Michelin Floor Jack Review 2023 – Is it Worth the Money?

Michelin Floor Jack Review

Anyone who has a little knowledge about mechanical work and auto repair might have heard a thing or two about Michelin. The brand is well-known for its superior quality mechanical products. Its 2-ton hydraulic floor jack (92416) is living proof of the company’s commitment to providing top quality products at a fair price.

When we started reviewing this floor jack, the first thing that we noticed was its sturdy steel construction sans usual heaviness. Moreover, it has a slim profile with a capacity to stomach approximately 2-ton of load, which means it is ideal for a wide range of vehicles including low-clearance ones. Its use is so simple that even an amateur would be able to handle it like a master. We would advise passionate DIYers to buy it because it is perfect for their demands and has a price that even a budget-conscious beginner would find hard to resist. 

What Makes Michelin Floor Jack Stand Apart?

Michelin hydraulic jack resembles other steel floor jacks in strength and load capacity, but its easy peasy operation and reasonable pricing give it an edge over these rivals. 

Our Michelin Floor Jack Review

Michelin Floor JackMichelin is one of the most eminent brands in the mechanical world, which is why its hydraulic lifting jack (92416) is among the top-rated ones for light-duty DIY mechanical work. Reasons are obvious: excellent quality built and value for money. 

The tool has modest pricing, so 1/3rd of your mind is already made. Unlike competing models, its rock-solid steel construction is without irksome bulkiness.

Meaning, it is surprisingly lightweight, which when combined with swiveling wheels, results in leisurely stroll-in-the-park-like maneuverability. Its ruggedness is evident from the fact that it can tackle almost 2-ton of weight for decades without deforming. 

Since the floor jack is designed for comparatively low-riding cars, so it comes with an elevation range of 4.1” to 13.8.” This, despite seeming less ideal range, gives you ample space to lie underneath your vehicle without feeling plastered to the ground to carry out common maintenance jobs like replacing a wheel. 

What we consider its biggest pro is the beginner-friendly use, which is made possible because of its 360° rotating lifting handle. This enables you to adjust the angle of the handle according to your convenience for smooth and quick action. 

Another thoughtful engineering that immediately grants it an edge over a list of competing models is a small storage compartment designed for keeping nuts secure and within reach. Otherwise, these little monsters could frustrate you like nothing else if misplaced. 

Michelin is mindful of your affection for your vehicle that’s why it has employed a rubberized block on the base to keep the contact with your car gentle to avoid any possibility of scratches and dings. 

All in all, consider purchasing this unit if you demand the best value hydraulic floor jack for light-duty lifting. 

Steel Construction

To continue with Michelin’s unblemished reputation, the floor jack comes in high-quality steel built. The longevity and strength of the unit can be guessed from its capability to endure around 2-ton of load a couple of hundreds of times over the years. Calm down fellas, it doesn’t mean the unit weighs like a truck. Unlike other steel jacks, this one is surprisingly lightweight. Plus, the addition of well-built, wide swiveling wheels to the lightweight structure equates to super-breezy maneuverability. However, you’ve to be mindful of its limitation. Despite the sturdy construction, the unit will fall apart prematurely if subjected to intense heavy-duty lifting in a commercial workshop.

Easy Use

The use of this floor jack is so simple and easy that even an amateur can up and operate it like a pro on the first attempt. Courtesy of its rotating lifting handle, you have the liberty to twist it at any angle while lifting for convenient use. On top of that, the lever has an ergonomic handle that makes the tackling of the unit even more comfortable. Moreover, there’s also a sturdy carry handle to help you lift the unit or position it without unnecessary hassle.

Elevation Range

As mentioned earlier, this lifting jack has an ultra-flat figure, which is proved by its ability to collapse to a mere 105mm (4.1-inch) height. This gives you the advantage of slipping it under vehicles with relatively lower clearance. On the other hand, its highest elevation point of 350mm (13.8-inch) isn’t the most ideal one. Still, we wouldn’t call it irksome either as it gives you ample gap to crawl underneath the raised vehicle and undertake basic repair tasks like wheel replacement or oil change with ease. However, with this lifting range, the tool will be useless with high vehicles like SUVs and trucks. That being said, no matter how fast or slow you hoist the car in the air, there’s little possibility of scratches because the rubberized disc keeps contact with your vehicle’s body gentle. 


  •  Long-lasting construction.
  •  Lightweight and ultra-flat design.
  • Around 2-ton load capacity.
  • Rubber sole prevents scratches.
  • Rotating lifting handle for convenient use.
  • Storage compartment for nuts.
  • Swivelling wheels offer breezy manoeuvrability.
  • Affordable. 


  • Maximum lifting height isn’t ideal.
  • Not suitable for intense lifting in a professional auto shop. 

Why Should One Purchase Michelin Floor Jack?

Michelin 92416 hydraulic jack is specially designed for leisure and light-duty workshop use. Its long-lasting steel composition sans bulkiness and 2-ton load capacity along with a reasonable price results in an attractive deal for weekend warriors and beginners. Moreover, its super-easy use further makes it an enticing choice for occasional home use. 

Final Thought

Michelin 2-ton hydraulic floor jack is a famous product in the realm of floor jacks. The credit for such a reputation goes to its sterling construction and performance. Besides, you’ll not even have to overpay to get your hands on this top-end-like piece of equipment. Coming towards the end, if you’re looking for a quality floor jack that you can rely on for DIY auto maintenance tasks, buy Michelin floor jack (92416).

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