Liftmaster Floor Jack Review 2023 – The Perfect Choice for You?

Liftmaster Floor Jack Review

As a knee jerk reaction, I also used to look down upon inexpensive floor jacks. That was before I had an encounter with this one by Liftmaster. Despite the low pricing, the unit has all the qualities to make it one of the best affordable low-profile floor jacks for emergency uses. In the given review, we will give you a detailed tour of all its pros and cons to change your opinion about budgeted floor jacks.

The tool has simple yet tough construction that can endure a 2.5-ton load. Furthermore, with its improved hydraulic mechanism, you will not have to worry about leakage or exerting extra force during pumping. 

We recommend you buy it if you are searching for a quality low-profile floor jack adorned with impressive features for occasional use.

What Makes Liftmaster Floor Jack Outclass Others?

Liftmaster Low-Profile Floor Jack (2.5-ton) eclipses its competitors due to its enhanced hydraulic pump mechanism. The feature not only significantly reduces the possibility of leakage but also increases lifting speed.

Our Liftmaster Floor Jack Review

Liftmaster Floor JackLiftmaster low-profile floor jack is the definition of “quality” and “longevity.” Being a car enthusiast, this unit has become my go-to choice because its steel construction promises to stand years of garage use without falling apart. Thanks to housing such strength and stubbornness, it is capable of bearing a load of 2.5-ton. That means you can take its help for a decent variety of vehicles. 

Don’t be disappointed with that because its low-profile frame brings all the versatility that you thought you lost. Its ability to fully collapse to a meager 3.1” height indicates that crawling it under vehicles having less than 4” ground clearance, like show cars, will not be an issue. 

While its listed lifting range of 8” to 14.5” isn’t its strongest suit, trust me when I say that it gives you enough clearance to squeeze underneath the vehicle with little effort to carry out the desired repair work. 

You will forget all about the pains related to less-than-average optimum height when you experience the supersonic speed with which it reaches the said height. This version has incorporated improved hydraulic technology that not only lets the unit climb to the top position effortlessly and rapidly but also boosts the durability of the pumping system tenfold. 

More importantly, the unit comes with internal safety and bypass valves to not let you subject it to overloading and overpumping. This, in turn, further enhances the unit’s lifespan. 

Because there’s a higher possibility of scratches and dings while lifting the car, the saddle is covered with a thick layer of rubber to protect your vehicle from such damage. 

All in all, if you are searching for an ultra-durable low-profile jack with steady and safe performance for home use or roadside emergencies, then Liftmaster is hands down the best value low-profile floor jack to buy.

Steel Built

Considering the economic price, it is quite surprising to see the long-lasting built of the jack. The unit has been erected from high-quality steel to allow it years-long durability. It is capable of withstanding 2.5 tonnes of load, which means you can use it for lifting different automobiles – except for the massive ones like trucks

As for maneuvering of the unit, we would appreciate it if the quality of the caster wheels is improved; but even with their less-than-ideal built, they offer better maneuverability while rolling it over a floor or positioning it for work. 

Hydraulic System

It won’t be wrong to call its hydraulic pump mechanism the highlight of this machine. The improved pumping system neither leaks as profusely as its counterparts nor is slow like a snail during lifting. Instead, its durability is ten times magnified. As for rising action…well, let’s just say it will take a short time to reach a maximum height of 14.5” with as little effort as it takes to hoist an infant. 


Those of you who aren’t very pleased with its less-than-ideal maximum lifting range, don’t be disappointed because its low-profile figure offers versatility to compensate for the loss. The tool has a height of 3.1” when fully contracted so that you can easily sneak it beneath low-entry vehicles like modified cars and show cars. 

Safety Features

Despite the low cost, Liftmaster doesn’t gamble on your’s or your tool’s well-being. It employs built-in safety and bypass valves to prevent you from unintentionally overburdening and over-pumping it and compromise your and your tool’s life. 

I released a hundred sighs of relief, and so will you, by seeing its padded saddle. The extra coating not only bars your vehicle from slipping but also protects it from scratches. 


  • Durable and long-lasting steel built.
  • The low-profile structure can stoop to a 3.1” height to slip under modified cars.
  • Built-in safety valves prevent the tool from exceeding its capacity.
  • A padded saddle protects the vehicle from slipping and getting scratched. 
  • Improved hydraulic pump mechanism offers rapid lifting and ten times more durability.
  • Swiveling wheels provide better positioning and mobility. 


  • Maximum lift height is less than average.
  • Not adequate for heavy-duty commercial use.
  • Caster wheels aren’t durable.

Why Should You Purchase Liftmaster Floor Jack?

Liftmaster low-profile jack has tough steel built that grants the unit strength to endure a 2.5-ton load a handful of times – during roadside emergencies or in a garage. 

Furthermore, the unit has a well-engineered hydraulic mechanism to offer you a leak-proof, swift lifting process, not to mention a ten times sturdier pumping system. 

Lastly, its price also falls within the budgeted range. 

Final Thought

Liftmaster 2.5-ton low-profile floor jack is an inexpensive unit, but unlike typical cheap models, it has a durable and sturdy construction that will last for years. Its hydraulic system is the glorifying feature of the entire construction because of its leak-proofing for enhanced durability and effortless pumping. Finally, if you need a well-built low-profile floor jack at an affordable price to receive excellent value for your money, purchase Liftmaster 2.5-ton low-profile jack.

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