JEGS Low-Profile Aluminum 3 Ton Floor Jack Review for 2023

JEGS Low-Profile Aluminum 3 Ton Floor Jack

Jegs is the name that can dethrone THE Arcan from its exalted position of producing the best aluminum floor jacks for the money. We came to this conclusion after witnessing the built and performance of Jegs 3-Ton Aluminium Floor Jack. In this review, we will show you what we found in this particular model that led us to this final judgment.

As expected, the unit sports a lightweight, low-profile structure loaded with performance-grade features to make a challenging vehicle lift a walk in a park. So, if you are hunting for the best low-profile aluminum floor jack that can survive any work environment, be it a professional workshop or DIY den, Jegs 3-Ton Aluminium Floor Jack is the perfect option to consider.

What Makes JEGS Aluminum 3 Ton Floor Jack Stand Apart?

This floor jack outshines its peers with its robust, low-profile figure and a remarkable lift range that works well with plenty of automobiles including low-clearance sports cars and burly SUVs.

Our JEGS Aluminum 3 Ton Floor Jack Review

JEGS Low Profile Aluminum Floor JackIf there’s a floor jack that can beat Arcan ALJ3T fair and square in awesomeness, it is Jegs 3-ton Aluminium Floor Jack. The unit has an aluminum body that is lightweight yet loaded with robustness and strength to make sure it doesn’t waver when supporting a 6000lbs load or give you a tough time when carrying it around or storing it. 

Users have termed it as the best low-profile floor jack for the money, and rightfully so, considering its mere 3.5” height when fully collapsed. Sporting wide front wheels and swiveling rear casters, there’s no doubt that it will quickly and accurately slide under cars having low side skirts. 

Another crowning feature is its maximum height of 19¼”. This gives you ample workspace to comfortably crawl underneath your vehicle, be it a sports car or an SUV, and carry out regular repairs and some intricate ones too with equal ease. 

Furthermore, it comes with bypass and overload valves to make sure it is not punished and abused to the point where it cannot recover. Also, the saddle seat has a rubber coating and can rotate to a complete 360 °. This means you can adjust it in the desired position without worrying about chipping or falling off your vehicle during lifting. Besides, the handle has a unique knurled grip that averts slippage during jacking. 

Unfortunately, this is where the best parts end. Though fully sealed to protect it from contamination, its hydraulic pump is a bit slower in pumping action than some of its competitors. However, it still reaches the peak point without leaving you completely drained. 

So, if you want a robust 3-ton floor jack with easy and safe use as well as a beautiful appearance, bet your money on Jegs 3-ton Aluminium Floor Jack.

Aluminium Build

As evident from the title, this floor jack has a premium-quality aluminum construction that is durable and robust to support a massive 3-ton of weight yet lightweight enough to be easily carried around. With this much load endurance, it can haul most of the vehicles, including SUVs and big jeeps. 

Although it is lightweight, the jack is still tough as a rock; so it will take some massive pounding to render it useless. We came across users who have been punishing their unit for years, still is going strong. Half of the credit for such a lasting build goes to its built-in safety valves that bar you from violating its endurance limit.


Its low-profile body is better than the famous Arcan ALJ3T because the saddle seat is as low as 3.5”. It won’t be biased to place it on the top slot among the best low-profile floor jacks because, with such a crouched profile, the unit will smoothly get under low-clearance automobiles like racing cars or intentionally dropped vehicles. 

Sliding it in place is as easy as walking in a park. Wondering how? Take a look at its ultra-wide track wheels and sturdy side handles. Together they enable you to manoeuver and position it underneath your vehicle with little to no effort.

Lifting Height

The ability of the tool to rise to a height of 19.25” is another biggest selling point. The reason is, whether you’re working on a compact sports car or a big SUV, the lift range gives you sufficient workspace to perform any kind of regular or complicated maintenance work without feeling caged. 

However, approaching that impressive height isn’t the most fun-filled journey. Its hydraulic system is not as fast as some rivaling models, which means pumping action takes a bit of time. But, it gets the job done without leaving you panting. Plus, the hydraulic mechanism is sealed to protect it from contaminants, extending its lifespan. Also, the handle has a knurled surface that lets you maintain a tenacious grip for comfortable jacking. So, all is well, right?


  • Robust and lightweight build.
  • The low-profile frame has a 3.5” saddle height.
  • 3-ton weight-bearing capacity.
  • Wide wheels and double side handles offer breezy maneuverability and positioning. 
  • Knurled handle offers an anti-slip grip for convenient jacking.
  • Swiveling saddle seat with padding prevents chipping and scratching of vehicle’s surface.


  • Hydraulic pump is comparatively slower in lifting.
  • Needs extra care while bringing the vehicle down.

Why Should You Purchase JEGS Aluminum 3 Ton Floor Jack?

Jegs 3-ton Aluminium Floor Jack is worth a punt because the tool has a low-profile structure with a saddle height of 3.5-inches, which means it can smoothly slide underneath low-skirt automobiles like racing cars.

Its elevation range is another highlighting feature as it provides you with a large workspace to carry out most repair and maintenance jobs without any discomfort. 

Final Verdict

This floor jack is a reliable and affordable alternative to a heavy-duty steel floor jack. With its low-profile design and 3-ton weight-bearing capacity, it can work perfectly with a myriad of vehicles. All in all, you won’t regret spending your money on it because it will go strong for years whether used in a professional environment or domestic setting.

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