Husky 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack Review (2023) – Briefly Reviewed

Husky 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack Review

Market is bustling with floor jacks that claim to be the best in their line, but this piece by Husky caught our interest the second we laid eyes on it because it actually does what it is supposed to do.

The tool is rated for a 3-ton load capacity thereby it comes in stubby, steel built, which is a pleasant surprise considering the relatively lower pricing.

The tool has a slim-profile structure and an ideal lifting range that promise to comfortably slide underneath any vehicle, a truck or a low-riding sports car, to raise it above the ground for a quick repair. Unlike other garage jacks, this one doesn’t require much effort to reach its maximum height, courtesy of rapid lift technology.

All in all, this Husky floor jack is a perfect option for those auto enthusiasts who want a well-constructed 3-ton floor jack at a competitive price.

What Makes Husky 3 Ton Floor Jack Standout?

Husky 3-Ton Low-Profile Floor Jack stands apart from the stereotypical mid-priced ordinary units due to its heavy-duty, beefy built and technology-laden low-profile structure that boasts to lift any vehicle to ideal maintenance height without much effort.

Our Husky 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack Review in 2021!

Husky Low Profile Floor JackThis floor jack is undoubtedly a tremendous choice for those auto aficionados who ride low-clearance vehicles. Despite running low on budget, you will get such a high-quality tool that can satisfy passionate DIYers and professionals alike. The unit has tough steel built that’s a bit cumbersome because of its beefiness. But, hey, the same burliness means it is built to last even when you subject it to an occasional intense marathon of weight-lifting.

While we are on the subject of load, the unit has the potential to withstand a mighty 3-ton load without buckling. I personally love it more for its low-profile design because, combined with the rated weight capacity, it becomes evident that this beast is equally good with heavier vehicles as well – like minivans, jeeps, trucks etc. 

The unit offers a maximum height of 20-inch, which you can reach in a jiffy without much exertion with its dual-piston pump. However, we have heard a few complaints about its not-so-graceful ascend/descend in some cases, but it pans out well with a little careful ministration. 

Although it’s quite a heavy piece of machinery, rolling it over surfaces and positioning it is surprisingly very easy. The reason is the robust pivoting rear casters. These enable you to smoothly slide it over even rougher floors and adjust the position according to your convenience. 

All things considered, this is undoubtedly one of the best low-profile floor jacks with a 3-ton capacity; and if you want a heavy-duty unit for your garage without spending an outrageous amount of money, buy this Husky Low-Profile floor jack.

Steel Construction

Steel floor jacks are a blessing and a bane at the same time. You will have the same contradicting feelings about this floor jack too. Its heavy-duty steel body grants the unit the durability and resilience to withstand harsh work environments and weather conditions without deforming. Any doubts about its toughness will flow right out the proverbial window with its promise to support a hefty weight of 6000lbs. This means you can expect it to get along well with nearly all types of vehicles.

There’s a catch. This muscular built turns it into a beefy piece that is cumbersome to move around.


Its stubby build, despite being cumbersome, is admirable because of the low-profile frame. Car pundits love this feature for the versatility it brings to their auto repair den. The close-to-the-ground shape combined with a minimum height of 3⅛” permit the unit to be easily sneaked beneath those sporty vehicles that have a lower than standard clearance. This trait also implies that accommodating the machine in a tiny space for storage won’t be an issue. For instance, you could easily cramp it up in a car trunk for roadside emergencies or place it in cluttered storage. 

Rapid Lifting

Engineers at Husky understand how strenuous it can be to raise tons of metal in the air. Worry not because they have reduced the muscle-flexing, taxing task to a few pumps with the integration of a dual-piston pump. This advanced technology enables you to reach the highest point of elevation, i.e.20”, at lightning-fast speed with just a few pumps. What huffing and puffing? Forget about that dreadful old-school part of the process for good.


  • Heavy-duty steel body.
  • 6000lbs load-endurance.
  • Low-Profile design adds more versatility.
  • Can raise a vehicle to 20” height.
  • Dual-piston pump technology to reach maximum elevation in a snap.
  • Sturdy pivoting casters for effortless positioning.
  • Good price.


  • A bit heavier.
  • Rising and lowering action is a bit tricky at first.
  • Not ideal for intense commercial use.

Why Should You Purchase Husky 3 Ton Floor Jack?

Like the majority of the purchases, money is a huge deciding factor here as well. The floor jack has a great price and an equally great construction quality, which makes a tempting combination for budget-conscious DIY enthusiasts. 

Secondly, the low-profile body and swift lifting mechanism are some other pros of this tool that allow you to pick up any type of vehicle off the ground with ease. 

Final Verdict

We will draw the curtain with these final thoughts. When it is a matter of picking out a well-built, rugged floor jack with a load capacity of 3-ton for occasional garage use, Husky Floor Jack is among the first few names that pop up in our heads. Fair pricing makes it an even more enticing option, especially when you’re working around a limited budget. Its slim-profile and super fast lifting action make short work of raising any vehicle, be it a sport-utility one or a beefy truck or minivan. The stubby and muscly build can be a tad bit cumbersome when relocating the unit, but it is made manageable with swiveling casters at the bottom. On the whole, Husky has a great value to offer, so buying it will not disappoint you.

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