How to Use a Floor Jack as a Transmission Jack?

How use a floor jack as a transmission jackSome tools are very crucial to handle certain damages. Every car, auto, truck, motorcycle, etc., must have this equipment for repairing purposes. One of the most fundamental tools among them is the transmission jack. A transmission jack is a valuable tool that aids in removing or installing a transmission. It is a powerful tool for performing multiple and significant tasks. A transmission jack provides a broad range of services to ease the task of repairing.


It is different from a conventional floor jack in working and structure. A floor jack works significantly differently from a transmission jack by lifting the vehicle using axles. A transmission jack uplifts the car by using a lifting platform. A transmission jack has essential components such as overload safety systems, sliding saddles, distinct pumping action, steel structure, alloy-built rams, and large holding capacity. A transmission jack can do a professional job even when done by yourself.

Floor jack Vs. Transmission jack

A floor jack is simple machinery that uses hydraulic fluid to generate enough pressure for the uplifting of the vehicle. It is a manually operating tool with a handle provided for rotating to raise the car. When a person exerts pressure on the handle, it transfers the force on the fluid. The fluid, in return, exerts pressure on the cylinder that ultimately provides a lift to raise the object. However, it works differently from a transmission jack as it uses axles for lifting the vehicle.


On the other hand, a transmission jack delivers a centrally acting force through a platform for raising vehicles. It is equipment that changes the position of a transmission. It can either work manually or require a power supply to keep it functional. A person should know the wheel drive of his vehicle before choosing a transmission jack. A human can’t raise the transmission without using a transmission jack.

Modulation of a floor jack into a transmission jack

Most people do not have a bevy of specialized equipment in their automotive shops. Hence, they improvise different tools to aid them in the repairing process. Here are some steps that will guide you through creating a self-made transmission jack from a floor jack;


  • The most significant step is the creation of a transmission cradle. You can fabricate this by utilizing pieces of metal linked together with the help of a welding machine. Measure all the sides appropriately to omit any error in the functioning. For the T-56 gearbox, its dimension should be 6-½  inches and its width 10 inches. Further, you can change these measurements using a different gearbox.


  • After establishing the metal container, evaluate it to see if it is according to the transmission. After estimating the pivot hole, drill the spot to place it on the floor jack.


  • Fit the bolts to jack the transmission into alignment. It will also adjust the angle for the insertion of the input shaft. At the end of the bolt, a washer is welded for the equal distribution of the load.


  • Attach the transmission cradle over the floor jack. Ensure that the pivot holes of both floor and transmission jacks are in alignment.


  • When fixed, the whole assembly will function as a transmission jack.


It is the easiest way of building a transmission jack by utilizing the floor jack that is likely to be equally potent.


When opting for a standard jack, one could deliberately choose a floor jack. A person could adapt a floor jack into a transmission jack by bolting a jack stand over its top. A transmission jack has more than one axis of rotation and works differently than a floor jack. Hence, improvising a floor jack can perform multiple functions just like a floor jack.

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