NOS NSJ0302 3 Ton Aluminum Service Floor Jack Review in 2023

NOS NSJ0302 3 Ton Aluminum Service Floor Jack Review

Passionate auto-tinkerers who look at premium-like, high-load capacity service jacks with wistful longing but cannot buy them because of the steeple prices, we introduce you to NOS Aluminium Floor Jack (NSJ0302) – your once in blue moon chance to enjoy the fabulous quality and performance of a top-end-like tool. 

In this comprehensive review, we have dissected every inch of its built to make you aware of its entire construction, including all its pros and cons. With that being said, if you’re aiming for a modest outlay on a super-sturdy aluminum garage jack capable of fastly and safely raising a 3-ton load, this floor jack by NOS is a safe option to buy. 

What Makes NOS NSJ0302 Service Jack Standout?

NOS NSJ0302 is better than its peers mainly because of relatively fair pricing and safety-induced, professional-grade like aluminum structure which has a 3-ton load capacity

NOS NSJ0302 3 Ton Aluminum Service Floor Jack Review!

This floor jack has a built that practically screams, “Buy Me!” The cost might not leave you bankrupt, but it can still act as a deterrent for NOS Aluminum Service Floor Jackthose working on an extremely tight budget. However, this one-time investment is rewarding because its rock-solid aluminum construction makes it almost indestructible, of course, unless you mercilessly hammer it.

Unfortunately, this invincibility adds bulkiness and heaviness to its weight regardless of the aluminum built. No complaints, though. It can bear a 3-ton load, which means unless you’re commanding it to haul Everest, the vehicles are a game for it – be they as big as trucks, vans and SUVs or small ones like sedans and regular motor cars. 

Oh, and your complaints are about to be annihilated before they’re fully registered as it employs wheels and pivoting casters. In simpler terms, the brawny structure isn’t going to be much cumbersome as the wheels will allow you to smoothly roll it under your vehicle or back to the garage without any squeaking.

As for you, a height range of 3.75” to 19” offers a decent space for normal beings like you to slip beneath the lifted vehicle and freely move your hands. Speaking of hands, the presence of a dual-piston pump is divine as it lifts the vehicle to optimum height in a few pumps. Yeah, yeah, the company acknowledges the risk involved in lying directly under tons of metal, which is why it has already installed a safety valve. This will prevent it from overloading and eventually save you a lot of health and monetary hazards. 

Lastly, the integration of a rubberized saddle and bumper pad handle keep ugly scratches and dings from showing up on your darling vehicle. So, if you want a high load capacity, aluminum service jack at a fair price, NOS NSJ0302 floor jack fits the bill.

Aluminum Construction

This service jack has an aluminum body due to which it weighs less than other heavy-duty models, still not lightweight enough to not strain a few muscles when hauled. At 58-pounds, it oscillates between super-heavy and ultra-lightweight. However, I don’t think you’ll complain much since this burly figure is the reason that it is capable of enduring a hefty load of 6000-pounds. As a result, you can throw almost any vehicle – from a petite motor to a sizeable truck and SUV – at it without worrying about it crumbling apart. 

Dual-Piston Pump

Raising 1000s of pounds in the air takes a Herculean effort and a lot of time. Fortunately, you can change that with its dual-piston pump. With that feature at your disposal, neither will you require to exert strenuously nor will you have to spend extra time to haul the vehicle in the air. Just a couple of pumps will elevate the car to a maximum height of 19”. 

Those of you who like tinkering with low-clearance exotic cars will also find it practical as the jack fully sits down to a height of 3.75”, making it possible for the unit to slip beneath dropped-body vehicles without resistance.

Safety Features

As daunting and scary as it seems, working with this device will not jeopardize your’s, your vehicle’s and this machine’s health. It comes with a pre-installed safety valve that doesn’t allow you to overload the tool and damage it permanently. This indirectly ensures that you’re not squished under tons of weight while working on your vehicle. 

We also appreciate NOS’s dedication to protecting your car’s anatomy. The machine comes with a padded saddle and a foamed handle to protect your auto from scratches and dings.

Other Features

Despite being a bit heavier, the tool will fluidly roll over any surface because of wheels and casters attached to the bottom. Meanwhile, it has a side handle too to aid you in carrying it. 


  • Superior quality, aluminum structure.
  • Capable of bearing 3-ton load.
  • Height span of 3.75” to 19” is compatible with both heavy vehicles and low-riding sports cars.
  • Built-in safety valve protects from overloading.
  • Wheels and swiveling casters along with side handle for smooth maneuvering of the unit.
  • The bumper pad handle and padded saddle prevent the vehicle from getting scratched or dinged.


  • Quality of the wheels needs improvement.
  • Pricing might be a putoff for budget-conscious customers.
  • Needs regular lubrication before use.

Why Should You Buy NOS NSJ0302 3 Ton Aluminum Service Floor Jack?

This floor jack is worth buying because, unlike other heavy-duty 3-ton models, this one is relatively lightweight due to its aluminum construction, achieving the desired durability without making it overbearingly heavy. Plus, the pricing is also fair. 

Moreover, its safety-induced lower profile makes it a versatile and safe tool to be used for nearly all kinds of vehicles.

Final Verdict

Taking into account all that this unit has to offer, we can safely call it one of the best 3-ton aluminium floor jacks. The tool is not overly costly yet comes with bells and whistles and safety features to make it a safe option both for professional mechanics and DIYers. In conclusion, buy this service jack because its high load tolerance alongside swift and safe rising mechanism will make work-life easier.

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