack to the features residing inside its body, this model is truly a work of art. The manufacturers constructed it with the goal of providing users with a reliable tool, and safe to say that they have accomplished that. To find out more details, you will need to read the article above.


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